Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stress stadium 1 IPD

still in the middle of struggle, I try to find my way back home..
yeah kalo nadia lagi setres kan biasa nyanyi2 di balkoni, tp itu jarang banget aku lakuin... jarang looo..beneran
but today, I did it!
nah loo....
means...nadia lagi stress,
karena apa?? once again.. IPD
actually I'm not stress but I just to scared to start, This subject require us to connect through one theory to other theories and link it to our work.. kayak mau pecah kepala ini.. Massyallahh...hahah

The problem is, saya nich orangnya nggak terlalu pinter, mikir logika aja kadang susah, apalagi harus connect-in ke theory.. bujubuneng.. jadi apa otakku nanti.
makannya habis kerja IPD I always tell my self that my brain expand! now, I'm be able to do more
tp tetep aja untuk yg mananya memulai itu syusahhhh...huhu >,<

ditengah2 suntuk-ness iseng2 buka 1500++ photos in facebook, and It was suprise me tremendously..woahahhaa..pake bahasa bombastic soalnya belakangan ini saya lagi krisis kepercayaan diri, lagi merasa JELEK gara2 si rambut sudah waktunya dipotong! (
yah emang dasarnya nggak terlalu cantik, but we need to maximize our potential right?) haha!
So, unfortunately... I admit that my self changes!
I mean, dari yg dulu gendut..tomboy..senyuman kayak gorilla.. nggak ada manis2nya...nggilani..
Yahh sekarang jadi agak kurusan, senyumannya sweet... ramah..sometimes kayak sunshine..wakkaka

tapi yah itu... jerawat kok tambah banyak ye...aigooo~~

this is the prove that I do change!

dari ultah ke 20 sampe ke 21... ini sich mukanya, padahal kalo diliat badannya dulu gendut...sekarang cukup lah...haha... sayangnya ga terlalu keliatan di foto ini... lagian saya nggak mau menyebar aib di blog.

and one more that prove my changes in one year....

anyway, nggak ada intention apa2 naruh foto si monyet disini... because, He do change as well!
I feel between one year, we do changes a lot! haha
yang meant to be close, ya tambah deket, yang just pass by, yah dissapear
walaupun dari kedua foto ini, mukaku masih sama sama nyebelin..muahahaha
dari segi fashion...sudah jelas!! top markotop maburrrr...

anyway, habis aku melakukan short post ini, I really need to come back in reality and finish my assigment, no matter what , I need to face... takut kek, setress kek, gundah kek, pesimis kek.. hayahhh... pokoke MAJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Malaysia ...

I have one assignment from IPD ( Introduction Public Desktop) to promote One Malaysia.. which is as you know, some of the Malaysian found it like a blank paper with no clue.. HaHa
a.k.a BULL SHIT. :P
anyway, despite the crazy assignment and creepy opinion about it, I found this One Malaysia theme song.. very interesting.
actually there is a lot of version of the One Malaysia song, but this song by Siti Nurhaliza took special place in my heart
I love her voice, and evey melody that she made has their own meaning...

Semuanya atas satu perjuangan

Segalanya atas satu perpaduan

Rakyat bersatu seiring dan maju
Pencapaian jadi mercu

Satu tak mengenal bangsa
Tak memisahkan kita
Terus perkasa

Kita satu Malaysia
Teguh ikrar bersama
Negaraku tercinta
Satu bangsa Satu Malaysia

Datin Siti Nurhaliza... I love your voicee!!!!
please come back to your carrier, and produce more album in Indonesia..
we miss u!! wakakkakaka


this picture enough tell everyone how our relationship growing in this 3 months...
*I hope we have more time to enjoy it :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

coming soon

this date will be important day to me..
the day that my life will change!

Quotation of the day

"we can't express tears easily, that means how sincere a tear is.."
- Lolyta Inzan Darmawan


Monday, May 24, 2010

learn about CHANCE

You know, ...
sometimes when you hoping so much for something, and when you are not ready to face it, you will believe that one day you have another chance...
you don't ever realize that "one day" is actually "today!"

I almost miss My chance today, but I remember friend of mine said " follow your heart"
and my experience thought me that, without effort, our hope won't accomplish.
So, I follow my heart, and grab the chance .. without thingking much
Now,I don't need to waiting for another one day.. because I just grab one of my dreams

sometimes mind give you a lot of thought -it's good- but bare in mind, It's not applicable for every moment
somehow, you need to use your heart, when it comes of feeling.

I practice it, and I made it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yesterday I was posted one quotation from my friend Colin
It was remains in my mind, until I know that the quotation is actually the song's lyrics by Mandy Moore - Crush (thx Grace for the information)
I've been listening to this song, and I realize that one part that I like from Colin's Quotation is not there...

"There is always a reason why they call it a 'crush', it breaks you and your heart for the person you are falling for"
Should I quote Colin then? That's the best part!

This is the song, Crush-by Mandy Moore
somehow, It's reflect our feeling to someone..

"There is always a reason why they call it a 'crush',
it breaks you and your heart for the person you are falling for"

-Colin Gan

today's quotation

" There is a reason why they call it a 'crush', it breaks you and your heart for the person you are falling for " - so I've got a crush on you and I hope you feel the same way that i do- "

(mandy moore, 2001)

of course it can be possible. sometimes it starts with a crush and people do get together :) (-Colin Gan)

Colin : well chances are .. it might not happen :/ ,

Nadia : and sometimes... it's just a crush..

finally, both of us...agreed!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Carribean Bay MV

they are awesome!!!
I mean the whole video..esspecially Yoona and Taecyeon!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

stres stadium 1

I write this before i fall asleep

Today, I'm very tired.. everybody is tired during this submitting week
everybody under stress..but i wasn't stress.. i just tired
I seldom to get tired actually, this happen because a compilation feeling
one, I'm trying to catch up so hard about what the representative from unisa that came this afternoon wants me to do.. future study always drain my mind!! and, I unfamiliar with their pronunciation.., I realize this will become a BIG problem for me, once I step in Adelaide.. nah lemas sudah...
second is, my work is not as good as I expected
yeah, I'm so sanguine.. plan excellent, but end up worst
but because I'm half choleric, I won't let my work down!
I know all I need is rest...

my mom said " .. Karena kamu punya Tuhan yang akan selalu memelihara kamu"
aku yakin aku bisa kok Tuhan, karena Eagkau akan selalu bersamaku..
walau aku sumpek, capek, dan jibek...tapi aku akan selalu dapat menikmati tawa itu karena ada sukacita di dalam Engkau
Everything it's because of You!


for my friend:
Grace, I cannot do my research yet.. I'm damn tired
I will do it tomorrow, and I promise you that I will get all the information that we need.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Class

RFM Class (Reporting for The Media) is always be the boring class in this semester. Everytime I sit and listen to Mr. Chandra voice, I fall asleep. But, there is one girl that make this class interesting. This girls has kind of illness that makes her can't control her voice. so everytime she quiet, she will shouting a bad words. The more she stress, the more loud she shout. It's kind of annoying at the beginning, but as the time goes by, we used to it.

Today, as usual, I cannot stay awake and fall asleep. but I can still hear what Mr.Chandra said with half of my ear ( the other one listen to the music). He was talking about the relation between PR and Journalism. He said one word that very bias.. "PR is bad" , the suddenly this girl from behind shout " fuck you!" we all giggling.

yeah, it's a bit shock and it was the right time to shout that word.
The lectures still continue, He was telling how good is journalism and how interesting when you really go into it
" I'm not trying to promote journalism, but I found it very interesting"
immediately that girl shout in a very loud volume " fuck you la!"

we cannot hold our laugh, and we all laughing nonstop. now most of us are awake because of that joke. I realize that she is the only person that can represent our true feeling and shout it freely.

Now, I feel like make a friend with her :)
Thanks, for make this class interesting, I will miss you Ho Li Cheng (am I spelling right??)

Monday, May 17, 2010


" If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours.
And if they don't, they never were "

Khalil Gibran

this nike is awesome

Louis LV Kanye West BEIGE PINK $110 USD

Nike Air Yeezy Net $ 95

Nike Zoom LeBron VI CTK $220 USD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 reasons I'm NOT ready for relationship

5 reasons I'm NOT ready for relationship

1. I'm a nomad person. will move to the other side of earth by a narrow time.

2. there is no point of having long distance relationship.. it's a big NO for me

3. relationship = sex , I'm n0t ready for any sex appeal

4. I'm too concentrate with my self & enjoying my single life now

5. I haven't meet the right person to fight with :)


I want to attend 75 tahun dempo!!!!!

but by that time, I will be at Adelaide...

should I just bought ticket for 1 week break and back to indo only for that?
I will If It's worth...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

worship song

Oh my God.. I dunno what to say..
but this is kind of catchy melody and makes me tickling ..
I mean..It's unbelievable ..just watch and enjoy!
thx Adrian for the recommendation XD

listen the lyrics carefully, and check out the guy movement and the back vocal one disallow you to laugh out load..HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

"Jesus come and found me and he touch me down inside.."
w0h0h00000~~ hahahahahahah

from the comment, some of them say.. "Jesus has some pretty lame ass friends"
HaHaHaHa..but i love it! hahahahahhahahaha

Shoes lovers

my natural-genetic show me that I'm really like cool stuff
when it comes up, make me addicted to shoes!
because shoes is COOL!

check out my new discovery :)

35 SGD

32 SGD

37 SGD

32 SGD

31.5 SGD

Who wanna buy for me? this is online
in Eve wholesaller

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is only for make my heart calm, after so many chasing&hunting
only for RM89~
will launch tomorrow!!!

the real date

For me.. that is important to give an appreciation for a girl that has grown up
because with that respond, She can realize that people is notice her as a young mature girl
a person that ready to make own future decision.., for further life
as well as, attractive to opposite gender and date-able

personally, In this 21 year birthday, I want that kind of appreciation.

It's kind of sad when no one ask me to go on date..
every beginning could be very a lot of sad and disappointed ,
but everyone love happy ending.. that is what happen to me...

Although i need to wait and pass a lot of pain before I have it,
at the first, I never expect it will happen to me.
I never plan, and we have it like sudden plan..
I'm wearing the same clothes as the day that suppose to be my date, but less-perfect
with the usual mood, in ordinary way
I was position my self as in normal hang out

but this end with extraordinary, and satisfaction!

for information, this is my first time to hv dinner in Tony Romas
and the with most amount!

The real date that I've been imagining all the time, and had failed before
but God replace it with with the perfect moment!
God is really know how to make a great movie
and He made this fair...I got what I want!

*Thx nyo...

Event + Emotion = Memory
I remember some event because the feeling that I experience

Saturday, May 8, 2010

nganggur ngganggur

copying from febri's

Colour: orange and purple
Food: something with peanut sauce
Song: Korean-slow music! wooh00~
Movie: Korean drama (as always..)
Sport: swim
Day of the week: Friday when every weekend begin
Ice cream: VANILA!!!

Mood: ordinary to happy :)
Taste: sweet and sour
Clothes: black collar
Toenail colour:
skin colour

Time: 3pm
Annoyance: nggak bisa pangsai!! perut extend!
Thoughts: nanti enaknya ngapain?

First bestfriend: pricilia noerica
First crush: edian! TK 0 kecil!
First movie: anastasia
First lie:
lupa kapan mulai belajar b00ng!

First music: IDR = i don't remember

Last cigarette: looonnggg time agoooo
Last drink: drink? as in alcohol drink? graduation party lo..
Last car ride: mobil edu kemaren
Last crush: HaHaHa... ya itu la!
Last phone call: nyo ren
Last song played: My blog song :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

grown up

I have touch my limit of following my heart,
the pain and bitterness that I feel, open up my eyes..
sometimes, we need to think again before doing something..
sometimes, someone just doesn't worth for your appreciation..
somehow, you won't get an equal feedback from things that you were sacrifice
and yeah.. reality it's just not as perfect as your imagine...
but trust that you are learn something from the experience.
that's how I learn and grown up..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

people grow, people change

Today.. I grown up..
From the bitter experience, I learnt something
make a decision to give my soul the real freedom, to step up...
and move out , from your shadow
nevertheless .. our friendship is meant to be forever.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dear God, Yahwe ,EL , Allah , Tuhan

In Your majesty, You create differences
In my arrogance, I question Your wisdom
In Your mystery, You create temptation
In my inferiority, You make me more than I am

So here I am..

Surrender me in the agony of Your Love
Surrender me in the irony of Your law
lead me to the joy of your love re divined
teach me how to love You more

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going on..

Okay... I'm back on EARTH
looking for bloody assigment that could make the end of my world
but dun worry, I wouldn't let it happen.
I love my life, and I belive that all my friend can settle it!
I'm still be the same person although I feel lil bit changes on my behavior.I have more passion, and calm.. is that the effect of 21 years old? HaHa


I haven't forget my prey items..which is... HIGH TOP!
with the everlast brand, I found a shopping online that provide it
but once again, It's shopping online and I could't get it immediatly while I need it soo badd!

hope can find it in Malaysia


250 greetings from facebook pals
20 more from msn, tweeter, sms and call
and 13 person celebrate with me :)

I really happy that people around me are actually aware of my presence

thx for the peanut cake and LOMO!
I didn't know that you guys are actually reading my blog! HaHaHa
and thanks for the home made korean food again~!!!
OMG it was soo touched!
I really2 like it! love it! will keep it! and also the hologram card from cici! damn cool
I really feel being loved... thx guys
as you said vinny.. this is not the my last birthday celebration with you guys..
I really want to believe that!
I hope, through the time.. there is another chance for you guys to celebrate my birthday again.


love you guyzz

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Thx for accompany me in the begining of my birthday~
looking forward to see the next surprise from.. :)

although no guest tonight, but I love silent nite for the beginning of the maturity
God knows that all that I want ..

anyway, Thx lord for granted my wish~

ngik ngok..

last pray

besok saya mau kencan seharian aja bolehh nggaaakkk???
nadia kan sudah gedeeeee..nggak pas buat di kerjainnnn... nggak suka di sureprisin...
ya ya yaaaaa???

I just like a kids..
bagging you to hold me tight, bring me to the place that I've never been
giving a a present, just like you love me..
only for one day, can I be special to you?
could I be the one... can I?