Monday, December 26, 2011

hey christmas

christmas spent with family and KKIA family, after gathering in Bu asanah house, we went to mass
hot mass, we went 11pm mass, and it was 28 degrees at nigh, HOT!

photo soon

Sunday, December 18, 2011


tomorrow is my graduation...
I'm not really excited tho.. because imnot graduate with any of my close friends, nothing like last graduation..
maybe just family..and some friends... not even my boyfriend
hmm.. and im not glad because im finish my degree.. something that i need to achieve in the last 16 years
even I have prepares my black dress... my new shoes.. my hair done in 630am, and make up...
just will never be the same..
no expectation. just want this end
and, facing the reality :(

little update before Christmas

it's been a week my family come in Adelaide, after 2 years I never see them,
special or my brother was 2,5 years, WOW
personally, I still think that we are the same, still talking the same issues, still behave like a family, a litle affection but more interaction. but now some of the serious talk, we handle it more seriously since me and my bro getting older and mom too
my mom behave good, as long as she doing fine, we will have a harmonise life in Adelaide.. wait till my mom have a bad mood, everything will become a disaster :(

I'm too busy for doing something that I don't realise, maybe because most of it is not for me, but for mom and bro. Christmas is around the corner, it's just next week and I have't buy any gift for everybody. gosh!!! I don't think it's enough time since some of it i need to post it over to the other states, or maybe I need to make a one day post, pay extra for saving my time?  hufff.... I'm not read for Christams, this is too fasttt

And I think I'm having my last shift as ACC staff this week, I have alreay empty my locker incase I eant to resign,
but the other day I have a call to work on new years eve because it is compulsory for everyone who hired this year, I have no idea what shoul I say to the,

pretty musch enjoying my family time, and will graduate this monday :)
Thanks God