Thursday, April 30, 2009


if you think you really know me, please take this

tik tok tik tok

today is the last day I enjoy my 19 years old..
and then I wouldn't have my 10+9..
I will have 20
absolutely number that most of the girl will look "old" or maybe "mature"
yes, I will spend the rest of my life to think about mature things.. OMG
I'm not tennager anymore!
This feelinf seems like when I want to leave my 17..very hard feeling.
but yeah, every second we also getting old, it's just when we will make a celebration for that.

today my 50% birthday bonus from Digi are coming,
with the first sentence is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" wht??!!
I haven't end my 19,then it congrats me happy

I think I need some changes in my 20 years old
some plan, or wishes?
yaya..I gonna think about that XD

Bukit tinggi - MAgic Castel


TOSHOP and GUESS model. LoL

Had a lot of fun? Absolutely YES
Last minute plan always work!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a gorgeous Luna bar


Location between KL tower and KLCC:

It's a LUXURY place:

with a drunk GAY:

HANDSOME bartender:

SEXY galz :

and HOT couple:

Here WE are!!

Enjoy every moment in Luna Bar!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I did small hunt today,
and awesome TVXQ has new MV from their 4th Japanese album, version A
they all look amazing, and really exclusive.
check this out!

Friday, April 24, 2009


"everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Vieza Wimartin- 230409


"everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."
Vieza Wimartin- 230409

The Uninvited

after i watch the ghost falling in love in "the passagers"
now, I watch the imagination of mental challenge people.lolz
this is suppose to be a thriller..or horror.but yeah..i like the story
mostly, i like the actress.

The story is about a girl name anna, she lost her mother in an explosion accident.and because of that she become crazy. 10 moths past she had been enter hospital, finally she can go home. and she found that her father has other women in house. because of some odds thing happen, she decide to find out who is the women who wants to replace her mother. but anyway, all the story is just her imagination. kind of flash back, she did all the murder. poor anna.

But personally I love her performance.
she lovely. type of american girls that just a pre-teen .she wearing apparel like roxy thingy coz she live near the's simple but sweet
I love her brown eyes, i think she mix with Hawaiian or asian.
and she act very plain, cool and full of curiosity

after I find out, her name is Emily brown!

some scene that she look great inside.

with her sister that has been died

with Matt, her BF that actually killed by her.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wish list! (for classmates)

My birthday coming you know that???
yeah first of may, when people are busy with demonstration everywhere, coz that is labour day
that when I was born.. so my mom said, I will become a hard working person.
i hope so,,,

anyway, my best friend always ask me what I want in my birthday..
do you mean present right..
well, is that important??
I never make a wish list before, coz i know no one will be special in my birthday
I believe only me can appreciate my self in my birthday..
since you guys are very kind with me, I dare to make wish list this year..
see how many you can make it come true. anyway I will choose carefully so you wouldn't find it so hard :P

1. if you really want to make a party for me...CASPER PLASE COME!! you didn't come last year I'm very disappointed you know! :(
2. I wish... soohui coming, only soohui!! . but it is too hard then never mind.
3. I want a lot of wish to motivate me in the future. give me a lot of cards ^^
4. I want to celebrate my birthday in korean restaurant again, but lower price. but I don't think can treat all of you.. :(
5. If you plan to give me something, actually you can help me to find the starbucks mug!
this starbucks mug are old stock. I try to find but it's difficult..really difficult. the price is about 30RM ++. if you have friend who work in starbucks you can get 30% discount.
this is the picture.

this mug is big size, it's dove ceramic not glossy. this is what i try to find

this also old stock, you can also help me to find this, but bigger size.they have!

yeap. don't worry, I wouldn't hope that so much..but the important thing is your support.
I'm not gonna run again. but please.. don't bully me! I'm 20!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video H.O.M.E

I made this video dedicated to all my friends in project home.
for our unity, for our friendship.

credit for BMG : lucky song -jason myras

Hwan hee changes!

I just realize that hwanhee had a new face.
I was wondering was he done any plastic surgery?
after being a Korean famous star between 8 years?
anyway, he is handsome enough, he is Georges! and I don't think he need it..

but this is the fact

okay...I rather hear his voice than facing the fact that his glorious asian face are gone! replace to a stranger face!
OMG my hwanheee!!!

FTTS Last performance

I guess it's the time to say Goodbye..
my astonishing is still going on..coz no one can destroy it.
I know that It wouldn't so long.. they will break up..and end their journey
But, I love them so much until I couldn't believe that they are really make it as an ending.

after 10 years, Fly to the sky decide to had their last performance in 12 April 2009.
and for the last perform, they sang their first album and last album
and I still can feel the strong emotion that their put it inside.
and I wouldn't forget their song!
Good Luck for Brian and Hwanhee for their individual carrier.

this is their last performance in SBS "inkygayo"

For more information click this link

PM part 2

I gave the best that I have,
not doing anything that hurt somebody else.
I did fine, I'm satisfied.
and I hope you are fair enough to give mark that I deserve

Monday, April 20, 2009

PM part 1

thanks for Mr.K and the highlighted words..
I though You really know me rather than my self
You are really smart until choose your word carefully,
but however, you are manipulated my words, really good to become lawyer, but it's just wrong occasion.
so sorry, you are wrong!

and thanks for "my friend" that done this miss communication without said anything.
I trust you but you just broke it.

:) <- Big smile for you

Friday, April 17, 2009

new moon 2

excatly i felt this shock.. twilight is a dugs for me.
I can't stop think about how new moon gonna be.. how hot is jacob
and after I hunting and I have more information that I will share with you
ths is about the cast!
they already had the cast for new commoners in new moon, like volturi
if you are finish read new moon, you know how important their role in edward live.

for more information click this


HEY!!! finally, the trailer of new moon came out,
it's not officiall trailer,maybe just too keep their fans
but I believe this is the scene of the movie...
I finish my new moon, So I can estimate which one is the better trailer for new moon

check this out!

i know after i watch this trailer, i wouldn't hate jacob anymore...
because he HOTTER that edward!!!!
Can't wait till new moon come out this NOVEMBER!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

short !!!!!!!

you know that i just done my hair cut. and it really2 SHORT!!!!
I disappointed with it,actually it's not bad,
but it's just not the same as what i wanted !!!!! I being like rock star or something....bloody hell!!
I already give her the pictureee,the haircut that i want!
...but she make my hair SHORTER than that,
I don't know maybe she too exited or what, but reallyyyyyy.....

you know I had 2 presentation this week, and maybe interview in the following week
and i need to facing them with this ugly hair cut!
some more my friend, he didn't agree i cut my hair in the first place,
and he make my feeling worst after accidentally we meet right after i done my hair cut

but i need to be more confidence.
I know, its ugly, it's punk! but, if i can't accept my hair, who else will appreciated it?
please my hair grow fasterrrr...i want to get my hair long a bit :(
my ugly face and my ugly hair cut!!!

you know what i wanted is...

he is excatly has longer hair than me! :((((((

Saturday, April 11, 2009

one step

I feel my life move on...
move to something that definetly happen someday. but right now, I feel that this is the time.

I start to think about maturity
when I need to decide my own life, with my future family.
I begin to think about getting old..
about how old people interpret this life.
I begin to think about death.
about how old people that cares me, think about that.

You know, I realize that life it's not as longer as I felt
It's just a short time.
Esspecially for my mom, my uncle and my it's just for awhile.
For me, I don't know when God what me to end this journey.
might be later, maybe tommorow, and all that I have it's nothing.

20, it's just in front of me now...
not more that 20 day's I will officially have my 20 years old.
this is the time when teenages start to think about their future carrier, their dream, and family.
I need to be ready for that...for being mature.

Good Friday

Good Friday
Ever since I was a lil kid, we always go to Good Friday mass at noon, and always, my mom tells me this: it's gonna rain during the mass, as usual, definitely.

Years have passed, and this is the second Good Friday without me going to mass with my family, but the words stick right at my heart, as I recall now how I told Marco what my mom always says to me about the rain, and I said, let's see if it rains, this afternoon.

And right at this moment, as the rest of family is attending the Good Friday mass back in Jakarta and as I listen to Danny Gokey's rendition of Stand By Me, the rain is pouring out there. Just nice, just right. My mom is right. It's raining.

I want you to stand by me, God. Stand by me.

I feel blessed. I thank God.

This post is from my friend's note, brian.
Thanks brian, ur post really blessed me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


PROJECT HOME have done their last big job which is HOME CARNIVAL!
after a lot of things happen that distract our mind, miss understanding, tired, lazy and everything..
finally we done our Carnival! And I'm very happy!! :))))
It's unexpected that our Carnival done very smoothly and a lot of happiness there.
I have seen a lot of tired face, confuse and unsatisfied, but it's disappear in the End. replace with satisfaction, happiness, and strong In group feeling everyone like happy ending right?)

Maybe there is a lot of troublesome behind the scene, something that not done well
but really...
I'm really really happy 100x.
it's really unexpected ending , it's so much better than what i had been wondered.
In my point of view. this carnival is SUCCESSFUL!

There is some fact that I didn't show to everyone during carnival, and I never done it before:

1. I finish my whole camera memory!
2. My hand shaking, because i hold my camera the whole day.
my feet very weak because I'm not really sit until almost the end of carnival
3. I didn't take my lunch box!
4. My happiness defeat my disappointed feelings that appear in the beginning of carnival. so I can keep smile till the end of carnival

I know, after I write this blog maybe some other things will happen,
maybe disappointed, miss understanding, miss communication or any other issue will appears.
But I REALLY thanks to GOD for today! I feel He really blessed our Carnival!
Although there some rain and thunder, but still, didn't affect our event (max I beaten your bad pray!lol)

and thanks God for today!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Finally, Boys Before Flowers come to the end.

It's been long time since my housmate introduce this korean drama to me.
and I felt something is missing when I end the my last episode,
I just realize they had been part of my days.
They always fill my spare time when I need to rest from the busy day, give me a relax and laugh
sometimes amaze of their looks,despite the tired and unperfect life.
Jun Pyo, Ji Hoon, Jan Di, Woo bin Eu Jun..
This movie is still good although create in many version, and I prove that I'm still fallin love with the story, since I began my astonishment in 2001.
It's just a movie but it did change my life.
Just wondering that I need to rush find another movie to motivated my life *lol
Good luck for the director, if you want to make the next episode, I will waiting for it!
Nomu Joayo~!!!


I'm waiting for God's promise...
Rain in the morning..

make me sleep tight, far a way from the darkness world
I'm tired..