Tuesday, August 31, 2010

being Excellent

I've just find my big interest towards writing.

yea, since I'm being in Adelaide, I've look through all the people conversation that soo cool, with their own slang, express their self perfectly.
So, since I'm not be able to follow as perfect as them - i did try! but it's just fine - so, maybe I should changes my strategic.
Nah, this semester I take a subject called " Feature writing to the media" , it's actually the continuity of "Reporting for the Media" that I took previously in Malaysia. but the difference is the person who present this subject.
Katrina, although she always late and give a lot of excuses, but she lead us into the right target and interest. arouse my curiosity towards writing. yea, writing is boring sometimes, but it's a great medium to express our self.

since I have blog, is one of the way for me to express my self and show the progress of my life, this will be one of great way to reach my goal which is being Excellent in English Languages.Yea, that is why I'm here right? in Adelaide to study the Languages.
look back that I am so dumb and not be able to communicate correctly it's just make me want to learn more.
Once again, Although English is not my first languages, It's not an ex cusses to stop me for being Excellent.

Excellent is not perfect.. Excellent is just right.
doing everything that is the best from our self.
It's not a competition with other people, it's us that compete with our self, fight it out and be the best as we can do.

yeah.. God will like it, and He will provide me everything, to be able being excellent.

i ♥ being excellent, because it's just right. not too much, not less
and because It's what God wants us to be. giving our best for our life.

Monday, August 30, 2010


My heart jumping with joy, holding carefully the compilation of good news from God that I just bought by my self.
still the same as 7 years ago, when my mom bought me my first bible in 2003.
It's like someone that just get her first love letter,from someone that she love.. no, it is more happy than that!! :)
with thorough, carefully I put one by one the bookmark for me to begin the journey.
I know.. I'm falling in love for the umpteenth times.

new bible, state a new journey for me. with new community that I will growing up with.
with new commitment and faith, believe that God will guide my way.

since long time I wanted to have a bible in English version, I waited for so long to have the right bible that will belongs to me for a long time. and yeah, today.. I have one.

worship of the day ~SFC songs

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Single for Christ!

Whenever you far away from your family, and there is no relative around you, even you have a bunch of friends, you will fill that there is something empty. It may because we still need some unconditionally support that can fill our self-needed.
friends might be in any position. if you same way like me, friends is like a family, but still, to gain a trust from people that you just known, it might take a while.
you need to united the difference and found the similarity between you, then you can have same mission and vision to go along together, with purpose.
the challenge is to make sure that the similarity is still exist and impact our friendship in a good way. and If you looking for it, you might find it out in my weekend experience.

I've just back from my camp. the incredible camp that I've experience. I went to the Port Elliot, the place that I've never been before, with a beach that just 2 minutes walk from our house. It's kind of amazing. we can listen the breeze and the wave from our house, and enjoy it in the balcony upstairs. typical homy-kind-of western house, with the classic hearth that us warm from the coldness winter. more warmer because of the people that I came with.

Yea, this is SFC CAMP, the community that I fell in love with. not because of the what they give to me, but they really show me how they maintain their life in God's ways and prove me, that I can do it in my life as well.
they successfully inspire me to keep strength and faith in my life. to spread the love to the world and share the gift that God given to me to the all the people.
Is not just because of the particular of person, but every each of them showed their commitment to God and doing it with love, load of love that can be share to others,the love that God has given to them.
I can guarantee that when you get to know them, you will never step out from seeking God wisdom and searching of the best way to stay closely with God.

We have done a lot activities together: sharing our thought, appreciate each other, sleeping together, and the best is worship together.

I thought It will failed,because the first day we was over slept - I know I shouldn't think that way- but we made it!
we went to the beach in the Sunday morning, with all the pillow faces, we stick to the plan and walk out to the beach. It was a great day, because of the sun that smiling with it's warm, and the breeze that touch our skin perfectly.
not too much,it's just right time to worships God. as He is promise us to give the greater day.
and It was the best time for me with God at the beach.

we do everything together. try to help out with anything that we can. divided the task, do it rightly and compromise each other with giving their best.
and we call each other as sisters and brothers.
it's not just a form to make each of us close, but this is the way tha t we should be. we see each other as a family, loving and caring with no doubt, and helping each other unconditionally. with knowing that I have brother and sisters in Christ, I feel much more comfortable. that might be one of the reason why I love Adelaide so much.

The feeling of unity is so strong because we have the same believe and faith. we could share any experience in our life and strengthen each other because of the same believe that we have, and we can find the best solution of any problem base on the the knowledge that we had. because our God is still the same,He will never changes.

I'm Single for Christ.

Matthew 6:33

"But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."

SFC Adelaide

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

atleast I made a steps to overcome my bitterness..

Monday, August 23, 2010

tired to run

Having someone like him in my life, it's such a bless to me.
First time to had crush on someone that has totally different in anything with me.
crush.. such a difficult feeling to explain.
and I've been trying so hard not to let it grow.
but now, I'm here..
put a side everything, and trying to reach you.. leave every obstacle behind,
trying so hard to adjust with situation that strange for me.

but, I'm tired...
pretend to be someone that I've never know
I'm tired to run...

If you meant to be mine, you will be mine.

between friendship and relationship

For me, Friend is very important.. more like a family.

Maybe it's because they need my help more than my family do. I'm a nomaden person, travel everywhere seeking of the best education for my life, and because of that reason I always far from my family. that is when friend comes first. more like a family to me.

When I need lose one of them for some reason which most often happened is they need to get together with someone, neither girl or boy. the feeling of pain is more than broke up with your ex boyfriend! because at that point, everything will changes, it's not only their life, but it will affect our life tremendously.

I was battling with my self whether I need to give up with fate or insist with my principle.
I'm still stick with my faith that if you want to have a good friendship, there shouldn't be any relationship inside it, even I know that "nothing is zero", but as long as it doesn't come up obviously, our friendship will be fine.

You know, when somebody decided to have their relationship instead of their friendship, means that they decided their own way?
they will not have the same track with us, even we can still share the feeling together, but won't be as free as before, because there is bounded that you need to consider.

It's a fact! I experienced it so many times, and every time I face the same thing, the hard feeling comes up against it. for the first stage, we still be able to go together and we will cheer for them, but moreover they will seperate with us, and have their own time together- which is we have no choice to let them have it- at that point, we will loosing them slowly.
I never know how you can agree with this situation, unless you have the though that
" as long as my friend happy, we will happy for them"

Life as it is, the trial will keep crashing you until you can overcome it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

20 August


I will catch you till the end of hell and earth!
and I grab you by my side, because we will stay together forever in heaven.


Thursday, August 19, 2010



this is the second time I fail to do something because I don't believe on it.
and the lacking made me change the things become worst
and I couldn't face the fact, until I call it "failure"

I'm alone here.. no one will give me advice or opinion in everything that I do
sometimes, I need to decide by my self.
I just find out that I have not enough confidence, with things that I do.
I have no faith, no optimist, and that feeling, drawn me to the deepest level, mess up everything.
this unsuccessful consume my time, my money and my mind. make me down,in the gloomy day.

I might STOP here, but I wouldn't!

IF there is no failure, there will be no success.. don't blame your self and keep trying.
at least will learn something, right?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

do NOT try to CHANGE someone.

even when you tried so hard, you can't change other people personality.

yeah, that is how life goes on, sometimes we want everything go as we want .
we want surrounding by people that understand us, people that always support us and have the same thought as us.
want the happiness atmosphere, friendly and easy going people that can cooperate with us.
and living with someone that can bring the peacefulness, the warm-hearted and can make us feel most like home.

but most often, life doesn't seems going in the same track.

even ONLY one person can destroy anything.
people that have a completely opposite behaviour as what we want , it's actually someone that really close to us. It might be someone that interact with us everyday, annoy us.
keep thinking positively. you can make it as your own challenge, for you too maintain your own feeling, to avoid negative behaviour that cause by them, to do not let them control your feeling.
and from that point, -let's assume that we have a great life- we might want to grab them, and bring to our life that more happening, more friendly, more warm, so that this person can be open and enjoying the like us, or most welcome if they can change their behaviour.

but you must remember, the most important is the person effort to come and adjust with our life. It will never work if the person it self doesn't want to move on and changes their life, for their own good.
If they feel their life is enough , they won't make any move, even how hard you tried, if it's not base on their effort, it will never work.

I didn't say that we wasted our time, never in the world called wasted, but bare in mind, sometimes we must watch out on what we are doing. better to find some other way to figure out rather than stuck with something that you know will never work, right?

so, I'm trying now... trying to come out with different solution to be able facing this kind of personality.
and never NEVER NEVER give up! keep searching and pray. hopefully will get answer, and will be more stronger.

someone said that " if you never hurt, you will never learn"..
yeah, I should be more stronger than this.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sometimes through music, we found out our selves, agree?

Yeah.. and since the first time I listening to J.ae's song, I know that she is the one who can brought me to the atmosphere which where I want to be.
and Ever since I listen to her song, I only know that she is an R&B-ballad singer . -not until I downloaded some of her songs last month
I just found out that what I listening recently is a Christian song that presented by her in Korean language.
It is so amazing to me, and makes me believe, she is the one that I looking for, after FTTS and KangTa don't really exist.

check this out.

father's song original

father's song by J.ae

one word for her: amazing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

story about our guys in my group.

One thing that you need to consider when you go to the pub/club : the amount and qualities of guys that you bring :P
in the other word.. what kind of boyfriends that can protect you in the club/pub.
sometimes if we just simply go with guys that we don't really know the personalities, they might be not there to protect, but to take the advantages from the girl
I learn alot from my group, because we have excellent guy with their gentle instinct that can protect the girl... so far they never fail to protect us :)

I will tell story about them and why they are so important


Sean: He is kind of talkative, and easy to mingle. He is a sensitive person,so if he is 3 meters behind you, and you don't aware of his existence, he still be able to watching over you.
lets say If there is a guy that want to teased you, and you feel lil bit threatened, He will come so sudden and talk to the guy, as if he knows him before. in this case, you need to safe your own. when he talking to that guy, you need to move your ass away! and get the chance to escape. but, guys always have a big ego; He will not admit that he was there to protect you. even when you ask.

Zech: The big brother that always has a deep thought for the future. He is a very responsible person and take a good care of others. because he's like a big brother to us, He will do anything to make sure all the brothers and sisters save. In this case, If there is a guy that try to mess up with his sis, He will come to rescue you, as in He will come and get you!,no matter what situation you have, he will come and find the way to save you. but he won't do it too obvious, because he don't like to mess with anyone.

Nick: This is call total gentleman :) . He has a discipline background that require him to think logically towards the situation. from the lesson that he had, He become a tough and rough guy. He will make sure that you are fine physically, he will help you to carry bag,even if it's need he willing to piggy back you if your leg's hurt. in pub's case, If you need his help, He will come to you and join your conversation for while before he's going to pull you out of the group. but, He don't mind to get hurt if he is unsuccessful to save you, means that He can fight for you! XD

yeah, this three personalities that you need to have in the group of friends, as long as they have the strong ingroup feelings, family type of person, and caring, this 3 personalities will come to you and save you, the important thing is three of them can rescue you from the jerk and bastards out there!
I feel lucky to have them in our group!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

second pub crawl

It's a pretty good night.. although I feel the sequence of the pub need to revers,because the last pub was so boring.. :(
3 glasses of beer makes me high a bit, the effect was me being talkative and more friendly. I know It's not the right way to being "friendly" but at least I don't think to much to make a friend, and my English was totally awesome with less grammar mistake.
my mission this pub crawl is to play dare game, but it is not accomplish.
but I had a great night, great picture...
although the next day I feel incomplete and regretted
and lil bit of disappointed maybe, where as I haven't figure out why it is happened...

check this out, picture from that night:

exchange society shirt is cool

Me and fred :)

both of them were having a swedish conversation, where by I don't understand!! jhon ask me to turn on the subtitle

LOL! you face so funny jhon!

I'm still kind of party feeling, and I don't mind to have another pub crawl next week..or party next week with some liquor and beer??
hahaha..joke... :P

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emo time

people will never be forever in their best mood everyday, there will be one day when they feel down and lost..

Nah, I think it's my turn to feel that,

the feeling that comes once in a month. even recently, I seldom to experiences it.
sometimes we really need to enjoy this kind of situation, although it's kind of annoying.
will be a lot of different stuff comes up, from the way we think, our behavior, the feeling, and in the end will changes the way we respond other people..

for me, there is some changes that i experiences:
  1. think negative towards other people : I'm kind of person that see from positive side, but in this situation I tend to look at other people behavior in negative way. sometimes, in my normal mood, I can't really see the weaknesses of other person,then I assume that their life is perfect. but through this ,I can open my eyes that the world is never be perfect, no body's perfect.
  2. temperament: in the normal day, I can understand other people behavior, notice it and know how to handle it. but in this period, I tend to be ignorance, and I can be really explode if some behavior really disturbing me! even that I knew that it's their common behaviour.
  3. think too much: I'm person that learn to care about others. with asking them about their daily life, about what things that they like and they don't. mostly, with trying to remember every each person name and the event that we've gone through together. but in this point, I will be forcing my self to get feedback from them, to get reciprocation from them. assuming that I've been really nice to them and they suppose to do them same thing to me, which is really not necessary.
  4. mellow: I prefer to listening slow music, mellow music. beat music will be really annoy me. in this case, korean music will be the best accompanied for me. so far, J.ae album is the most successful song's that completely my emo day :)
  5. privacy: I need to have more time with my self. walking alone, lock room early, update facebook, blogging, relaxing.even just sit down in the silent while I enjoying the music that play in my ears. hopefully with some reflection the mood can switch
It's kind of difficult to get up from this situation, but mood has the period, the period is never stand for long time. I've just trying to figure out how to handle it, how I can hold it. If you can act normally in your moody day, and put a side all negative behavior.
that is how you can measure your maturity.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

picture of this week

I just realize how I love to see people laugh, because of me.
I'm not trying to act cute, but this is my natural genetic behavior :)
and pardon me if i do crazy stuff, that is how I am releasing my boredom.
enjoy to have friend like me!

Gina say: when you push something that you want, and you ask God to give it to you, it will be really hard. but when you surrender and trust to Him, you will get more than you expected, more than you imagine, more than anything that you want in the world!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

short update begining of August

I went to Indopendence day, which is indonesia independence day,
I wanted to go there in the purpose of getting to know more indonesian, but end up with I'm alone all the way. there are a lot of food, but I'm enjoying alone :(
luckily I met Adrian on my way back.

the performances

the food, not really nice but a lot of variation

one traditional game call "balap karung"

and yeah, I went to Port Adelaide, went to the cruise to see the dolphin.
It was drizzling all the way, but the scenery still beautiful.
get to know friend from exchange society more.. and I'm happy :)

the bunch of guys from another side of world did something crazy, and make us tak a picture of it, so yeah..this is what they are doing

and this is pretty scary :)

It's pretty good trip :)

About faith..

yeah, I want to share about this since last week. story about my faith so far.
I've been in Adelaide for about 1 month, and how my faith doing with it ?

Since the first week of mass, I wanted to serve God with doing something, maybe like choir.
but I don't really find out more about it. I know He has another plan for me.
on the second week of mass, there is one guy that spoke in the front about starting a new community, if you are interested please come to them at the back.his name is Ken.I was like.. okay, I might asking further. but I didn't do anything, I just don't dare to ask him.
It was raining, and I'm sitting inside the church and waiting for it to stop. I'm sitting 5m beside "them". and when they look at me I was smiling to them, try to be friendly tho, but unfortunately John-Ken's friend- thought that I might want to talk to Ken. then, Ken came to me and ask " hai, do you want to talk to me?" I was like "noo..."
haha, but I don't actually say it :P
I'm responding him with asking was He the one who spoke at the front before, and what is it about. and yeah,I decided to give a try, I went to the orientation. and end up with I'm being one of the SFC's (Single For Christ) members now.

So far, it's pretty much inspire me in many ways, that is what I want to share through this blog. it A LOT of stuff that I don't really understand before, but I get the answer here.

Christianity is not only about your going to church, but more to how you carry it into the real life. is not about you can't go club, you can't go pub or you can't drink, but more to how you control your self while your doing it. in western country, Pub or club is a place for socializing, not only about people having fun or drunk, but find a new friend and connection. as long as you are not abusing your self, you are still in the right track. according to ivy (one of the SFC's members) abusing your self means, you don't force your self to do something that you know you couldn't afford it. you don't drink to much, when you know that you can't drink, so you can't be drunk. that is how you control your self.

If you are a Christian, doesn't mean you can't be angry, you can't be sad, you can't disappointed. Jesus Angry, Jesus mad, but He can control Him self and He forgive those who make him angry. that is how we suppose to do as a Christian.

Today, Rex talk was really inspire me, He talk about repentance and Faith, and It was encourage me to introspection my self about what I've done, and What I need to do to keep my Faith in God.
Rex said that " You are a lot of stronger than anyone, with the faith that you have"
and because I know I have my God that always be my side, He is Glorious redeemer, so what i am afraid of?

I'm trying to do whatever that I've learn here so that people around me can feel God's existence in my life, How He give me love everyday and do amazing things that I couldn't imagine. and I hope people will comfortable stay beside me, because I have God's love that is ready to share with them.

I want to stay in this community, seriously.. there is nothing called accidentally, everything happen with a purpose, and I'm here because God has plan for me, although all of them are Filipino, but they speak English that I can understand. and they look like Indonesian to me because of the skin color, so I feel like I'm home :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

meet adrian..

living with God is always interesting. because you will have a lot of surprise that you need to figure out with spontaneous response, and make your life interesting.

I went to the indopendence in the place that I've never been before. suburb, stop 3, goodwood
I successfully reach the place because of Map :)
tram come every 10 minutes and there is alot of door for us to accesses inside
when I went back, and enter the tram, I was shock because the figure of adrian sitting beside the tram's door. neat clothes, fresh and quite impressive XD
we surprise with each other existence in the tram. hahahaa, he is from stop 8, and the chance is too small to meet. but fate seems doesn't work the same way.

and yeah.. I have friend to go home since I couldn't get any friend in indopendence :)