Sunday, October 23, 2011

4 days- not good at all

one of the worst day in my life
Indeed, I'm wearing a flowery dress and colourful shoes today, but my day not as bright as my appearance

I had fight with one of my friend, really WTF... I'm not going to care about her anymore, atleast i need to slow down.. and not too much involve with others problem, they are a grown up people has their own brain to think, unless their dumb enough to do that.
My macaroon is failed! total failure... I'm not going to waste my time to repeat that anymore, enough is enough
My hair colour is not really good.. there is still gab between two colour and can't get my hair done.
and the last is, that totally ruin my mood, make me down and drawn me to the deepest misery.
My earphone doesn't work, really get annoying esspecially when i need to skype with dion, i hate that

thanks devil. you win today

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