Saturday, January 31, 2009


i know I will hurt you hearth..
but I need to assured my self about our realtion,
I need a break..

"even though we exchange 1000 mail a day or 1000 words in chat , our hearts are not even 1 cm close again" T.T
-by Sliva Adjie

how about Tribalwars

hey I'm still playing Tribal wars my Dear,..
My village had been grow more and more
during holiday, I welcome 3 new village
2 village in World 22, and 1 village in world 23
check this out

this the picture of world 26, 1 new village, I took it from my ex-member. he even mad till he said rude word to, i name it ||Sekarep||

this is in world 22, 2 village which highlighted is my new village. New Aqua Heros and New Aqua Furry.

I used my 3 days premium account for both.
actually it's just make me easy to organize, not really helpful.

Jan 25, 15:30 server time, I had been close down our tribe...our lovely tribe NO-T
I decided to disband tribe, because I think it would better to us for merge with other tribe which is BIG
Yeah.. and i guess... we still survive now ^^

tribalwars is FUN!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Boys before Flowers - Korean Version

"Their Looks, Must a gift from Heaven"

Yeap, I'm a bit surprise that korea launch their version of meteor garden,
after a bit long that Meteor garden is not booming anymore.
I dare to watch it, and It's not bad.
Their refresh the memory of audience, with new situation.
they have the same concept of the story, but they make it in Korean version
we can really feel the luxurious, love situation, and gorgeous shoot which is one of characteristic of Korean drama..

The cast are great.
I think they more toward Taiwan then the Japanese.
Coz we can see from the main actor-Jun Jyo (Domioji / Tao Ming she)
he has similar face with Tao Ming she

check this out.

Jun Pyo ( Korean)_Tao Ming she (Taiwan)

And how about the others?

Hmm...You guys will absolutely agree with me if I said the cast of Xi Men ( I forgot the Japanese name) which is the playboy, Is much more Handsome in Korean version!!

check this out.

Kim Bum __Ken Zhu

yeah...I can fell the young aggressive and exotic character from kimbum...character who really needed for play boy. (lol)
Then, the character of San Chai was really ordinary girl, not as beautiful as Japanese version, but really cute, like child. compare to barbie hsu, I don't think they will punch her in fighting part.

check this out.
Jandi___San Chai

Jandi perform in uniform at the most..but san chai always wear a simple t-shirt.

This is the character for Mei Chou It's really different. Not really that naughty. but yeah..still prefer Korean version ^^. I don't really focus on him cause in the story he don't relly take part in problem.

check this out.

Woo Bin ___Vannes Wu

And then the Last is... Hanazawa Rui aka Wo Ce Lei aka Ji Hoo (Hyun Joon)
you know why I put It the last..because the last is the best.
At the first... I love Vic Chow... and I wouldn't falling in love with Hyun Joon
from the face...Vic Chow still the best, He can bring the feel of lonely and curiosity.
Hun joon only better than Vic when he smile.. ^^
check this out.

Hyun Joon____Vic Chow

And you know Hyun Joon is actually member of SS501!!! Surprise....
I'm abit admire the,. coz they are Good Looking and have a qualified to be a star.

The red Circle is him.

means that hyun joon can vic
the different is, hyun joon is singer then become actor, but vic is actor become singer.lolz

No ching he here!
sanchai has no boy friends...but it replace with little talkative brother.
seems that he has come out in different movie...well known
check this out.

he really hi-tech and always give commend to his sister. damn cute!

Yeah Finally , F4 always handsome..every single member. that's why I said They are a gift from heaven.
although. some of them are have it from surgery, but.the finally result is...they perfectly adorable!

Bonus for you!
credit : milkteazoo

this is the circle or square or whatever of they story. I know we are familiar with the story..

I'm still watching episode 4 now.. I'll continue it tomorrow.
they still haven't finish the story, I think they also play it in KBS now.
For you guys who interested, plan to watch, want to watch it...RECOMENDED!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

20 and 8

28 is my favourite day...
yeah..It's my anniversary with my BF
1 year... 8 months

I have a lot of questions in my mind..

do you still love me as usual?
Do I still love you?

But, we are still in Relationship.

kisah sandal jepit

Sandal Jepit ku akan selalu menyertai Jalan mu
Kemana pun kau pergi, aku akan selalu bersamamu
semoga diya bisa membimbing langkah mu

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Soo Hui
We celebrate her birthday in 15 of January in Korean Restaurant in Damansara.
and continue to the Yippie Cup for Cut cake and play.
We had a lot of fun!

Saengil chukaee!!

We had a surprise for her in her home
Friday 18 January, we prepare for her surprise and make it in 00.00 in 19 January
She didn't expect that we will did a surprise for her, because we had a normal visit in her house and had a meeting.
then... we play hotel 616... damn fun!

Happy bedeiii vinZ!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New hair cut

Hey...Finally I change my hair cut!
I did it in Cut above, with Money.
I choose the style by my self. I know that short hair-b0b will be this year hairstyle. But Is till love A-symmetric style,which is the side have different length.
And, Accidentally, picture that I choose, that actually not look a like A symmetric type, but It is!
So, with confident I say Yes, and Money Did it!

this is the hairstyle that I showed Money

The typical Asian-Tropic girl will not be exactly the same..but similar..and here I am..with Before and After picture ^^

I like the haircut.
I still have my long hair, more neat. but a bit unsatisfied with the colour, can't really see. Yeah because I said that I don't want really much Gap with the new hair later.

And then continue with shopping..
I bought 1 formal shoes and 1 shoes. then buy some cosmetic that I need.
DAMN! I spent a lot of money today... I need to manage my finance later.
But, I'm Happy..

Thx God for the day
Thx Mom for the money ^^

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Finally, I meet you ..
and I can't control my self, just to ignore your presence...
and the impact of it,make me blind of Who am I

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

suasana hati...

Lelahmu jadi lelahku juga

Bahagiamu bahagiaku pasti

Berbagi takdir kita selalu

Kecuali tiap kau jatuh hati

Kali ini, hampir habis dayaku

Membuktikan padamu ada cinta yang nyata

Setia, hadir setiap hari

Tak tega biarkan kau sendiri

Meski seringkali kau malah asyik sendiri

Karena kau tak lihat terkadang malaikat

Tak bersayap tak cemerlang tak rupawan

Namun kasih ini silakan kau adu

Malaikat juga tahu siapa yang jadi juaranya

Hampamu tak kan hilang semalam

Oleh pacar impian

Tetapi kesempatan untukku yang mungkin tak sempurna

Tapi siap untuk diuji

Kupercaya diri.. Cintakulah yang sejati

Namun tak kau lihat terkadang malaikat

Tak bersayap tak cemerlang tak rupawan

Namun kasih ini silakan kau adu

Malaikat juga tahu siapa yang jadi juaranya

Kau selalu meminta tuk terus kutemani

Engkau selalu bercanda andai wajahku diganti

Relakan ku pergi.. Karna tak sanggup sendiri

Namun tak kau lihat terkadang malaikat

Tak bersayap tak cemerlang tak rupawan

Namun kasih ini silakan kau adu

Malaikat juga tahu.. Aku kan jadi juaranya

New Year, New Spirit, New Hope

FINALLY...I'm blogging

yeap after the long holiday, travel everywhere (Bali,Solo, Surabaya, Malang, and Jakarta)
I'm ready for school.
Timetable was out, seems that this semester will be harder than last semester. a lot of afternoon class.. thank you! :(

I'm just curious what this semester want to bring me. I mean.. every semester I felt he changing of my life, In Friendship, Love, Ability, knowledge, understanding. and I'm just curious what I gonna be in this semester.
a lot of project assignment ,proposal , and presentation.
yeah, I will not going home in the July because i will have internship which is my fifth sem. and I hope It will improve me in everything.
I hope this will be a process to me to be more mature and have an ability to manage my time and control my emotion. then... I'm ready to face the future..

Many people talk about resolution and evolution in the new year.. for me, seems like I don't have really, exactly goal that I want to reach. or . maybe. I haven't think about that.
I just hope can be more cheer and semangat to face my day, maybe because I haven't change my heavy.ugh..


hope this year will be better than last year

8 of January

IN MEMORIAM, Ndut 8 January 2008
1 years 7 month.

semoga di terima disisi Tuhan.