Friday, October 21, 2011

6 days

So Ladies and Gentleman... 6 days to go untill I'm going to meet My Mr.Sweetest Smile... normally when I want to see him, I have a 'baking syndrome', means that every time I want to see him, I always want to bake something, first I baked cookies, second times I baked cup cakes, third times I bake orange's cake, and currently this gentleman asking me to bake MACARON with him. I have totally no idea how to make it! I have few expirience of baking and few of them were success, and now he asked me for baking a bloody hard macaroonssss. it's a difficult dessert to make, hard to keep, and so on so on so on.

actually it's not that hard.

Anyway, I have gather my resources and bought the ingredients, I asked one of the cooking expert "Hillaria Juliana" to accompany me during the process, and the good news is, she haven't done any macaroons bake *JDUENGGGG*, However, we are not giving up... in the name of LOVE.. let's cross the ocean, climb the mountain, but be careful so it's not such a waste of time and money :)

so I will share with you guys what I've got from my research that I think work for me:

I hope the result as good as my friend's picture

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