Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let me take a breath...

Halleluya I'm still here now. LOL
but yeah.. with all uncertain things that haven't settle, and the tragedy that happen recently, absolutely don't give me change to have my quality time...
at least.. for a breath...

Saya capek... sumpah.. jadi kesempatan ini aku gunain buat update blog.

I gain weight-i think-, after the tragedy "cannot pangsai" I start to let my self enjoying food, and unfortunately, it makes me gain more..yea right.and the result is.. low self esteem.. I don't look good in any picture of Langkawi's trip, and my old pose as "too expressionist" is there.. fact that i am not changes! some more I pessimist with my face that doesn't getting any better..*sigh

Remember about the tragedy.. is the painful ever..
my lophly camera drop inside the water-fall.. and because the one who holding it is my very best friend.. so I couldn't say much, I believe that accident happen anywhere, no matter what is not about blaming anybody but how we make things better. right?

last picture that taken, before my camera fell

Langkawi, n0t much fun but more to problem solver.
we did revolusionary self-discloser to the left over dreamer, that makes me digging my bitterness and tell everybody about it,
I don't mind If it makes me easier to move forward
I look at it more into "God answer my pray" rather than " I dig my bitterness"
and yeah, that night we can't hold our tears, it's just drop like a rain..
since that day.. I don't feel much better, hopefully soon...
Anyway, Although some of us doesn't call our group name as a dream team anymore (even the creator also don't care much) but for me.. I still love to call it dream team, because there is where by our friendship is begin.. no matter what we are now, for me.. We are still DREAMERS!

the original dreamers, only 6 person :(

And feeling of missing somebody.. damn annoy me!
I'm holding a teddy bear like I'm begging for a care, drawn my self into misery
I need to move on, I need to focus..
anything happen, just place it as motivation,right

new family

I do look good on it.. mos of them said, thanks Dimas for brought me here...

new hightop

one week more left, and my visa still uncertain..
I need God's miracel.. I believe in my faith..Anything will be alright.
yayaya Nadia...
Everything will be ok...


Sunday, June 20, 2010



HaHaHa..pass up last assignment, struggling.. I didn't sleep the whole night.
These days was tiring, as in my body tired of getting not enough sleep and my mind is so full of everyone that I going to miss..
yeap.. This officially for me to thing ahead, and move on.
I need to pack all the memories, and ready to accept the challenge from God.
I know, It wouldn't be easy and full of pain, but.. What I am afraid of?
I have Him that always take care of me, and never leave me alone..
yea yea..
whatever faith that you have now, It will useful..


Excited? hahaha
I haven't packing up my stuff.. I should start now before I left alot of stuff...

X.O.X.O hohoho

Sincerely from the heart

"Maybe I'm not a girl.. I don't know how to express feeling scared of losing you.."
-Nadia Nicole

Take care.. you will be always in my mind...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dedicated to Joash

I never have time to tell you, How I admire you so much
only with your smile,You can make other people feel bless..

Good bye Joash Wee..
We never know what is God's plan
but yes, You are the bless one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visa visa visa

I have NO INTERNET in the last 3 days..
online is like soo PRECIOUS..

Okay anyway,
another IPD assignment with 5 post inside... with no Internet
and today I was applying for VISA and it is soo maa faaannnn..
yeah, I should agree that the security inside the Australian Immigration is like in the Hollywood movie, cannot compare to Indonesian embassy la seriously
The door can open it self, it isn't like sliding door, is a normal door, and open automatically
okay never mind... maybe this time I'm katrok* (katrok is old fashion) but how about the administration with thick glass .. I think the bullet just bunch off..haha
I almost buy a RM300 damn Adidas high top!
its very nice shoes tho, with blue sky-yellow color...
first time I look at it, I promised the shop keeper to come again, and I did come, only to say my mother didn't agree because it's too pricey, and I tried for the second time and say bubye~


yeah but in the reality, I just left 900RM for survive till the end of this month.., including Langkawi trip. hahaha!!!!
oh ya... exited with langkawi trip ?? WOOOHOOOOO
This Sunday! midnight! Join us DREAMERS!!! hahahaha

and yeah, this Sunday night my best friend will going back for good,
I think we wouldn't be able to see each other for the longest time since we met.. :)
Hopefully you still remember to invite me in your wedding party ya nyet!! hhahha

short update... because time is preciouse.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

while listening to this

Although this songs playing in my blog,
more I listen to this happy-love song.. the more I scared
I realize that I need to step out from this comfortable line and go to war out there
yeah.. I need to prepare my self to be ready
our God is Almighty, be able to do anything
what I'm afraid of?

Friday, June 11, 2010

double berkat

Did I tell you that I'm going to Australia?
but I didn't tell you that I have visa problem...seriously
but now.. ALL SETTLE!

I will learn a lot Lord... I will!
Praise the Lord!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I did awesome...!!! wohoooo

Hey Ya!
Do you remember that I did one video about Homosexuality, the mind map I post previously..
I wasn't really confident with my work.. I plan it so perfectly but the execution wasn't that good
It was rain, and It's totally screw my mood
but I'm a fighter, so I try my best in editing
end up... still I'm not satisfy :(
Moreover, Mr.Julian tell the other class that he will choose best 5 to show in somewhere...
Who don't want to be best 5??!! especially me! Who really have a big interest on cinematography
but, seeing my work that already done imperfectly, and I wouldn't ask Leroy to shot again because of my obsession.. I feel I just don't think about it.. It wouldn't be me...

yeah, my introvert and pessimistic made me have low self-esteem
I didn't show many people about my work, I didn't event consult with lecturer because I scared feeling of I work on my own, with support from my best friends..
as long as I can submit my assignment and pass the subject it's enough
but deep inside my heart... I want my work to be something...

My Julian suddenly call me when we accidentally meet at lecture's room
he told me that is some small technical thing that he want to show.. he say : if you see 1st time, you wouldn't know, but after so many times you will realize
first thing that appears in my mind "what?? he watch my video more that 1 time?" means that there is something in my video that attract his attention, until he wants to take his time and discuss with me

when we reach mac lab, I was take out my pen drive and want to show the video to him, but he said, he has my video in his USB.. "what? he pick up my video and save in his USB?"
and yeah... I saw him open his folder with only 5 videos inside and take out mine..
he say that He wants to showing my video in opening of ceremony...
What??? can you repeat again?? can you slap my face?? He pick my video for best 5?!!!
HE saw my video, He like my video.. and HE PICK ME!!!!
I dunno what kind of feeling is this...
should I proud with my self? or should I feel pitty my self because of small mistake my video cannot be showing in opening ceremony?

I don't know...

This is wasn't what I expected... I have no demand for it..
I mean... as long as he likes my video, he feel that "it's different" from others.. I'm happy enough
but REALLY...It's really make my day tho! my confident of being people that has talent in behind camera grow up..
although I cannot go in because of that small mistake.. and I wouldn't re-shoot again..because it was 2 weeks work (although it's not everyday)
but yeah... I'm proud of my self
and I want to tell the world that I CAN DO THIS!!!! I'M BEST FIVE!!!
nah now I'm getting kuai lan..hahaha...

but yeah... In The end who giving me this stuff? who brought up my confident?
Praise The Lord!

gonna upload it on Blog soon!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's move

I won't be worry about tomorrow
because thousand years ago, My life has been paid of His blood
and I just want He do whatever He wants to do in my Life
I have Him, that will always take care of me, and won't let me down.
and now, I really wants to move constantly with Him
until oneday, He will bring me up to the place, where I need to do my real mission of Life

"Lord, I give my Life on You
and I recieve, I admit Your spirit on Me
I will love him, raise him, take care of him, as I do with my Life."

When that day come, I will be ready to be Your centurion for Your people

*I should start with won't let my self beaten my spirit.
let's fight together!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Thursday, June 3, 2010

between Adelaide and Malaysia?

I'm juzt lil'bit crazy recently .. yeah .. and luckly I have a friend that can balance my crazyness :P
I accompany her trying her new skype...dasar kemaruk!
then this is some screen shoot that we took together to overcome our longingness

Nadz: Hi Alice.. how's Malaysia?
Alice: Oh Good! how is Adelaide?

Wooo wooo... don't confuse your self,
we just made a scenario like we are from two different place
but actually our room is just next to others.. LOLZ


God's choice

ok.. setelah dipikir2 , I had bless after I attend Christian fellowship last Tuesday
the speaker was from church in KL which is I don't remember..most of her preach is about a faith to God.. how God use her life incredibly!
Anyway, from what I heard.. She has extraordinary life, where God really works in her life, really mold her, start from her personal life, until she become bless to other people, I can say that she do change a lot of people life, especially the poor.

One moment that she never forget
She has almost get married once.. and that lucky guy try really hard to get her with fast and pray..
but although they had a relationship for two years, until almost get married
because of God's will... a few days before the wedding, she said NO
and It was change her life.. tremendously..

She just make her decision that changes her WHOLE life...
If only she get married with that guy, she won't be able to bless a lot of people like now!

Diya bener2 ngomong masalah jodo ini dengan serius.. She know that our ages is risk on relationship and future
and I really impress when she said
"you better stay in your life peacefully, rather than get along with someone that is not from God"
don't get married for the seek of ages! don't ruins your life...
there is only two choice "BLOCK it...or else... BLESS it"
and one more is ... If you really want someone to be with you, keep him on prayer.. If he is God's choice.. He will come back to you, because he meant to be with you"

kalo kamu emang milikku.. mau gandeng ama cewek manapun kamu sekarang, jatuhnya juga sama aku.. apa yang mesti aku risaukan?
God know what I need.. If you are will not come back with me, It's because We are not meant to be together
there is no hope to live with someone that is not from God..
Now, I might wants you so much, but I might just dig my own grave if end up you ruin the rest of my life.
I just want to be with someone that can complete me, and make me happy to share my life with him.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


belakangan ini nggak tau kenapa demen banget nulis blog yg isinya kagak jelas..
maybe I'm abit too tired and currently moody nggak karuan, esspecially today!
yeah..triple combo package.. nggak bisa pangsai, ndak suka ma hairstyle, assigment menumpuk..
and really, this pangsai ruins my mood!!
padahal weather so nice, cold and fresh, pengeen makan malem teruss..kan adem2 enak tuh makan
tapi kepikiran belum pangsaiii, jadi urung dech niatnya.. :'(

Previously,I said that I don't have confident in my self, merasa jelek... pelajaran juga jadi biasa2 aja, ngomong english ga cetha lagi
and I thought if I cut my hair everything will be better, biasa Chinese thought alias BUANG SIAL!! but practically... It's make this WORST!
a lot of regret came, kayak jadi pengen potong "bob" rather than this (keknya bakal lebih lama tahannya kalo panjang) then whatsoever bla bla bla

Maybe I need to more thank of my life... lebih mendekatkan diri sama Tuhan lagi dan bersyukur
coz belakangan ini jadi agak nggak karu2an, semua yang jelek2 kembali mendaging...

flesh is weak, I need more spirit to push my self!
kalo sampe pas aku datang ke Adelaide masih kayak gini..bakalan ga bisa survive aku disana..
I can't imagine If I can't speak English properly, feeling down, no mood, no friend, pengen makan malam terus genduttttttttttttt... haiyooo~~~
entahlah...saya mau tidur saja, kayknya emang harus istirahat awal
biar jerawat pada berkurang juga..sigh*

bubye rambut jelek, hope you growing fast!!

<< Muka bete kuww!! hahaaa


Yeah Finally... one heavy assignment passed up today!
I just want to relax for awhile and lighten my burden...I want to fondle my self and relax
and yeah.. I give reward to my self, and giving a new hope...

check this out!

How is it? nice? hahaha
I'm back with my boyish style, yet I still have my long hair...
Actually I have no specific hairstyle, so I quite satisfy with this hair cut, atleast it lighten my head alot! fuyoohhh~

my housmate came along with me and do her hair, she want to look more tidy and strenghten
so this is the result

hopefully this haircut can bring alot of luck