Tuesday, August 31, 2010

being Excellent

I've just find my big interest towards writing.

yea, since I'm being in Adelaide, I've look through all the people conversation that soo cool, with their own slang, express their self perfectly.
So, since I'm not be able to follow as perfect as them - i did try! but it's just fine - so, maybe I should changes my strategic.
Nah, this semester I take a subject called " Feature writing to the media" , it's actually the continuity of "Reporting for the Media" that I took previously in Malaysia. but the difference is the person who present this subject.
Katrina, although she always late and give a lot of excuses, but she lead us into the right target and interest. arouse my curiosity towards writing. yea, writing is boring sometimes, but it's a great medium to express our self.

since I have blog, is one of the way for me to express my self and show the progress of my life, this will be one of great way to reach my goal which is being Excellent in English Languages.Yea, that is why I'm here right? in Adelaide to study the Languages.
look back that I am so dumb and not be able to communicate correctly it's just make me want to learn more.
Once again, Although English is not my first languages, It's not an ex cusses to stop me for being Excellent.

Excellent is not perfect.. Excellent is just right.
doing everything that is the best from our self.
It's not a competition with other people, it's us that compete with our self, fight it out and be the best as we can do.

yeah.. God will like it, and He will provide me everything, to be able being excellent.

i ♥ being excellent, because it's just right. not too much, not less
and because It's what God wants us to be. giving our best for our life.


-ay4- said...

To tell you the truth! Your english has improved so much. Keep it up! Write and read! :) Well done, Nadia! :)

Nadia said...

thx cinta.. hopefully yea, I can improve more and more