Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goodbye shelly

Dedicated to jane's hamster.. shelly

I still remember when the first time I saw you in vann house..
you are so small,so cute. different with other, coz your eyes is red.
I really wanted to have you, but you are jane's birthday present.
When she came, she surprised when we give you to her, she felt she that can't take care of you..coz she affaraid to touch you..
but finally she really learn to touched you,she got exicted.
and need long time until jane found the right name for you..
we called you shelly
you grow so fast and I hope that you will still growing untill you give child for dunhill
you had to stay in my house once,almost 5 days...
and I know that you are really like to sleep.

You know that Jane really love you
she really afraid when you sick
and she really angry when her housmate BF put highligh in your body.
Do you know how big her love to you,when she cried because you pass away.
and I hope you stay in peace somewhere there.

Goodbye girl!

*ps : I pray for her during mass and also bubu (coz she sick! she had a bad sick) but miracle did happen! when I came home..bubu bck to normal..she had recover from the sick! praise to the lord!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

visit SPCA

yeap...Saturday,21 February 2009 the first group went to SPCA
some of us are have no idea that we will clean the cage and something like that.
they used long pants (great work for that) and shoes (good luck!) lol
we start about 9am..
and yeah...what I have though before was true!
we really interact with them "direcly",means that..we go inside every partition area,with the uniq parfum around, we clean the friendly with every wet newspaper (because of the pie) and some of dog food with saliva.
the good thing is,they are very friendly..and too happy to welcome us,until after they step on their pup,and they jump to me...(greattttt!!!)

I'm taking part of feeding them.
because I'm expirience with big dog (i have 24++ in my hometown!), so I choose big dog to be my,but I did good job man! I love the way they welcome-ing me. but not the pup part..(yeakz!)

jacinta said that first 5 pets that you see there is the best choose for you.
but it didn't happen to me..
after I saw all the dogs and cats,finally..I'm falling in love with her..
3 months dogs with dominant orange..
her name is bingo..
she so cute...and really warm. they way she look at people and behave are really sweet. I want to meet her one more...I want!

this is some of the picture from our visited.

food for more that 100 dogs

I said "makannnnn!!"

this is bingo! the one who make me falling in love!

the new puppy camin need warm house!

for more information,please visit

Saturday, February 21, 2009




"although I'm not a singel, doesn't mean I'm not looking for somebody else"
-quotation I'm not a play girl.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

no Line!! T.T

Hi there,
It such a long time I didn't touch the internet because since last week they cut off my line.
I don't really know what the reason, but I think it's because my housmate haven't pay the monthly payment. (@.@)
I'm kind of... lost
I'm kind of people that miss anything happen in the world
I can't move, can't explore my will.
I feel like they put me in the box,with no modern media that can bring me around the world.
because of that, I realize how Important Internet for me.

But, besides the bad moment that I pass..I have a good deal from it.
I can spent my time to read book, explore my imagination, and improve my vocabulary
yeah..sometimes, Play your own movie in your mind it's not bad.
and It's quite Interesting, you can have your own version of the story.

but yeah, I really need lines now.
kinda boring T.T
-please my housmates, I know you are pretty busy, but I don't like to be your victim of your unresponsibility actions. thanks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was compelately disbelieve that I can got it..
I was only asked...and GoD answer it.
He knew that I'm suffering to find it...
He kew that I really need that
and Finally 10 February 2008.., I compelete my task.
I got it.
Eclipse and Breaking down.
With unbelievable method.. finally, It is right beside me

Monday, February 9, 2009

angelina VS brad pit


This week I really had a great movie
great movie for me is movie that can teach me something new about this life, then I can learn new thing from It

I was watching Benjamin Button in Saturday night and Changeling in Sunday afternoon
It's really2 long movie, the duration is between 2,5-3 hours, both
but you know, it was a great movie!

Benjamin button show me how the problem was really happen in the beginning when Bejamin can't deny it, his fate to born different with others , he was born physically old. he need to settle his problem by his own, not growing like ordinary people it's really hard to settle it.
finally, He need to decide a lot of things to other people behalf. especially his lover, where he met in the middle of ages. and his family.
the movie impress me with the changes of brad. they really make his face from old-to really young.awesome!
It's 3 hours! but every single scene was meaningful.

and about changeling, I know It's kind a bored movie in the beginning,because the setting is in 1928.
This story is about the a mother that lost her child. she has a strong believe that her child is still alive. because of her faith, she need to pass a lot of things that other people don't dare to do. and because of her faith, her save other people , although her child is died.
she has been accuse as a crazy woman, and stay in lunatic asylum. she had been treat very bad.
she suceed to show one case of kidnapping the largest in history Los angles, with 20 cruel victim.
2,5 hour was really meaningful.

first,they teach me how to facing problem,and the second how to have faith in your own,
you know,after long time, i just feel that I really had a movie.

I really had fun with both movie, and it' s recommend for you guys.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fire at Taylors TCPJ

yeap, surprisee...
after the last fire on around September last year, My college burn again.
around 3 PM we heared the ring bell and lecturer let us to go emergency stairs and go down.
Different from last time which is in car park P3, this time was in block A and up stairs.
the fire is not as big as last time, they only need 45 minutes to handle it
last time was around 2 hours.

and luckily, this time I brought my camera,
so I wanna share with you, moment that I can capture.

how crowded it is

the fire

fire from one of the room in block a4

fireman coming

fireman prepared

security try to infrom us

police also coming

after this accident, we still continue class..greeeaaattt!



Me and LaLa plan a lot for her birthday, We buy cake and something to surprise her
and yeah..we success

some more, we did a favour to hr, which is sneezing powder,
after we ask her to take the Candie with mouth, we give her tissue for clean her face
and it works!
she sneeze non stop,till the tears drop
then we ask her to clean her face..hahaha

happy bedei!!!


Melvin invited us to go his house and give him surprise
yeah..around 15 people went to his house and, he don't expect that we will make a party for him

and finally make his face till like this..hahaha

Happy bedei TiTi!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


"eventhough our heart are not closer than 1 cm again, i will walk one thousand miles to make our heart close again" - Silva aDjie

I can't stand without you....


"eventhough our heart are not closer than 1 cm again, i will walk one thousand miles to make our heart close again"

I can't stand without you....