Monday, December 28, 2009

do I know you?

Am I know everything about you?
or I just pretending to know everything?

I just know that there is something behind your laugh,
something that you can't hide
and that is something that I try to heal from you.

*I know its pain, you just need time to make it cure and someone to replace the emptiness, although it's just temporary.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


thx friend, you make me laugh in my hard time,
and you still be a good friend in my difficulty
although we just meet up after 7 years
and I'm happy to see every single changes in you, but never changes your self for our friendship!

kehilangan lagi

God, everything that happen to me will make me strong
I never lost my faith in You, although I lost everything

but now, I'm shaking God...
3 times in a row..I lost my things
and It makes me loose my confidence,
I can't believe my memory, I can't believe my self.
why so careless... why so reckless!!!!

God, give me strength
and please, keep me away from something bad that I'm not aware
enough for now, let me feel comfort and built my confidence,
I don't want to loose again.

*lost my wallet second times!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


God, thanks..
You are the best,
I know that when we obey and believe, nothing is impossible!
thanks for today's meeting, I know You will make me surprise,
and untill now, I dunno how to express my happiness..
Thanks Lord... thanks...
you give me more that I expect!
T.T (crying happinesss)

in memory.
theFLAME with krispatih

Monday, December 14, 2009

just you

I'm seriously,
just looking for some of guys..with no intention
just waiting for some of you.. with no reason
and just fall in for you.. with no doubts

I just want to enjoy every single part in my single life...with no regret,
just do what I wanted to do.. as long as it's still in my limitation

Sunday, December 13, 2009

me, you and him.

... another guy started to ask about my daily food,
and one guy ask me to go out..
anyone else?
I love my life!... still happening

Friday, December 11, 2009

lossing important things

God told me, He gave me a sign.

"God's will is to make us mature and complete, not to keep us free from pain"
-kong hee

I told Him, phone doesn't matter, as long as my wallet still save..
and that night he was give sign to me and my mom, to put the bag in the save place.
my uncle's house is save place.. but sometimes it's didn't go well
someone took it, maybe the right word is stole it.
my new bags, my wallet, and all document inside.
oh God.. It's just another test.

"but can you still be kind when other people threat you unfairly?"

I will prove to you God, all the things in the world means nothing for me.
It wouldn't broke my faith in you.
all that I have only my identity in your heart.
I just want to ask you one thing
just don't ever leave me alone...

Monday, December 7, 2009

single life

guy come and go in my single life.
what an interesting scene...

when you really prepare your self to be a real girl, you will know how interesting you are
you will know it by counting how many guy is has been trapped for you.
although their just pass by, but they ever stay still for you.

the one who willing to trapped forever with you, is the person that you need to count as you consideration.

good luck.
Luv u Jesus!


since last time I want to write blog about this,
but seems like shame my self only..
but seriously, I can't stand my mom.
her voice, her behaviour, her way to do a good things just make it worst.
I don't like her to do my house work, without my permission.
and some more did it with reckless.
yes she is good in finding money, but not in house work..not at all!
I hate that I need to angry with her.

I don't like when I waken up by her phone! her voice so loud untill the whole world can hear!
she just talking to the person in the phone tho! and It's Malaysia.. not Indonesia!
please please please....
I feel like I can't feel my peace in my own room. supposely garcefull.. but now..
even wake up with peace is difficult

God.. help :(

Sunday, December 6, 2009

move out

time move out, close to the separation
when I need to leave anything that make me comfortable in this 2,5 years in Malaysia
actually not anything,but most of it.
my house that make comfort, my lophly housemate, my room, and most of the furnish inside that I collect one by one.(I just release two of my big cupboard and wardrobe, it's dominate my room)
at least it's lighten my burden in the next 6 months,
at least, I'm not loosing anything, as in if I move to Perth I might l0ose more than this
but I wouldn't.
I just don't dare to leave anything that set for me here, especially my friend.

I'm moving for a new beginning.
I will move to the place that all of us will gather, all my gang will be there, and I wouldn't be alone.

sometimes changes is hard,
but when you stay in the track and just go ahead, just make sure you are pretty sure about your decision
it will be alright.
yeah nadia.. you will be fine!

Love you jesus!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Finally! after been a years I'm waiting.. and keep up with every update that this movie made, I watch the movie today!
It's kind of late, I know. I'm not expecting for a premier viewing, but any time that can make me comfortable while I'm watch it.
and yea.. with a right people, right time and in the right place!
I was watching with my small gang, with alice and vinny beside me, and in my favourite position, and in sunway pyramid.

Okay, basically.. I can rate 3 upon 5 for this movie.. why? I can say that they lost their aesthetic! It just a bit rush, with no fully emotional emphasis. but still, new moon will be my fav movie.

I still can feel the cold of forks, and the smell of wet leaves. and La push is almost the same with what i imagine while I'm reading the book. just the voluntary was not as scary and sacred as i imagine, and the werewolf are so fake! things are always like this, what we imagine is better that the movie.

And beside that, after the break between twilight and new moon, we will discovery a lot of things about the cast, maybe we find out about their biography, and you know who is the real Edward Cullen and he is really NOT cool. It happens in the beginning of the movie, when edward Cullen coming, and we supposedly blind oh his charm and said "wow", now become laugh because we really see the uncoolness side of him. LOL
I was surprise with the effect that they make for Taylor (jacob) . He can be very handsome and manly! yeah he is, but when they make his that tall he is so gorgeous! some of the dialog was really cool. I can't remember that one by one, maybe i need to watch it again :)

And finally, It's just a new moon, and will be continue with eclipse. i hope they get a lot of critics so that they can make a goo improvement for the next movie.

I newmoon