Friday, July 30, 2010

pub crawl

worries.uncertain.nervous.anxious.inpatient.fascinating.too exited.scared.

this is what I feel when I Pub Crawl of Student exchange society is just in hours...
I will meet a lot of student from different part of the world. more friends, know more people.. and absolutely I will meet 'him'
but, my heart beating so fast,driving me nuts!

am I expecting too much? is there will be fun? or I just think too much?
I'm scared.of.dissapointed
should I go or not?
>,< -update this is my pub crawl photo! pretty amazing!

with ryan-my pick up line's match

with martin and fred

with stine, my good friend :)

the guy gank

my gankz

Thursday, July 29, 2010

baking cookies

Happy Thursday!! :)
today is free day for me, so I decide to do something that I never done before.
since I have oven at home and I feel like baking cookies, so I decide to do it rather than buy at the supermarket :)
I bought the ingredients @Coles yesterday and it's cost me $35 :/

the ingredients are:
  1. unsalted butter
  2. Brown sugar
  3. granulated sugar
  4. flour
  5. baking soda
  6. baking powder
  7. salt
  8. vanilla extract
  9. Eggs
and for some extra flavor :)
  1. chocolate chips
  2. almond
  3. raisin /sunbeam
Basically, just put everything together according to the order and stir until all mix perfectly. but becarefull when you mix the butter and brown sugar yea, need a lil bit longer and make sure it's gently mixed or else will be difficult in another steps.
the measurement is depending on the number that you want to make, so basically there is no standart for me, just follow my feeling

warm up the oven in 160C . put your dough inside in 15 minutes. and tadaaaaa :)
hopefully not scorched or too soft. make sure the dough that you put in the pan is not so thik so it can baked perfectly :)

wait carefully with put more love :)

the important things is don't let your feeling down, you need to put love in every second in the process. listening to the music will keep up your feeling, choose the fast beat or your favorite song :)

but unfortunately, first experience wouldn't be perfect if there is no failure :) (ngeless tenannn XD)
after the first baked that makes me lil' bit down,because I'm not sure how to operate the oven, and set the time correctly. I manage to give the second and third try, and yea.. it's worked!

1st baked

2nd baked

3rd baked

and finally :)

And for the hygiene of the process, I'm willing to cut my nail..because when you mix the ingredients with hand you can feel the softness and put amount of love that it's need :)

looks of my finger now :)

there is some left over dough I will baked better tomorrow :)
for my friends that can't wait to the delivery, until I successful bake it and I will sent to you XD
Happy happy :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

no joke!

what will you do, if you are in the middle of worship, then someone go inside your room and said
"shout up, because I'm drunk and I need a sleep"

Ouch!, I have a serious privacy problem..


some of the situation really peace me off these days..
is not about the situation actually, it's about the peoples.
especially their behavior, the way they talk, and their action.
and It's really hard for me to keep it, and take it like nothing happen.
If they want me to understand them, they should know how I feel about their act, so everything will be clear.
rather than keeping inside my hearth, and make my heart pain.
Or should I just try more calm and find the understanding of the situation..

I should give you last chance,both of you..
before I throw the truth in front of your face. no bargain.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

as a believer

This is just a thought..
many people are actually believe in God, that is why there are many church are growing
but, most of them are difficult to identify. because they are blend with the world, in attitude and behavior
Like in my case..
Coming at Adelaide and know a lot of new friends with different kind of background.
we get to know each other by asking where they are come from or what course are you studying or where do you stay?
not by asking, what is you religion?
because when we meet, we just want to have a new friend with same background and facing the same problem. by the time we know more about the person, we can ask some sensitive question like about their relationship status, again still not about what their believe or how they way they think about something.because most of the times when we feel comfort, we forgot to asking further. as long as they have the same activity with us and they are in our group, there is no problem.
The reason why is,If we realize there is different things between us, friendship might not going smoothly. because most of the time similarity bring us together
by the time we are blend to each other, we actually doing the same things. bad or good, good or right, until we can't identify them as a individual, but as a group.

We have spent so much on having fun, drinking, smoking. (but most of it I'm not doing it)
and I just find out, that some of them are a christian,same as me.
They believe in God, they pray.. but they still having fun with those tools for socializing,the things that I done dare to touch and I can say that, even they do it, they always save and getting lots of connection.
I just wondering whether it's a true way or not.

as I know, as believer we must take care of our body (as our body is a "God's house"), of everything that we do, and stay away from ungodly stuff.
there is no excuses for me to touch the thing that will cause sin, because it's makes me feel guilty
I always pray for God guidance, so that I can be on track
and that's what I'm doing.

but some though has been bothering me..
"am I doing this because I'm afraid of societies influence?" or
"because I'm not strong enough to keep my faith?".
I don't like this thought. I don't like to look down at my self, but it's kind of true.

those people are exist in the society, they are everywhere, and doing what ordinary people do, And they can survive, still on the track of norms, even win a soul!
they keep their self save, they might have a strong faith to fight with world, even when they do same as ordinary people in the world, and their still a believer.

am I to scared doing that? or It wasn't my path to do the same thing?
If I can do what world do while I'm serving God.. am I stronger on that way?

I don't know whether I'm too holy, or to careful..
or I'm too scared of loosing what I have now.
I just want to keep this spirit inside, and always stay on track without any trouble.
or is it a new challenges for me?


I have one story interesting story this week about my shoes hunting :)
since last week, I've been looking for low shoes that suitable for me,
because I only bring one high top here, and I bought another boots which is not really flexible to use everyday,because it's a high heels boots, so it's getting pain when I used it too long

Remember this shop?

this is where all the high top with many kind of design are available, there is alot of brands from different range of price here. I promise my self will get one pair of shoes from this shop someday.
and yeah, when I take a look this store last week, there is one shoes that stick on my mind
the brown-lacoste branded shoes, that very suitable and comfortable in this weather but with unaffordable price. so, unfortunately I need to forget about it, because it's really out of my budget. I start to looking at others, but I couldn't find what I want.

Yesterday, I spent time to work on my shoes hunting. I try to visit HYPE again, to find out whether the sale is still available, because I really need new shoes.
I was so surprise when I saw my lacoste is at the SALE counter, and It's state "last pairs" 75% discount!

and It's exactly what I wanted last week! I was thank to God 100 times of it!
I straightaway try, and It's really fit me!
so I bought it straight without thinking much :)
now I have complete my desire.

It's kind of remind me of my canvas shoes from Everlast, when I get it the same case, which is last pairs, and 50% discount and I'm so in love with it until now
hopefully this shoes can protect me and comfort me :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


my new family ~X6
please dun trouble me :), stay beside me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just try get my self done to figure out condition that still uncertain, So many things that still uncomfortable to me. especially how I find out people sometimes really have unfriendly behavior that couldn't change, even when I'm close to this person, I can't resist.
It's even harder when I don't really have people to talk to. sigh*

Despite of any unpleasant moment, I really had a great day in Adelaide. Hopefully it doesn't turn to nightmare when class start :)

I have some update on my Facebook page about how's life going on in here, and It's selected, so only things that suitable to show in the public, and not related to any personal interference
haha... So if it's does, please let me know and I will remove it straight.

some update :) You will like it

Me & kangroo and Me&Wallaby

And this lophly girl bring me banana for breakfast that day, Gomawo jung eun!!

first, come along with all international students which is mostly Asian

and get to know them personally

next trip will be tomorrow.
hope had a lot of fun :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

HAppy birthday edo!

hope you like my surprise last night!
I'm awake till 3.30 to wish you .. 12.00 WIB
feel loved? your friend is never change!

Hope you can grow up in everything
udah 21 harus ada kesadaran untuk mikir masa depan yee
harus jadi someone that can depends on, bukan yg selalu concern ama diri sendiri.. okay nyet
Saengil chukae!!


Hey I'm in Adelaide..
Have been almost two weeks I couldn't update my blog.
I just get my connection last 3 days, with 8G limitation every months.
I don't know what the best for me now, but this is what I can get for now.

Anyway, Orientation have been past for International students
not much student for other country, most of my friend are from HongKong, China, Korea
and some from Norwegia, Sweden, and Denmark
but, I'm not gonna give up. tomorrow will start orientation for course mate
local student will be there, and I hope I can mix with most of them :)

the weather.. pretty cold
sometimes can touch 4 degree in the morning , and 13 in the noon
that's the best part when the sun shining and smiling ask me to go out..
but when it's raining in the morning, it's the worst day ever.
I won't be able to get up from my bed, because it's pretty cold.. and wet.

I have the best room, big and beautiful.
with balcony and artist light.
big wardrobe, that actually i can share with someone, make up table set,
and because my housemate don't watch much TV.. he move the Television to my room.
yes, my privat TV

the bad news is..
I have found no friends like in Malaysia.

friend of mine said, maybe not yet..
I have 40 over friends now, but none of them I can trust, the worst is.. not even my housemates
I don't know.. just feel empty here.
and I've been so long I didn't hear conversation in Indonesian language.
is that a good news or bad news?

a lot of friends, best room that I've ever have, good food
but no body can really share with..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


this is the day that im waiting for...
I'm leaving Malaysia..for good.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Welcome To My Family

You kind a remind me of my old Fx :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm ready to aboard! ADELAIDE I'm PACKING ... :P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

one week...

Hey ya! counting day till my departure to Adelaide,
I'm doing some preparation about major things that I need to bring down there
basically, I don't really consider apparel much, because I don't have winter clothes
As we know, Adey about 8 degree now, and I don't have any idea what kind of clothes that could cover me in that kind of degree.. excited? I fell more to worry..LOL
I more concentrate to my skin care, and my herbal-life..LOL
My housemate reach my future house, and they say my room is big! LOL

Anyway, I'm doing some shopping with my m0m today..
I always tell my self that I have the best m0m's in this earth although she's always annoy me and we done a lot of shouting time.
but finally, for the first time. she stop shopping, and concentrate in buying me stuff.
the most touched time is when she agree to bought me new skin care product by shu uemura. . which is so expensive!

And because of some promotion, I have chance to get a make over session, and photo shoot.
w0w! I did make over in the central court of midvalley with a lot of eyes looking at me!
any they did changes me! LOL... I'm quite happy.. and mostly, because my m0m there to accompany me, without jealousy of buying the product ( she always want the same with me!)


The photo shoot result

and when I reach home, I'm using their product for the first time..
and It's REALLY good! I feel my skin so fresh and smooth.. comfortable! W0W

this is the set for sensitive skin, the newest product from them

I really dunno why suddenly I end up in this shop, I guess angel guide me :)
I hope we can see the result soon...

Another thing is about my camera..
Today I went to the service center to check my baby
and it's not a good news by the way.. they said they need to check and will let me know
but they noted me " usually, if it's caused of water, It doesn't worth for repair"
does it mean I will loose it? NO WAY..!!!

considerate for the bad things, I plan to get my self sem pro camera ..
I wouldn't let my self in trauma, and wasting my time without camera in Adelaide right?
so... maybe below 1500rm, with HD video..agree?
Lumix Lx3 or Sony Hx1?

but still pray hopefully my beloved alpha still can survive..
It cannot replace with anything...:)