Saturday, September 29, 2007

hey babe...

i reallyy miss u so much..

what do you think about 4 or 5 month? ^^

and we going now.... to the next stage

wish u still being part of my day..or more important..


Posted 28/09/2007 02:27

I want to show you rainbows

and feel your soft touch on my cheek

when they bring tears to my eyes.

I want to whisper my love to you in the morning

when everything and everyone sleeps

for silence will not harbor lies.

I want to hear your voice when I'm not with you

as if it were my own thought

sand love was never alone.

I want to see in your eyes the truth inside me

so that everyday that I question

I can look at you and know.

I want to take your loneliness

and paint it over with bright memorie

still only love is in view.

Should the stars appear for just one night every thousand years

I would wait a lonely eternityto see them with just you


Okay..thiz happen in the middle of the night when crazy is our friends, bored is our time,and creativity is be a part of us...hahahaha...and we doing thiz..!

Thiz is our experiment..after drink the "nice" soju 1 and a half bottle,we meet thiz girl..(or boy?) in...i dont really sure,but im sure after that thiz we rip thiz species until being like this...
Somebody know him??
i dont think so...
hahahaha....okay,u were shock if u are to be part of us at that time..
because that is what i felt..hahahaha
so damn crazy!...but still funny..
thx for the make up,nice costum and....nice pose!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Andry Birthday..


wah...a lot of people birthday thiz,andry want to join them to be our sacrifice..huahaha
hansome andry being an ugly people in the world....OMIGOD...thiz is the story...

i think he was knew that we have suprise for him,because..when we comng to the novi's house, he already lock at the bath poor andry! after we prepare,he come out and we sing happy birthday...
like tradision..make a wish and take the candel from cake with mouth..hohoho..because of thiz andry being a monster!
and "WAR"was began....novis house being a "medan pertempuran" and...u can see the cloth just wash,and being the most dirty cloth now

AnywaY... from all thiZ situation, at lease we can feel more close with each other..right?hahaha..
thx cici for the house...

happy birthday andry...^______^

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Casper birthday

This is the newest picture of classmate..
u know why we take a picture..??
thiz is our tradision..after mr anubav class (at friday,because it was the last class at the week) we take our picture together..

Umm..but..something special that was 21 of SePtemBer..
and u know, he very surprised with our present..and upset because no cake...hahahahahah

the funny thing is, me and christin giving him a card with lips sign!!...soooooo noRakkk mehhh...huahuhauhuahuahuah!!
but it was wonderfull...^^

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



This not my first time to write my blog..but thiz is my first time to do that in english languages!
You know.. i need a big brave to show you guys
how poor my English is... much You can Find a wrong grammar? But...never least miss cathrine is not in here ^^

Today is..19 September right?? i dunno what im not choosing a good day to start my log..who knows i will get a lucky or something if i choose a good day...ok,supervision whatever...hahahaha

Let You know..i change my mind to have my own blog because thiz morning i got some fun explanation for my classmate (wanna be) about fun it easy it is..and i just try.. thax for Jason...hahahahaha

And u must to know that picture..see?
thiz is my year book...and a lot of my memories are lovely high school life..hahaha..sooo fast,if you want to see it...u must have permission from me..because......It is still in Indon now...^^

Just have fun on thiz guys...i just started..nothing special..