Sunday, October 28, 2007

kuntilanak 2

finally,today i get what i want..
after the tragedy 30 days of nights yesterday..ill try to forgot the bad impression from that movie..
im going to damansara with my friends...
special thanks for nciem that giving me chance to watch that movie..not only makan sAte ^^

anyway,about this movie...
rizal mantovani change a lot of idea in here, its not same as kuntilanak 1
the differences shown from the engel,lighting and editing
before, rizal use an aritistic and effect from the camera, and some fro lighting
but now, the majority of scene us digital..
ok lah...but sometimes distrubing the audience,
mostly is in the begining...the tittle and sub are sooo long
and, actually i cant get the main idea from this movie..
the ending was....continue....OMG
rizal manovani looking for monEy now..
im SURE,absolutly SURE...kuntilanak 3 will be available soon
the important thing is....i lost my bad impression from yesterday..^^

Saturday, October 27, 2007

shit movie!!

okay, today i went to the sunway..
want to watch movie...horror movie...
i choosed kuntilanak 2-because i knoW it will be awesome- but my friend ask me to watch 30 DAYS OF NIGHT... problem...
but being a problem, until i watch the movie...
itv is very damn shit of movie...WHAT THE HELL...
i hate this film!!! I HATE!!!!
it make me shout every minute "when it is END"
I HATEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
until i cried....
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....rrreeeaaalllyyy2 horrible movie...
DO NOT WATCH...okay, it better than you get disappointed like me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday....

22 oct : my love - adjie-
23 oct : my lovely brother -dimas-

also for issac...22 october _chek out the even later_

Monday, October 22, 2007

SYMPOSIUM 3 october

i know its very late to post this picture..
but you will miss some fun things if you not look at it...

okay...that day,we have a looonggg and boring symposium,which is already pay for 50 RM
(atleast they have a wonderful place and good food.. :P)
majority of my group was come, because of instigated from miss cath..
actually she make us feel guiltily if didn't!
and...what we did in the whole symposium...


Wonder what we did????!!!!
okay, actually we not as naughty as you think...
in the BREAK TIME ... we go to the toilet,and do thiz fun things..
like YOU what??!!! you also do like this right!
and when the symposium going on...
this is what i did....

nice what....!
some of us take a note...and (actually) act like seriously pay attention (like me!)
but its so boring until all of us feel sleepy...
ok at least the food is nice (again!)

diploma of communication july in take 2007 long didnt add my blog..miss you so much...muach2
okay,now i want to show you the latest picture of my class...
mmm...i know it, my class is a narcissist!!! whos care...
in the end of the semester we got a lot of presentasion...
this picture are taken when css class...
the left is the last CSS presentasion, we all wear the formal dress for the first time
look nice whatttt....???
and the right is last CSS class.. sad to end miss cath class...
(actually when it was begin, im so scared and hope it is over)

thx to the miss catherine...
honest, warm but strike...hahahahah

hey know...
u all are foto genic...!!
im serious....., ^^

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

miSS U

When the time goes by...
i more than realize that day without you is none..

I miss the times with You.....~~

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

yeah..finally can upload all the picture from my short holiday.....

actually i went to johor at last Saturday..and went to Singapore at Sunday..
so short holiday but memorable...
we spent a lot of time together..until know the character of us..
nice what???

the important thing is...i can taste the nicer sambal as long as i m in malay...

so depress when at singapore,because all the things are sooooo expensive!!
i haven't courage to spent all my money just to buy an expensive wallet,which is can find at the Sungai Wang, and im sure is moreeee cheaperrr...grrrrr!!!!!!

thx for all myfriend...we enjoy this trip right???

we stayed in New York hotel which is include a nice hotel, but actually cheaper...
after that we went to dange bay,so we toke crazy picture..hahaha
(see one by one..really2 crazy!!!)after that went to pelangi plaza...
and went makan in front of hotel..the sambal..yummy!!!!

next day..Singapore im coming'..
no shopping...wkakakakaka
just went to crowded because it weekend.
we just at there for 5 short right??

not really stil can follow the class at Monday ^^

Johor and Sing

nice trip to johor...continue with singapore..complete man!
more exited because im not alone.. cly,febby,eric,papi,kakek,steph,and c angel
we went there together..
cly and lovely housmate,
kakek.. my lophly grandfather plus my new rival
eric old rival..huahahaha
papi..accused me snoring! huh!
steph.. the girl next to me..
c angel.. night mare girl... many time we spent together, i hope it will be forever..
follw my story from the picture..will be sent soon..huahahah

Monday, October 1, 2007

Long way To KL

okay, i just end my journey too KL..

what for? for meet my mother close friend

but it close with me..

i really wanted meet her

not just for the "thing" that my mother ask her togive me

but mostly, i want her comment..any changes from me?

We got a loooong journey

tired,coz KL asspecially chinatown quite HOT

we spent 6 hours to go around chinatown,

actually..we want to meet my aunty in her hotel

but she didnt come yet

so we waiting for her news about the "meeting"

me,eric,christin and eduard walking around without feel that we want to go there by taxi

we just ask people and go around..

adventure...hahahaha...we still young man!

we needed exercise...

Finally, we meet my aunty at 7.30 pm (we went there from 2 pm)

just 5 minutes...OMG...

and she said nothing happen...i just look more "city girl"


However...we still got a GooD trip Right! GreaT!