Saturday, February 27, 2010


I still keep thingking about it, and it's never leave from my mind
I can't ever stunned for awhile and think about others
when it come to my self- what I need to do to for my self, This things always appears on my mind
Still undecided , uncertain and inpatient. although it's just ahead, still difficult to get it
It's not just about shoes...It's about my passion, my desire to have it
to built my confident and identity.

I just can't wait to grab it. even when it's already mine, I still need time to bring it right beside me long I need to wait...

*gosh! I need to breath

Friday, February 26, 2010


my always signature

High Top Sneakers ♥ ♥

These things make me crazy...
you make me fall in love..
You make me deserve you..
You make me want to get you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's relieve me~

"On February 24, the Backstreet Boys will perform in Seoul at Melon-AX Hall for part of their worldwide This is Us tour for album promotions. The Boys previously performed in Seoul in 2006 & 2008, making this their third concert in Korea.Star News had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with the group on February 17, and revealed that they knew of TVXQ.

We met a Korean group called TVXQ in Japan a while ago,” the Backstreet Boys said. “Although their outward appearance [because] they were wearing different clothes and were a different race, it was like we were looking into a mirror. … I remember how TVXQ reminded us of who we used to be.

The good thing about our [upcoming] show is that we can directly interact with our fans and see them face to face,” the group continued. The Boys also revealed that the stage would be decorated with many creative ideas and graced with a number of dance performances. They also stated that their favorite Korean food was bulgogi (Korean BBQ).

Our fans … make us sound like Superman, but we’re just plain ordinary people,” they continued, showing humility despite their success – a quality definitely shared by TVXQ.

If they really are mirror images, I’m sure many Cassies hope that TVXQ will stay together eternally, just like the Boys"

are they still have chance back together in the future???

HOPE FOR THE BEST! I'll be here for them!

first day of university

Hei... I'm back to University life
after 4 months OFF for holiday!
an for the first day of is not bad tho!
Thx Lord for your guidance ^^

Saturday, February 13, 2010

between Val's day & CNY

SO... this question had been flying in my mind recently,
and I believe.. in everyone minds
would you will choose : Valentine's day or Chinese New Year?

I'm obviously not celebrating valentine's day.. officially I've never really had a good celebration of valentine with someone that I love. Even when I had a boyfriend.
but valentine days it doesn't make any sense of me, I mean I use to spent my ordinary val's day with everyone that I love, esspecially my friend
and this year, I gonna do it too
Escape from this world routine and go to the some place that I've never step before
with my best friend

And honestly, I don't really have any chocolate that I prepared for this upcoming val's day, Like what I'm usually does.
and I feel awful.. do I really need one?

How about you?

Hope get a lots of fun...

Friday, February 12, 2010

kata temanku...

Ada temanku bilang
"Alooo... gimana kabarnya??? Koq jarang ketemu OL bersama ya... he5...:D"
kalo menurut windacarmelita: soalnya kamu lagi jadi malaikat, aku lagi jadi setan ; aku lg di neraka, dan kamu lagi di surga
Mahahahha.....♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my KPOP journey

My KPOP journey.. everlasting and always be my idol

2002 (oct)

2003 (dec)


and It's keep going untill now...

KangTa is vacuum from KPOP
and both TVXQ and FFTS are ended their group.

Who will be my next idol?

bye gon2

For my beloved GonGon ,
Hope you can get a better place to stay, and better owner maybe :(
and don't angry with us, especially your mother because gave away you to Paw's
it's for your happiness
we'll miss you....

*gon2 when he was 2 weeks, now turn become very very very naughty

you're beautifull

I'm finish watching "You're beautifull" last night with vinZ
I can't even update my blog because I just had My connection yesterday
16 episodes ,We did finish it in about 4 days, not overload but enough to make them dominate our days.
actually a lot of felling are flood while I watch it,
as ussual.
So far.. 6,5 over 10 will be fair. In my opinion, still there is an important scene hiding and the meaning is not so touch. but the cast is awesome :)
Thx for my besties for watch this movie with me
Jeremy, Tae kyung, Shin Woo, Go mi nam... Hwaiting!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anna and taylors

Even when they facing the death..,they still can found their true love.

With the same condition, and know how to take care one another
and can share everything, In the end of their life
That was what Taylor's and Anna do
They were meet at the hospital and falling in love
make a relationship and share everything that they can in their limited time.
but, fate does separate them....

*remains of My sister keeper.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


this guy damn smart! I like it...LOL

2 PM mugs "Kiss Me"

I don't really adore 2 PM but I want those mugs...
but it's so expensive...270 rupiah / mugs
Should I get it...????

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sydney in love

Release 03.05.2009
it touch me..seriously..worth to watch,7 minutes for you dream

Sydney In Love” is a short 7 minutes film about the chance encounter between a top Korean actress and a young photographer in studying in Sydney. Choi Jung Won plays this top actress who decides to leave for Sydney in order to erase her memories for her first love, who has left her without a word. For Baek Sung Hyun, he plays a student working part-time in a Chinese restaurant with the aspiration to become the world’s best photographer. During the preparation for his own photography exhibition “Sydney In Love”, he meets Choi Jung Won and thus invites her to be his model.”

Check the movie..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Deep Inside my heart...
actually, I still want to go Perth...
It's just because I don't want to lose you guys.
the best that I've ever meet

Monday, February 1, 2010


People say I drunk last night...
No I didn't...
They said that I talk crap n0n-stop in 4 hours
I realize what I talking about okay..
but there is an earthquake, and I asked them to run, but they didn't listen to me.
and I vomit 4 times in plastic bag
am I drunk?

I think....
I'm drunk.

*finally...thx guys for make me feel it. essp thx to max choong