Sunday, July 12, 2009


You will jealous with me...
promise you will jealous with all that I spent during internship.
coz I have a family there!!
a group of crazy people, young soul and spirit of share!
and they are surround me, giving me a brighter day of (cloudy) internship!

you all are great!
(picture will be update)

I'll be missing everyday in v2innovates office..I'll be miss the GREEN

I'll be miss the worst KTM
I'll be miss the unpredictable weather every morning, and every feeling that created
I'll be miss walk in the sun between abdulah hukum and v2
I'll be miss my breakfast, that I always eat if I'm waiting KTM (chiken ham and milk)
I'll be miss gone through the mamak and mart of menara mutiara bangsar (if lucky one or two people will greet me)
I'll be miss my sweat!
I'll be miss anba greet,hazel "sayang" and anitha that mostly will comment with my apparel
I'll be miss Mr.Valens that always laugh out loud and chit chat in afternoon
I'll be miss the food! variation of Indian food and Malay food (will give me strong sense of hometown)
I'll be miss kueh time!
I'll be miss anba's car that always drop me and lighten my burden
I'll be miss my table! longest biggest table that I ever had! hahahah

and finally..I'll be miss v2 with all the things that I can't forget.

people will have their own learning, their own process
but for me, although most of itt are not really big job, but I had gone through all the process
and I learn something... If you enjoy the work, everything will be as bright as your day.
and family will curve you being somebody better than people that treat you as no body .

I love it~!

one of my wishes come true

One of my Birthday wishes that can't be realized..
that actually im waiting for
coz difficult to get it..
Finally... in my hand now!


Big starbucks mug will compelete my tea break
and everything will be perfect with this size..

I love it!

Monday, July 6, 2009


officially today...
change my blog tittle..
which is change my vision

It's Mine (which is too selfish like a small kids scramble toy)
NoLimitation (more freedom)


*now all the office laughing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

RIP Bubu

This evening,when I prepared my laundry...
I looking at the cage where my two cute hamsters stay...
I always greet them every time I pass by their house.and they will always greet me back
If they are sleeping, I will wake them up with scratching their cage
but, today something different
bubu didn't greet me back, and she didn't move
I calm my self and see more carefully,
and the stomach didn't move,she doesn't breath
at that time I'm sure, she's passed away a couple of hours before.

my friend said 6 o'clock she still moved, but a bit weak..
I saw her dead body at 01.45am 050709
I prepared the funeral for her, I hope she rest in peace.

at least, she still beside me untill her time..

RIP Bubu...
Love you always..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Junko furuta case

have you heard abou this case before?
This is the case in the year of 1989

Junko is 16 years old girl, had been kidnaped,raped, then tortured to death in unimaginable and incomprehensible ways for 44 days
Exactly twenty years ago, a sixteen year-old girl was going through the most unimaginable pain, waiting for the endless suffering she was going through to end. For forty-four days, nobody helped her.
Her killers are now free men. Justice was never served, not even after 20 years.
Once you hear the story, it is not easily forgotten. Her 44 days of suffering will forever be known.

It did happen to me..I can't forget it, and keep find out about it
if you really want to know about her this is the link raflty explanation about overall case in wikipedia
or , IF you want to know more about this case, look at the group in facebook. you will know how pain is the suffer that she gone through

I just know this all stories, All I can do is... I hope she had a gracefull and happiness wherever she is. And I hope this case wouldn't happen twice.

there is 2 movies that had been created base on this true story:
Joshikosei konkurito-zume satsujin-jike directed by Katsuya Matsumura in 1995, dan
Concrete (Schoolgirl in Cement)directed by Hiromu Nakamura in 2004 .