Saturday, June 27, 2009


boleh dibilang ini ke-tidak-jelesan
ato ketidak pastian...
tapi yg jelas ini sesuatu yang aku rasakan.

orang ini....
ingin sekali aku ngomong tepat di mukanya...tentang semua yg sudah dy lakukan
aku tau dy baik...nggak ada masalah sama sekali.
tapi kenapa pada masalah ini..diya kayak nggak mau ngalah..dan nggak mau ngerti!!!
dari awal lho..selalu kayak gitu.
kayak mau selalu jadi nomer satu, selalu jadi ratu dan ndak nggagep perasaanku
I least jangan berlagak ndak tau apa2..please support me, jangan malah sengaja mbikin aku jeles ma tingkah lakumu.
jeles? nggak akan ...
tanpa restumu pun aku bisa menjalankan semuanya dengan caraku.

sempat aku mikir...kamu teman apa lawan?

tapi sudah dipenghujung seperti ini...nggak ada yg perlu diperdebatkan.
aku bukan orang yg bisa ngomong tanpa beban, dan ngeluarin unek2 dengan berani tanpa mengalami kecanggunagan.
aku juga bukan orang, yang ndak peduli ma perasaan orang.
dan aku bukan orang yang bisa menyelesaikan maslah dengan gampang.
aku ini nadia yang sering nyimpen sejuta pertanyaan tanpa mau tau jawabannya.
tapi aku merasa menang,,,tanpa harus jadi musuhmu pun, aku berhasil mengungkapkan perasaanku.
atleast....kamu bukan lawanku.

for my friends....

when you are step out from my house... we will never be the same again.
It's the time for us to be on our way,

"Karena semakin air mata menitik, semakin jelas

Rindu itu tak bisa kita lepaskan"

I wouldn't ever cry for you,

but I'm not that strong...

no one will give me a sense of missing hometown so much,

no one will speak Javanese funnily with me.

no one will beat your presence

I will dedicated the best from my hearth,

as a friend, for your presence in my life

good luck friends!

Friday, June 26, 2009

poem for my graduated friends


-Winda Carmelita-

Kita tetap berada di langit yang sama

Dibawah gugusan bintang yang sama

Tapi pijakan kita punya tempat dan tujuan yang berbeda

Aku kau dan kita memang sendiri ketika lahir di tempat ini

Hanya saja kita telah berhasil mengukir kenangan

Hingga kita tak lagi sendiri ketika berjalan bersama

Tiga ratus enak puluh lima dikali dua kali putaran bumi

Dimana kita terlepas satu sama lain

Dan setumpuk sesal berselimut kerinduan akan kenangan

Bergumul menjadi air mata yang tertahan

Karena semakin air mata menitik, semakin jelas

Rindu itu tak bisa kita lepaskan

Kemanapun kita pergi, pasti kita akan kembali

Dengan jalan yang sama

Dan jalan itu punya nama KENANGAN

Kita pasti akan kembali pulang dengan jalan itu!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Learn and improve

my PM of the day in FB
"please don't help me to ask,coz it makes me wouldn't learn anything"

I just feel like God always help me to start something in anyway,

I realize that is very difficult to start something when it connected with people feeling
especially when they are in bad mood- or maybe they are changes, but we don't realize-
scared, angry, disappointment, moody or whatever
but seriously we need to learn how to win other people hearth.
I need to learn

"I found it easy to hurt other people feeling.
but hard to make it better."

If, whenever case that I facing people always help me, I mean he or she doesn't mean to help me, but it does. in the future I couldn't help my self. I couldn't help my self to learn how to facing other people feeling. It makes me can't grow.
to start a conversation and put a side an ego and willing to come first to confess the mistake.
To try communicated with a correct languages and relevant word that can touch other people heart, at least they can understand what we are trying to say.
In many case, I couldn't do it... in English

I found it's a weak side of me that I need to improve.
I just scared to start, to much ego to put a side my self-regard, and stubborn enough to admit my weaknesses-my mistake.

I need to learn, I need to improve.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my room

this is similar with my room.
but yeah..this is enough to be my perfect room ^^


Monday, June 22, 2009

1st LOMO result

My 1st lomo result (hanya yg layak post..haha)

Something that a lot of people waiting for,
actually the day that I toke the film,-my 1st roll of lomo-, I posted in Facebook
and lots of positive respond.
so what do you think?
34 photos are save, but some of them are lack of light...
and a lot of grainy (because when you are using high ASA you might have grainy everywhere)
quite satisfied...coz the shop it's professional.
can make all the ugly and lack photo survive

speed 0.2 (all the same)
with ZOOM technique
Roll technique

let's wait for the next roll, with a new technique ;)

abstract feeling

Have you ever feel the things that I feel right now?
the feeling of empty...
the feeling of unstable...
worried, scared, depressed...
because everything that you think is out of your control.

the things that undecideable, very subjective,and never be the same...
the things that probably dissapear, might be only in your mind, unpredictable
or.. it might never happen..
the things that you ever never can control...

We can't depends on whatever that we can't control...
I know that.
but sometime the hope it's just a dialog to stay longer
and no more reason to release your from a restriction.
again..the things that you couldn't control.

it wouldn't be easy for the people that have a optimistic ideology and strong believe to stay in the cage that no body know when is open...
to stay longer in the life that almost burning everyone to be the similiar.
where as, there is a unity with no uniqe.
and no more reason to hold a personality.

there is a burden.
things that need to be done , set apart from your ego,
nothing about your self, but to other people that always depend on you (with no one that you can't depends on)
to make them happy with everything that you be able to do,
out of your control...

If you have the same feeling like me,
you are not alone.
and I'm still a human.

hey mom! your son is gorgeous

hey mom...
your son is gorgeous!!
do you couriouse who is her son??


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quote for today

"don't deserve for the second chance, coz it won't always come.

think carefully,

I don't like regretment

regret it's just for people that don't no where they stand"

-Nadia Nicole

Friday, June 12, 2009

1000 msg

hey hey...
I'm with my classmate chatting in FB
and today it reach 1000 msg
so..who is the lucky person???

he said the 1000 will belanja us makan...
YEY!!! casper will belanja us!!! ahahahahahha

Thursday, June 11, 2009

DO they LOOK the SAME???

the right side is changmin DBSK - and the other side is Ye Eun Wonder girls.
what amaze!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2AM imitate Wonder girls - I'm hot

They entertain me this morning...
How smart and creative are they!! love it!
I think "I'm hot" better in 2AM version XD

check this out!

Original Wonder girls

2AM version!

Monday, June 8, 2009

1st lomo in my life...

I don't believe it...
I can get a perfect package of my first lomo...
from the three lomo that I demanding , I decide to choose one of them to be my 1st lomo...which is..SUPER SAMPLER!!!
from the very long comparison and consideration... I rather have the one that I want.
and I'm really sure, although this super sampler are the most expensive compare to another but this special edition are really best.
I can get a good package for camera, 2 book gallery sample. and guidebook. that's enough for complete my satisfactory!

SERIOUSLY. I'm happy now.

check this out!

I think I need to take care of it..coz no one will repair if anything broken.

Friday, June 5, 2009

dream team face -my face as well in bmwshorties blog

wow, finally It's came out!
my friend jane ask me to answer what does life means to you,
and yeah, it's really publish although only in Blog.

so, what life means to me?

"People will have a lot of different opinion about life, but for me life is a CHOICE. It’s a choice for you whether you want it to be as happy as you want or as horrible as you can’t imagine. Every step that we make in our life can make a big difference in our future. Life gives me a chance to learn a lot of things that my parent’s haven’t done to me, it’s my choice whether I want to take the opportunity or not. You will never know what you are going to be in life if you do not have the courage to stand up for your choices."

-Nadia Nicole, 19-

thanks for the grammar checking ;)

click HERE for more

jonas brothers

jonas brothers impress me.

their rocks man!
esspecially joe... ;D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We having fun in office!

Do I had a lot of fun in my internship??
what do you think??

Seriously we having fun withouth Mr.Valens. so sorry sir! hahaha


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


manohara pulang ^^

Indonesia Embassy memang sucks!

this is the VIDEO during manohara in Singapore

the voice of manohara, fact that she had a horrible abuse from putra raja kelantan.

quote from manohara
"mereka boong, mano bener2 di potong waktu di trenggano,mano dipaksa semuanya"
"mano dipotong-potong, dadanya dipotong2,serta disuntik biar ketiduran terus di -------"

I don't believe that it really happen.I thought it's just a bullshit and all non sense...
but really it did happen to her
he really cut her breast??? he gave her drug to make her faint then fuck her?
what a human?!
It's abuse! against human rights...
and it's really unacceptable.

I'm in Malaysia now, doesn't mean I hate Malaysia,I wouldn't blame anyone
I just can't believe what did happen to her.
Manohara better stay in Indonesia..
although Indonesia is like almost the end of the life, everyday disaster
but, It's nice place to life with people that can take care of you, rather than people that always makes u as a toy.

"daripada negri orang hujan emas lebih baik di negri sendiri hujan batu "

I hope you can have a better future in Indonesia.


thx to ashlyne for the information