Tuesday, September 29, 2009

another paro2dy

I wanna share with you something that make me laugh
check this out.



The different!

laugh with me?? muahahahahahahahaahahahahhaahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

Monday, September 28, 2009


this is my first time to be single in my "anniversary day"
28... it's a good number.
I know that nobody can forget about it.
still lil bit pain, but...
we just need to wrap it and pack it as a memory.


singapore...release my burden.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I can't sleep.
Can't take you from my mind.., I can't control my feeling.
I'm suffering...
And I promise, that was the last time I let my pain occupy my mind

I realize..
I cannot give you anything , If I want to turn back the time.
I cannot give you stable relationship, status, proud and future.
But sometimes it's just to fast for me, to ironic to be forgotten.

This is the best way for me,
seriously... This is what I wanted to be. SINGLE!
and I can step out everywhere I want, without any burden.
I feel future is so huge for me, so many things that I can choose

Is this what you want?
that I need to move forward, and forget about anything that we went through?
although everything that happened is none of your plan.
but I need to say thank you, because you set me free
and you can forget me, without the pain.

*tomorrow I will going to Singapore,
It's last minute decision, and I don't prepare anything.I want to refresh my mind after everything that happen to my life.
this two weeks is really important to me, change my perception about a lot of things and give me more opportunity to learn how painless is love.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

D'ultimate birthday bash

Glitter Photos

I'm going to D'Ultimate birthday bash by Digi
Are you coming with me??

Good news for all the people that having their birthday on October-Nov-Dec
because, Digi have a big party for you on 3rd of october
they will celebrate your birthday in Barcelona, with famous people, games and prices.
You just need to purchase the ticket.

If you asking me where I get the ticket...
I get the ticket from my fellow classmates, from Public Relation group
their having a final semester project, cooperate with DIGI
they call their self Propassion
coz their really Professional, Loving with passionate. LoL
and this bunch of people are really hard working.
Although I'm not the one who born in Oct-Nov-Dec
but I support them with all my hearth and my soul.
please contact This

If you wanna buy the ticket, buy now!
it's just 12 days to go!
GRAB it! and see you there!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thanks God

I can feel the fresh air now...
So much better than hating my self or anybody.
I know that no one can destroy memories
and no one can replace anybody, when we talk about the feeling.
In the end, everyone wants to make people that they love life happily...

I feel the same.
friend is enough for me.

I'm ready to step up!

miss u

aku cuman mau berdamai dengan diriku, sakitku, dan kamu.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


When the night is come.. that's the difficult part to kick you from my mind...
only with JESUS name, can make me forget about anything
and because of Him...I'm glad, that you easily forget me without the pain.
He's actually grant my wish.

Friday, September 18, 2009

quotation of the day

" It's never be ok, If you hurt someone that you love"
-Nadia Nicole

*I wouldn't hurt you and I wouldn't hurt my self
coz I love both of them

song for you

Thanks for febby kuw cintakuw..
you are my inspiration..

check this out!

Lyrics: (sing with me!)

Ooooo Ooooo
No man, Nooo cry

[Verse 1:]
Im so sick about it
So wrong but i dont know what to do without it
My love, my time, my all invested in you so much
I thought i never doubt it
Now it hurts so bad i wanna scream and shout it
Tell me what happened to the man
That promised the world and said

[Pre Chorus:]
You said that you would be there
Now it seems like you just dont care
And im not going to take it anymore

All of the years that i gave
All of these tears that i waste
I think its time that i get on with my life
Although i might be alone (Although i might be)
Im better on my own
Without you here im doing more than just fine
No man No cry

[Verse 2:]
Feels good starting over
Me myself and I through and through i thought i told ya
My independence day i found me a brand new life
And though my heart is aching
I get a little stronger with each baby step im taking
Looking back on what i left
I know what im doing is right

[Pre Chorus:]
You said that you would be there
Now it seems like you just dont care (You dont care)
And im not going to take it anymore

All of the years that i gave
All of these tears that i waste (Tears that i waste)
I think its time that i get on with my life (Its time...gotta get on with my life)
Although i might be alone (Alone)
Im better on my own (Im better)
Without you here im doing more than just fine (More than just fine)
No man No cry

Looka here see my eyes are dry
No tears when i said goodbye
You know better than to ask me why (dont even try)
Cuz im gone, so gone
Pack your bags boy its time to carry on
Im taking back all thats mine

All of the years that i gave (All of the years that i gave yeah yeah yeah)
All of these tears that i waste
I think its time that i get on with my life (I got to get through with my life)
Although i might be alone (Hey)
Im better on my own (You know im better baby)
Without you here im doing more than just fine No man No cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

All of the years that i gave
All of these tears that i waste
I think its time that i get on with my life (Its time...i get on with my life)
Although i might be alone (I might be alone)
Im better on my own (You know im better)
Without you here im doing more than just fine
No man No cry (No man No cry)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

one last cry

It's hurt me so much, until I cannot breath...
I dunno that I can be forgotten between a week..
I cannot denied anything, I need to go all through one by one so I can be stronger.

but, it's to sweet to be regretted.
I HATE sad ending.

"try not to care too much, then you wont b disappointed" -Michelle Lia Febrina Wijaya

I know.. I need to recover my self. I'm with my independent life.

*To be honest, I cannot forget you, every single that we spent together.
It's none of my fault, It's your problem.
Finally, It's just a memories that we cannot gone through it again.
and You cannot change my disappointed with your act. you are just a human that has many weaknesses.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

something that I want to say

for someone that besides me between two years...


I know that's is hurt know that someone cheat on you (maybe)
It's hurts me untill i want to remove you from my friendlist, I wanted to regret to meet you in my life and place you as someone special.
no more promises that left....
no more story about you... NO MORE!!!!

F**K YOU OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MJ's medley

This is amazing video...
Medley MJ's song.... DAMN NICE!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

perjalanan berbagi cin(T)a

It's such as hard day..
almost failed,
but everyone does like happy ending...

begin with a lateness, we start our journey to go cyber jaya around 2
approximately 2 hours distance, with 3 times changes bus. we need to go through this journey
we got to wrong bus once, and we started nervous and afraid
the feeling of regret and sorry fill my mind
but who's know God will?
although the transportation cost is higer than the ticket price, we don't mind..
we just want to reach there and fill out curiosity with satisfaction..

Everyone likes happy ending,
and we reach there without lateness...

with the cast (annisa), scrip writer and director

So why this movie is so special?

this movie is about cina and annisa, two lover that call their God with different name
this story is controversial, It's about the religion issues that happen in Indonesia
that's why so difficult to watch this movie, even in Indonesia's Cinema only few cinema screen it.
The pictures was AMAZING beautiful! different with others
all the cast is new, but it's so simple until every dialogs touch people hearth.
Good job for all of the crew~

This is the trailer of the Cin(T)a movie:

if you want to know more about it, click Cin(T)a

Thursday, September 10, 2009

wajah lain vinny

Do you know that my beloved Vinny is changing when the full moon come..
and become like this...


this is before the transformation...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

about single

after 2 years 3 months and 10 days, we together
We end our relationship..
now I can inhale a new breath

My friend said : "Relationship it's like shark, It has constantly move or else it will dies"
means that you need to make your relationship is flow maybe with vision or mission so that you know where you want to go, where your future is..
but my relationship is stuck.
that's why we decide to end it rather than "delay" to end it.

should I cry or happy?
honestly, I feel both... cry because I need to forget my lophly ex and wouldn't get his love again
happy, because I will start my new status with no burden
but seriously, I'm feeling glad....
because these days, my relationship it's like so complicated.. no communication, no contact, like I don't have boyfriend but not be able to find new one because I'm in relationship!
but yeah.... I'm end it with love, We end it with love
because we start with love..
and now We still fine, still contact (as seldom as usual but we still keep in touch)

So... boys.... don't be shy...
I'm available now,
and for you that I'm crush with...better becarefull...LOL

I'm single

God make this things clear for me...

I'M SINGLE!!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


you should watch this...
DBSK and SNSD scandal...
it's just a haptic...but it's really cool

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm just doing a small hunt...
and some of the cute2 stuff that I gather from my korean guy...
soap CV and make up... sometimes you will think the guys look so gay, but they are gorgeous!


w0w w0w w0w..
the world full of handsome people...
thanks God for create them beautiful

han yeon
ui-cheol jeong
jan geun seok

for this time, I think this guys have similiar style..but they will make girl scream!!