Monday, January 31, 2011

perumpamaan tentang rumah

Friendship is like build a house...

you have to start with a strong foundation, put the material one by one, arrange it nicely
and when there is a storm, it may broke and left a mark,
but you can slowly repair it, and renovate a little bit
it's still as comfortable as a home

the more it's imperfect, the more you renovate it, the more it's become comfortable

-idea by alice suryadi

Sunday, January 30, 2011

appreciate my self

try to appreciate my self, understanding my weaknesses and bring up my positif part

I just realize that I left half of my self in Malaysia, I mean anything that I have seen in Malaysia seems helping me so much to searching what I want to be, spesifically is about fashion.
many years back, I have no idea how to be pretty and now I know how to persuade my self to be attractive and compelete with the clothes. and I never get enough to be what I want, somehow it tops because I need to think about the money that I need to spend and the social condition that makes me to carefull about the way I dress
not many choice that I found in Adelaide, and Malaysia seems like a heaven to me.

one thing that I realize when I shop is : high self focused. which means I think about my self more rather than others, one side is good, trying to match and appreciate, the other side say.. that is so flesh attitude.

however, I'm a girl. and I want to be as pretty as good looking as me. and yeah...
I'm in M'sia and I'm ready to do that

Friday, January 28, 2011

character yang saya butuhkan (2)

Hari ini Adelaide hot sekali, and aku harus berjalan menelusuri kota demi untuk mencari oleh2 buat GFs ku.. so as usual, ada keluarkan rumusnya:

nadia + hot weather= temper

one of my good friend accompany me, and we had a chat, normal chat
it's became awkward setelah diya menjawab pertanyaanku dengan nada tinggi dan memaksa, alias "nyolot" padahal topiknya seputar yang normal2 aja. aku kaget donk, dan bikin aku males ngajak omong lagi

So, dari situ saya merasa ini sisi sensitive saya..
aku butuh seseorang yang cara ngomongnya nggak ngeyel, tapi kalo emang offensive, diya tetep tenang dengan memberikan argument2 diya. jadi bisa kelihatan bijak bukan memaksa. If I meet people like that, I will be amaze with his character and attitude.


YES, saya mengalami kepanikan yang tidak beralasan.

I don't really know where to start but I think all happens because I am to sensitive.
I have no idea where the "breaking down" part was begin, but I think it's because a small problem that pile up and smash me right in my face. shoot.
and maybe is not the right excuses for it, I might be too worries about tomorrow, my last day in Adelaide, and I need to travel 7 hours away from Adelaide- my recent home- leaving all the people and my belonging, my room, my bobby,arnold, bethoven!
and the best thing is, after this holiday is over, I need to face the next subject assignment which will make me pretty stress, following by the changes of friendship that always happen every semester.
you know what? I'm kind of sick of it. and I am READY TO LOSE ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T WORTH TO MAINTAIN.

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”

I believe If I need to lose someone that is for a reason, and If the person still with me, there is also a reason. just cross finger dechhhh....

I just scared that I will forget about something important that I need to bring back to msia.

even though I'm in pray, I couldn't concentrate. gosh... am I that worried?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

mengamati character yang saya butuhkan (1)

Kalo banyak orang tau nadia itu kayak gimana, pasti identic ama orang yang cuek, kamarnya nggak rapi, dan yang pasti pengen tampil beda
tapi semenjak di aussie, aku berusaha untuk meluruskan jalan2 itu dengan jadi cewek yang biasa biasa aja. katanya kalo kita jadi orang standart, dengan sifat dan tingkah laku yang normal bisa lebih mudah dicintai. dengan usaha yang cukup berat, aku berhasil mengubah imageku jadi seorang cewek tulen

tapi tetep aja cewek juga ada yang rapi ada yang nggak. bisa dibilang aku orangnya comfort dengan apa yang ada, kotorpun (asal nggak keterlaluan) masih bisa. dan lebih nyaman kalo liat kamar sedikit berantakan jadi kerasa ada "isi" nya.
asalkan ringkes cepet dan nyaman in my own way, itu sudah cukup.
makannya kadang aku agak stunning liat cowok yang rapi banget.
bukannya terganggu sich tapi kadang cenderung jadi nilai plus dalam kamusku.
cowok rapi bisa apa aja, mungkin dari penampilannya rapi, selalu fresh, atau juga bisa diliat dari kamarnya, dan paling hebat cara melipat baju dan njaga barang2nya
kalo udah baju rapi, kamar bersih, pinter lipat baju, udah lah... +++

rapi, kadang cenderung ke perfectionist, kalo udah kek gitu kayaknya agak serem yah
karena kalo orang2 model aku berada di sekita mereka bisa jadi suatu ancaman besar buat mereka lol . karena perfectionist cenderung melakukan sesuatu perfect as they wanted to be. dan kalo semua pasal-pasalnya nggak diturutin, wah bisa berabe.
sedangkan orang rapi, mungkin kadang mereka merasa annoying dengan tingkah laku yang bruk bruk, tapi mereka punya insting buat merapikan dan ngembaliin barang pada tempatnya.. nah demen nich yang kayak gini, jadi nggak usah lipet2 baju, ato ngerapiin kamar ada yang benerin. LOL.
tapi yang jelas orang rapi dan ngopeni barang2nya itu amazing bener menurutku, intinya diya itu peduli akan stuff that belongs to them and like to see the things are arrange nicely.

nah maka... mungkin salah satu character ini yang aku butuhkan untuk melengkapi kekurangan ku.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

perth I'm in love

because of the charm of the city..
and the people that I'am hang out with... :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

officially changes blog ~

Finally, I can decide the new look from my blog, simple yet meaningful.

The tittle of my blog "Cherish my Heyday" this came up because of everything that had done in me so far, make me really great full and optimistic to face my future. I've gone through alot of stuff, happy-sad, separation-meet new people, up-down, black-white , ALL of them really creat my character until now, and I'm really thanks for it, and this year I want to begin with my gratitude and optimistic towards my future.

for the banner, it is obvious that all the three foots i took during 3 different season in Australia. Winter-Spring-Summer, and eventhough it's changes in time, and the footwear that I use changing, but there is one thing that never changes, it's a God's steps that always be with me :)
that's what I believe and I really want to repeat in my life, so that I remember how God really love me.

and still the same, orange and purple colour - my fav, always be my best combination

hopefully this make a great beginning for my blog.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Something that you might not be able to resist.

"Friendship changing every semester, friends come and go, but the one who stay is you real friend.."

I have a feeling, strong feeling..
I scared of I will losing someone,
but usually when I have this feeling, I'm going to lose him really soon.

but I've kind of not ready for this one.

I knoe, I never ready to lose any friends.

Oh gosh, we might probably fight once, but that was because I want to show him that what he did was upset me.and show him my real character,
for me, to be able know him more and continue our friendship if it is possible. usually this is work when there is an understanding and willing to accept the way I am.
we do a reconciliation, and I felt great at that time. we made another promise to take a good care of each other.
but after awhile I feel pessimist if we be able to walk together.

Simple Truth: If you don't correct people when they upset you, they will never learn how to treat you with respect. -Alena Cruz

If I can wish Lord, I still want him to be one of my close friend..
but I do believe that God always try His best to choose the best friend for me, it's kind of pain somehow, but so far, I really get the best among others, and I do belive He will do it to this case as well. Friendship is never gonna happen if there is no effort from both side.

still in my purse ..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We don't need to rush things. If something's meant to be, it will happen... in the right time, with the right person and for the best reason.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want to have someone

I want to have someone that walking beside me in the road
I want to have someone that do not leave me when I'm walking
or, If he/she does, they will look at the back and ask whether I'm alright or not.
I want to have someone that asking me about my day,
and what kind situation that I faced, n trying to figure out together.
I want to have someone that can brain storm together, share thought and ideas with me
I want to have someone that has a shoulder where I can cry, and hold me when I'm weak.
I want to have someone that I can hold their hand with no hesitate and show how much I appreciate and love them,
I want to have someone that always together with me, so I don't feel lonely.

It's not necessary a boyfriend. It's not necessary a guy. It could be a girlfriend- anybody who wants to be my close friend in Adelaide.

Alice... I miss u so badly.
If we meet I will hold you tight everynight, never gonna let you cry, and never lose your hand on me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I don't forgive because I am weak, I forgive because I am strong enough to know that people are not perfect and make mistakes....
-rehany mooy 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011


My plan is..
having this haristyle

soft curl, medium length and cute image, and this brown cooper color will blend in my hair. I will make an impression of cute, and girly, since I never try it before.

but I'm still not sure about it, because It's kind of "not me", or..back to nature:

this half-shorth hairtyle, with black color hair and one lines highlight in the fringe.

no comment?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Toy's Story

My first movie that I watch in January 2010- last year was Orphan. about how the demon girl could kill his adopted family only for her own will.
This year is really a contradiction. I just finish watch Toy's Story 3, it's not too late to watch this right?
Most of people will think that it's sad story, I admitted- it is. and This movie actually drawn me to the real world, back to my childhood memories. which I used to have a loads of toys, sleep with them and love them so much. but as a grow up and move to other city even countries, I don't really remember how's their condition now. the one who survive will follow me wherever I go. and yeah That's Bobby.
They are packed, lost, donated, dumped or somewhere in warehouse- I totally couldn't imagine.
and If they can really speak like buddy and friends, absolutely they will angry with me right now. I don't even give them away to the right person like what Andy did. Somehow, It's left me a little guilty inside, but really to late to rearrange it back, since I have no time to go home.

One thing that still left it's the memory that their drew in my mind that grow with me become one of my character. eventhough I'm 21 years old, I still loves sof toys, and they will still around untill I getting old.
For me, their my friend, My bed friend, and sometimes I still talk to them when there is nobody to talk to.
Es specially: Bobby. I love Him so much.
and I remember one scene in the Toy's story that similar with my case; Daisy replace Reloxo- her beloved doll, to other dolls that similar with him.
I still remember that last year, there is still exist dolls like bobby, and my cousin offer me to have him as in Bobby is no longer wash able- he is too frigile to go laundry anymore.
but, this is my principal : Bobby might be replaceable, but my love that I plant into him is to precious, irreplaceable.

and because I want to be responsible of any dolls that I have now, I'm no longer buy my own dolls,unless it;s bugs bunny, and all the soft dolls that I have recently it's for remind me of someone that gave those dolls to me. :)