"A friend is someone you tell your stories to. A best friend was in all those stories"

Joko is a kind heated person and friend of everyone, that's the reason why all his friend loves him.always give me a new spirit everytime we shares about our fate. His charm makes me can't stay away from him. He taught me how to be humble and encourage me about my catholic faith

 Dion, a simple guy but every time I am with him there is a sense of comfort and feeling of "everything gonna be fine", He has strong attitude of gentleman that will make you feel safe. Open minded person that accept any opinion, and support whenever I need . He taught me to think logically according to our fate. 

Hendry, Easy going guys and always compromise. He has a bright smile that could make everybody get a great first impression of good boy in him. he never fail to speak up and express his opinion, but somehow it gets a little too much and more alike joke. He taught me to think about future, and remains me to organize my life. 

Alice, a best friend that most of the time taught me not to be afraid to tell the truth, She is accompanion for everyday in my life. a little angel that comfort me at night, and a spirit in the day. We had gone trough a lot of things that make us understand each other.

Vinny, an expressive girl, always want to be her self which make her no others in this world. Even though she doesn't really share her feeling often, but She has a strong compassion to all her friend. She taught me to confident to be whatever I want, because that is when I can living peacefully and be what I want to be.

Christin, a warm heated person, love her family so much, and take care of her friend. Every one who has her by their side is a lucky person, because she will take a really good care of you. She taught me how to show up my love to others especially my family, and there is no harm to shows an affection as long as it makes others feel loved.

Edo, friend that always easy going and never go away even he is far away. He kind of inspired me in a style of appearance like a Korean, and keep my passion in photography . and he train me how to be a girl and compassionate- affectionate person. He taught me how to treasure a friendship,

High School Uma Forever...
From left to right: Betsy, Lusi, Titien, Me, Cicil, Dina
my high school  girls friend that never be apart, even though we have different activity and carrier.


"Peliharalah harta yang indah, yang telah dipercayakan-Nya kepada kita, oleh Roh Kudus yang diam di dalam kita" 
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