Friday, December 31, 2010


Ok now, I got flambing spirit to write about my resolution for 2011
because It's somehow, something that I haven't accomplish in my resolution 2010.
here we go:

1. I want to get back my DSLR
* I can't life without it, I swear!!
2. I want to LOOSE WEIGHT till 62-60 kg! ( before I step 22 years old!!!)
3. I want to get a loads of friend again!!, go to pubcrawl, mingle and not being lonely.
4. I want to travel to: tazmania, sydney and perth, and one traveling with Steve ( I hope everything don't change much)
5. I want to serve God in real way : for any concrete things that he wants me to do.

Somehow that I need to be answer in 2011
  • Will I continue my Education in Australia? for another year? or where?
  • Am I ready to start the serious relationship? (since it will step 2 years my celibacy in October 2010)
Yet, when I look back in my resolution for 2010, this year, I get more excited and optimistic. I realize that me changes every year, with new thought and behavior. and I believe this is a good things because I know God will always guide me, although all the question about life still stick in my mind, but I don't really care about it because God will answer it in the flow.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

He got the job!

It's been a month we are looking for a jobs. trying to approach many shops, drop all the resume to them, asking whether there is a vacancy available.. put some changes to the resume so it's looking better, got rejected so many times in different ways that sometimes left a mark in his heart.. but, don't forget everything is base on prayers. finally the effort make a result. He got a job yesterday, after he attended a training for 4 hours, just after he finish, they hired him. and now many que for him! there is one company called him today... I have strong feeling about this company, and I believe that they will call him atleast in January, but than it doesn't take to long. today they called him and wants him to work straight withouth any training, and his payment start from that day. the place is so close, no need to wait for the tram and 40 minutes journey but only 15 mins walk! How Good is our God! I REALLY PROUD OF YOU by..!!!!! what makes me happy? first, I relieve that he got the job as what he wants. and all the effort that he took (essp.cut his hair) is really valueable. second, for me, I feel happy coz I'm not fail to help him. I really really thankful that I can help others essp when it comes to someone that close to you. with all the pray and the sign that God's gave to me, all it's true! third, I feel touch because he wants to share his happiness to me (even though he is in Melb) he call me all the way. it shows that I'm successfully make a changes in someones life, and knowing that someone still thinking of me out there it's really really a good feeling.

Photo from drinking at that night
God, you are so good! take me whatever you want! :)
" If you looking for a job you will find it" - Steve Jin

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"How did you know she is the one?"
"She inspired me."
-My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

I want to love by someone, because og He comfotable with me, because I can help Him to do some magic to his job :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Glad to have you.

"YOu WiLL NeVer KnoW, How ImpoRTanT the PerSon Is, UntiLL TheY LeFt a MarK in YOuR Life"- Nadia Nicole - Maybe heard from someone else

After the reconciliation that I had last night, finally I realize that I'm not actually alone.
all the things that I have been through, all the pain and miss understanding in my friendship life, it's actually a process to find friend that deserve to be my close friend.
I always think that I don't have any, and now after the separation happened, I know that I have them.

Joko - Hendry - Dion - Me

It's a bit to late to realize, but I believe even though we are far away, separate by thousand miles, but our heart still connected. Dion in Perth, Joko in Jakarta now and will be in Korea soon, Hendry in Subaraya, and I'm in Adelaide.
we still have a promise that we trying to accomplish, trying to get each other keep in touch and we still have heart to love and care one another.

Time does matter, that is how we found the real character of our friend and that is when we gather up all the memories that will bounded us together, and we have heaps of it.
We caring each other with celebrate the occasion together, even though one of us far away, we still include him in every event that we celebrate, and calling him everyday.

during Hendry birthday

loud speaker so dion knew what happened there

when we do outing

when joko going home

Maybe this is one of the gift from God through my entire life in Adelaide,
next chapter will begin next year, and I don't want to loose one of them only because we separate by distance.

We will jump together.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

leaving list

25 December = Hendry leaving
26 December = Joko leaving
28 December = Steve leaving

I'm not going to pity my self of being alone, and stop thinking that I will be lonely because I'm not gonna be alone for the whole January and I will face the reality that the separatation is a normal term in human life.

19 January = Nadia visit Dion in perth?


Merry Christmas

Hey! It's Christmas...

tiap Christmas pasti ada pengalaman yang berbada, and this year is the first time in my life I didn't spent my christmas with my family.
I feels so different and somehow, I feel lonely. eventhough I went to so many Christmast gatherin, I can't find the emptyness that I feel in my heart. yeah, this is where I realize how important family is.
But, the thing that makes me feel so Christmast is because of the carol that sung everywhere and loads of food that I get from the christmas celebration. such a bless!
I have friends gathering in other place, church in Christmas eve with close friend and exchange present like what I did when I was kids, all the Christmas decoration and picture after mass. It's still a Christmas that I go through in my own way.
Moreover, I've kind of proud that Hendry and Joko still beside me, and we have same Santa Hat that we using during the Midnight mass. I really2 treasure this moment.

I miss all the time that I had in Indonesia during Christmas
Tukar kado di rumah tante Lisye di batu, ketemu sama orang2 baru yang hangat dan ramah.
lalu tahun kemaren, nostalgia misa di Blitar dengan temen2 SD yang nggak banyak berbeda, dengan gaya dan kepribadian masing-masing. mengulang semua rekaman masa kecil yang tampakanya tak banyak perubahan.
Tahun ini aku di Adelaide, Australia. nggak di Indonesia lagi.
dan setelah aku melangkahkan kakiku keluar dari gereja, aku nggak tahu akan kemana.
ada dimana tahun depan?
Apakah aku masih dibelahan bumi yang sama? atau di tempat yang berbeda?
yang jelas, Christmas yang sesuangguhnya itu ada di hati, dan Tuhan akan memberikan sesuatu yang ostemewa bagi pengikutnya, dimananapun dia berada.

I want to share some of the Christmas song that I have always listen every year

Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day



Friday, December 24, 2010

I wish..


Monday, December 20, 2010

baby cute

Sometimes, I really proud to be his EX,

the cute baby face look that I hoping to see in every morning :)

don't hate me because I post this by, your adorable look!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm not complaining..
but I just gonna questioning my life:
What am I suppose to do after Christmas? I'm home alone now, Joko going to korea, Hendry and wirawan in Indonesia, Dion already at perth. Don working, and Alice ahve no connection in Indonesia. there is no more SFC, everybody with their own family.
So, God... could You please give me a surprise? I really don't want to die because of bored! :(

Christmast wish lists

" What Do you want for Christmas?"
that is what I always ask to every kids who comes to SantaLand, place where I'm working now.
Initially, Christmast always indention with gift, surprise or family gathering. All good things happen in Christmas, Family become so alive, and there is no more fight!
That is why a lot of miracle happen on Christmas

but, When the question they throw back to me, I have nothing in my mind.
So, What I want for Christmas?

Stuff that I really wants now is new DSLR camera and Guitar. but seems I have limited resources to make it come true.
Basically, I want to get a lot of money! I want to work so I can cover my expenses on January. I really have no more left in my bank account, besides I need to get Christmas shopping for my friend, have to! I want to share the happiness of Christmas with all people around me. I'm worried that It won't be enough.
but, after december, I will jobless ended with spending money everyday in January, huf~ I don't want to waste, but I really have no plan the whole january, Holiday! Why don't I go for traveling?? I need money for it. If let's say I end up need to have support from mom's money, I really really want to go perth.. on january :)

If God really have a big plan for me, I don't think I need to worry about anything.
All I want in Christmas is Chance for me to maximize the time that I have in australia with networking, traveling and doing something good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I miss

As usual, maybe this is emo time. Let's looking back the past..

I've been to Brisbane, Gold coast, and all the memories that pattern in my heart can't beat anything. I miss most of the time that we've spent together. I miss the people that I hang out with during that time, I miss the cold weather, drizzle everyday and raining most of the time. I miss wake up in the morning under dark cloud and hoping that today will be a great day, I miss dion asking me to bath! haha. I miss running because we need to que in every ride in gold coast, I miss speaking javanese with them , I miss we pray together before sleep, I miss it now.

Moreover, looking back further down, 6 months ago, back in Malaysia..
I miss the humilite weather that appears in my room, I miss alice,vinny and chin that most of the time greet me in the morning. I miss we hang out till late with chin's car, I miss going to sunway, dress up, and doing crazy stuff there, I miss shopping together and trying all the clothes, by time we ready we show off and giving opinion to one another which one is nice, I miss Gloria jeans, and starbucks! place when we are get bored of assigment!, I miss mamak! I miss the swiming pool, place for me to release my burden.I miss skyiping with edo and doing crazy stuff there. I miss crying in Alice shoulder! I miss telling them how I Love them! I miss the comfort, friendlyness and safety. and I miss the argue, fight and all the problem that appears. I really want to going back to you!!!

really, eventhough I have a lot of friends now,
I don't feel any of them are my close friend. it's really really difficult to find one. it's really really difficult to get one close friend.

Friday, December 10, 2010

wise word from hendry

hendry's wise word: go to sydney to see opera house, symbol of aussie, to melbourne for shopping, to perth to enjoy the view, to brisbane to enjoy the food,to goldcoast to enjoy the rides n drain ur money away n to ADELAIDE to live!!Adelaide is the best ever!!

and I'm totally AGREED!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friendship goes right...

last November sunset in Glenelg

I think many people have their own desire about friendship. and for me, I'm trying to revise everything that me and my friend have been done. I want to repair all the broken connection, heal the pain, and enjoy the happiness of friendship. because I treasure all my friend and I don't want to lose any of them

So far so good, just that I realize that tittle of "best friends" never changes to other people.
that is why, I decided to go back Malaysia for one month, to meet my love ones, a quarter of my heart :)

What I believe is, even thought we are keep trying to hold our friendship with someone, we still need them to hold the other side. and when we keep trying and have faith on it, time will prove that our afford is a wasted. and God will choose, who deserve to be your close friends, and who aren't

I recon that I have few girl friends here, that Is why Alice, Vinny, and Christin still my bestfriend ever. and even though my guy's friends is a lot, but I still love Joko, Steve (my hubby) , and Don (my bro) as my friends that has special place in my heart. And don't forget Adrian that I always keep in pray for all your happiness that will happen to you :)

web cam in 1st dec

I love December! month that will close all the wonderful thing that happened in 2010, this is where I can show my fully love to them!. I'm going to Brisbane tonight, only for 8 days, and I've already imagine how much I will missing all of you, without laptop, Internet that connecting us!
and bobby, Arnold , Beethoven that won't be able to be my bed mate for a week.
I hope that this will be a wonderful Holiday for me. Gbless....