Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Asek asek... ayukk pacarannn :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 days- not good at all

one of the worst day in my life
Indeed, I'm wearing a flowery dress and colourful shoes today, but my day not as bright as my appearance

I had fight with one of my friend, really WTF... I'm not going to care about her anymore, atleast i need to slow down.. and not too much involve with others problem, they are a grown up people has their own brain to think, unless their dumb enough to do that.
My macaroon is failed! total failure... I'm not going to waste my time to repeat that anymore, enough is enough
My hair colour is not really good.. there is still gab between two colour and can't get my hair done.
and the last is, that totally ruin my mood, make me down and drawn me to the deepest misery.
My earphone doesn't work, really get annoying esspecially when i need to skype with dion, i hate that

thanks devil. you win today

5 days

So many things happening today...
you finish your IELTS, you feel relief
I talk to riri about everything, feel relief and worried
having such a great night in DECLARE...
and knowing that Dion has accepatnce in SAnta Helper Myer! wooohoooo!!
I can't wait to see you sayang...seems everything going right for us :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

6 days

So Ladies and Gentleman... 6 days to go untill I'm going to meet My Mr.Sweetest Smile... normally when I want to see him, I have a 'baking syndrome', means that every time I want to see him, I always want to bake something, first I baked cookies, second times I baked cup cakes, third times I bake orange's cake, and currently this gentleman asking me to bake MACARON with him. I have totally no idea how to make it! I have few expirience of baking and few of them were success, and now he asked me for baking a bloody hard macaroonssss. it's a difficult dessert to make, hard to keep, and so on so on so on.

actually it's not that hard.

Anyway, I have gather my resources and bought the ingredients, I asked one of the cooking expert "Hillaria Juliana" to accompany me during the process, and the good news is, she haven't done any macaroons bake *JDUENGGGG*, However, we are not giving up... in the name of LOVE.. let's cross the ocean, climb the mountain, but be careful so it's not such a waste of time and money :)

so I will share with you guys what I've got from my research that I think work for me:

I hope the result as good as my friend's picture

Thursday, October 20, 2011

share coke

tau kan kalo CocaCola sekarang punya packaging baru di kemasan mereka?
dibelakangnya ada tulisan share with...
ini bukan untung2an
harus nyari apakah nama kita ada diapasaran (alias pasaran)
nah kebetulan, temanku BernadetteNixie TM menemukan nama Nicole yang cononnya... 
jadi...jadilah ini..
"share a coke with Nicole...."

Thank you Nixiee...mumuacchhh

kind acool

Monday, October 17, 2011

in 5 years time

When we were in high school, there are so many talk about what you want to do in your life, they think that after high school moreover is the important stage where most of the people will choose their own specialities.
and there is another cross roads,is when we are graduating from our universities. And that is the real cross roads for most of us, when the world really begin.
Normally, they tend to ask you about what do you want in your life, or most often, what you are going to be in 5 years..
So, I'm going to answer that question right now, so I can make my mind right.

In 5 years time..
I want to have my own carrier, as in stable carrier, except of the family business, I will have another private company or I will employee by one stabilize company in Indonesia, where by allow me to improve my skill and knowledge in my field.
I will leave in one area in Indonesia, with my own house or room, with my own vehicle, with a stable location.
I have done my certificate of Mandarin.
I have visit Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Europe for business or travelling.
My weight has been reduce as maximum as 60kg (or less), with no pimples and long hair :)
I'm married with a man who I am fell in love with, with a fantastic pre wedding and honeymoon, but simple wedding ceremony, and he has stable job, stable carrier, ready to love me in the rest of his life, in a good or bad, in every condition of me, So do I will love him with my whole hearth, ready to make love and no baby first pleasee,because I'm not going to have before 28, leaving together forever happiness :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

2 weeks

2 weeks till we can decide to go with this or stop...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st oct- new hair cut!

finally I decided to have a short-medium straight hair.
since my curl really messy.. so I want to get it right.
I have decided to cut my hair with house mate because she is quite good hair dresser,
so.. you judge it!