Saturday, November 28, 2009


new korean group....
called nadia. oh gosh...
they use my name!!!
i will love it

jo kwon lageee

another crazy jo kwon XD

this is brian vs jokwon.. hilarious

family trip done

just go back from family trip...
after Genting and Singapore that make me exhausted, finally my brother need to go back tomorrow
left me, my mother, first bro and sist in law.

when I keep browsing and open my FB, since I was off in 2 days I found this quotation:

"The Love that Could Never Happen"
-Max Choong

It's really close to someone that I've been thinking lately..
My love that I've been waiting but never get answer.
He was fill my mind these days, but yeah...just wanna pray fro him again and again
hope he could get away from his problem.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I really really like that phone...
You know that I wanted it so much, until I looking for it by my self, in the whole surabaya
I wish I can use it longer....

actually... I have lost my phone twice..and this is the third time.
this is first time I dare to buy a pricy phone, after I lost some phone before and made a bit trauma in my life. this is first time I dare to have a lilbit hi tech phone
I really want to enjoy, I really want to proud
that is why I take care of it, I really appreciate it.
but yeah, really.. It's hurt, and shocked!
I hate loosing something that I try to hold on.-everyone don't like it-
I try my best.. but It was too late.
I miss the phone... I miss the phone chain the most!
menangis darah T.T

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


this is what I really amaze!!
only in 5 years... a lot of changes from my passport picture!
my friend said it look likes from china imigran become ibu pejabat XD
another one said from drugs addict become healthy :)
hahahaha...what a joke! my face become joke now ..

but finally..YEAY!!!! new passport!
will collect new stamp from different country :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

note for you my lovely friend

don't be so disappointed friend
I know that you are so -thing too much- kind of person
and make it too deep until you can't breath

If you think this is a fight - yes it is
and If you don't agree with whatever I said - yes you can
but If you DISAPPOINTED with what I said in PM or BLOG it's your fault
because you don't know who am I
I always doing it and don't care whatever people said. - coz This is what I feel!
and feeling is very OBJECTIVE. you need to remember: feeling is keep changing!

anyway, I don't really know that you care about my PM -coz people use to ignore it (thank's that you care)
and I don't really bother that my Pm is going to your news feed..
this is life.. bitter and pain -sometimes
but you must know.. It's nothing called Friendship if there is no fight inside.
when you can handle the problem, there is when your friendship growing
that is why I'm still staying here and not avoiding conflict.

hope you read this blog and understand.
*I don't care whether you like me or not, no one can shape my image in your heart except your self, but I like you so much with whatever that you feel about me, with everything that you done to me, no matter who you are. maybe you prefer friend that always keep something inside, but I'm not that kind of person, that's how the way you know me actually.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yoo seung ho others MV

still In the imagination of my dating with Yoo Seung Ho , I was hunting for some scene where by He looks goods at it. and eventually I found...
He is the one who act for Tiara (a girls group) MV - tittle Lies
Actually He quite hot, act like a fool and play around with the girls until He kissed them! - no matter what he just an actor that play his role.
but yeah.. 16 years old boy can't be as gorgeous as this is still HOT.

check this out

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm dating with him! part 2

and then our date continue...

he holding my hands after we go out from the store

we eating some sea-food stuff in the beach side. I feeding him

hee feed me too~~~ ♡ ♡

we enjoy the sun set together

he lay down on me :)

any finally he give me flower (coz my love meter only 84%..i want get kisss!!!)

he left...

this is my virtuall blind date
but I still want to get above 95% so I can kiss him!! hahahaha

I'm dating with him! part 1

OMG it's looks stupid!
but every sweet things that he do in our "virtual date" was make my heart beat!
on my half-way..coz lagging...
this is so far my date with him.

I woke up

he wait for me outside my house

he come to my car, we will drive to beach

he gave me dools

he hold my hand and enjoy beach together

another killer smile

he ask me "gwecanayo?"

he getting wet after raved down by water

I accompany him buy a shirt

I peek him, when he changes clothes


Friday, November 13, 2009


since yesterday when I was hang out with vinny, I was wondering that if I can go for a date.
I meant it..
I mean.. it's not a relationship... just a date.. just having fun... just two of us.
and I found this virtual dating with korean star name yoo seung ho
it's a game, but in korean languages :(
wow... really beautifull.. feel like play tho!

check this out

no more TVXQ

Guys, I really sad when the media said that most probably you wouldn't comeback together,
in addition, you will MIA for long time.

I was your big fans...
Yes I am still..
but after everything that happen to three of you (jaejoong, xiah, mickey) I really don't know how you guys gonna continue this.
I was praying that It's gonna be over soon.
I really wish that you guys will together again and sing for us.
I still miss your concert and want to wait until you come again to Malaysia

But now.. everything seems doesn't go well..
and I need to face that You guys might not be together again.
solo carrier... is that what you guys wanna be?
and no more TVXQ.....

*I will still keep everything that I have, I'm still your big fans!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think God wants to pull you out from my life.
it's gonna be tough for me..
I hope you will be okay when I'm not close you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my mom said

today my mom told me about "pasangan hidup"
and it's like the whole bible she read to me.
I know that she is really particular in this topic.

I really try to understand, but it's lil bit hard
until I can get summary on it..
That sometimes she has her own ego, she want to be proud of her son/daughter that can get great future in law for her.
It doesn't matter where they come from, as long as the background still "acceptable" it's not an issue for her. she know that for a guy, if they are not smart enough to get excellent girl they will stuck with whatever they have now (like my brother) but for a girl (which mean "me") if you cannot get a valuable couple maybe she will offer me to get a good one (in her point of view)
but, overall it's still a waste if you cannot get a good one, since you are grow up in a great family and good background
fiuh, it's a burden...

It's not as simple as she think- she aware of it
looking at my two brother that has their own couple, it's difficult to get everything as great as your think
and she really telling me that girl has totally different theory from a guy.
or in other word.. she expect me to do better than what my brother has done!

okay, it's okay...really okay..
because I'm single now, not yet found anyone
maybe lil bit falling in love with someone.
but I'm still FREE do whatever I want..
and still, there is a chance for me to get what she want
but in my theory, I cannot get everything done for her, I have my own way
the things that my soul mate need to full fill , to complete my life

but really, I dunno...
It's seems to early talking about that, but yeah...
my turn is coming soon... I'm 20!

*everyone like happy ending!

@gloria jeans

@ gloria jeans...
honestly the coffee or tea or chocolate is not the best at all.
but only because of the free voucher we went there.
coffee bean still the best!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Jo kwonnnn!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
lebay dech loooo!!!!

this show make me laugh like hell!!!
cheap expression!! LOL

the best moment that i've always love

the best situation in my version:

1. It must be my spare time
2. the day must be cold
3. because of the rain
4. it must be afternoon
5. listening Korean music
6. thinking about someone that you "like"

BEST BEST BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

postman from heaven

this is jae joong's movie that will release sometime in 2010
see how good jae joong in kissing XD
I'm totally jealous! !!!!!

dong bang new japan single

you know that Don bang shin ki recently have to faced their problem with SM entertainment
but they still can launch their new japan single
what amaze! their voice still beautifull!
although the sound is not -so- clear, but still beautifully song

toki wo tomete!

check this out!

Doa sebelum ujian.

Tuhan terima kasih...
aku LEGA...
aku BAHAGIA...
dan aku bener2 bangga punya Allah seperti Engkau

aku punya semangat untuk dibagi..
aku punya kasih untuk berbagi...
dan aku punya kerinduan untuk mendoakan tiap orang yang kukasihi..

aku sudah menyelesaikan semua bebeban di hatiku...yang harusnya aku marah,
yang aku mau kasih semangat, yang aku menggebu2 ingin menyembah
semua sudah ku keluarkan!
Lord. now I need to study,
kini saat nya aku untuk memulai perangku..perang akhir di semeterku
Bless me Lord with your Glory...
semoga aku bisa konsen belajar maksimum tingkat ferari ato subaru
sehingga besok aku bisa kasih yg terbaik buat semua orang!

Tuhan! aku bangga punya Allah seperti Engkau.
I surrender Lord.. aku percaya kekuatan terbesar itu pada saat aku sendiri dan Tuhan disampingku,
tuntun aku Tuhan! giving my best!
Love you LORD!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

another not big deal~

and another -not big deal - but insult me- happened
some accident destroy the pleasure of my hot soy-vanila...
that I really really wants to fully enjoy it , now added with shock and half-gone!

fiuh~ I think It's my time to be passion and forgiveness.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


ARGhhhhh,... I will keep waiting!!!!
and never Never NEVER GIVE UP!!!


mau berdoa novena?
click disini

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


it's not a big deal..
but how come you don't even realize that someone's laundry is inside the washing machine??
and just throw your things inside...

still waiting fro the result..hope nothing happen with the colour


God gave you to me, as a gift to shift the pain

I care about you because of God
I pray for you because of Him
and I can leave you, If He said so...

but the only thing that Important.. you need to bear up for people that you care!
and it's REALLY hard...

Monday, November 2, 2009

^^ a lot alot alottttt

You don't know how happy I am now..
I really2 want to spread and share my happiness to the world.
When you feel that people surround you is really loves you
when they all really care about you!
especially when the person that you care a lot, come back to his life.
Thx Lord for giving my friend back to the real life.
I hope it's not just for a moment.

Pray for him always~

quote of the day

"It's really difficult when you can't see your enemy, especially when it's not a human,
but GAMES"
-Nadia Nicole

Sunday, November 1, 2009



this picture took only one day different.
so... which one u prefer? hahaha