Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little korea

im doing my IDTP asggment now..
should pass up by tommoorow..
i hope i can finish it..
anyway...this monday i went to ampang,
me, esti and sandra went to Korean heritage or people also call little korea, where korean people live in malaysia. they have many restaurant, market which selling korean stuff.
we really exited!
ever we get lost..but we still happy because finally we find it
(thx to soohui for make our way..LOL)

Littel korea..really little..LOL

Lotte...estee bought a lot if think

This is our Dinner


Finally i take picture...^^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hamsterku...kemana kah kau berada...

i love pets..
that make my day...they throw my sadness away..
i love them as part of the family
lucky i have hamster in my house
then, 2 weeks ago we have new family,
my friend gerry gave me 2 hamsters and 2 baby hamsters

diferrent species with my hamster.
i welcome them with hugs and love..

the baby grow up..become very cute
lala (mother) and b0b0 (father) also very romantic
they loving each other everyday..

but news for me
i was checking their cage lala and bobo there
they gone...
i try to find them in every singel place in my house,but they not there.

i hope they will come back soon
because i scared that they hungry
and mostly,i worry about the babies...they still need their mom...

comeback lala....come back home...

lala and her baby when they sleepp..the baby still red

lala and her baby

sooooo cuteeee...the siblings

see....i still dunno what the gender..hmmm...

i hope the baby can grow up..
although without their family...
i hope we can take care of them,replace their father and mother...

Friday, October 24, 2008

starbucks session

starbucks session..

alice vinny and me

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my tribe


no tribe!

Monday, October 20, 2008

get to know me

im just want to post it only...
for my tribalwars..LOL
this is question we need to answer with picture..
check this out!

1. Name?

2. Age?

3. Sex?

4. Location?

5. Favorite Color?

6. Favorite Band?

7. Favorite Movie?

8. Favorite Actor?

9. Favorite Actres?

10. Favorite Holiday Destination?

11. Favorite Food?

12. Favorite Word?

13. You Won The Lotto... What would you buy?


I dont know why these days i like to share video in my blog ..
it feels like my sense of music come back..
(thx estee for supply me,and keep me upgrade)
accidently found old korean artist but new album,
it like recall my junior high school memories..
and make feeling like love,adore comes up.. we go..
one of the GOD member which is tae woo..
he come with great song and will touch your hearth..
suitable for mellow soul..hahaha

check this out!

and also ho young
GOD member..i have one fav song of him,
but its not singel..feature TIm
i think Tim voice also support the song..

check this out!

i hope you guys enjoy!
anyway..i keep playing kim tae woo song during im bloging..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never ending song

i love Fly to the Sky soo much,
one of korean boyband and quiet long exsist in Korean music
today,i accidently opne You tube and saw their live perfomance..
No dubbing, No is live petformance
they was preety GooD...EXELENT!

one of my fav song.."Like a Man"
i would like to share this love to you guys!

#one of my fav video in the end of this blog,check that out!

Friday, October 17, 2008

miss u

i miss my boyfriend sooo muchhh!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


i hate people who did sins in front of me..
i hate when i should saw it,
i hate people who trying to lie with their self..
i hate when i should know it,

i know that naive person never acceptable in anywhere,
although in my are off!!
if we talking about balance of life..i always said that he too good to me,
and he too PERFECT to Her!
i never realize that life is not fair..
although about them,also not fair!
than,how come he cannot open his eyes and look at the truth!
BLiNd of Love issit??!!
what an excuses...

God will know...,
i never want to judge anyone..
till it hurting me

Friday, October 10, 2008

Classmate day part 2

today..its the classmate day part 2
we went to suriamas,again..
yeehue and kate finally join us..
we did afternoon activity,...which is sport
we played badminton,swim,and sauna
veryyy nice...^^

i toke a lot of picture today..
im too excited until i forgot to take my own picture..
hahha..never mind.. atleast i had a lot of fun when i toke picture of you guys..
you know why..
"if you only remember,it will be lost by the time,
if you have a picture,u can always remember "
-Nadia Nicole-

Monday, October 6, 2008

just a sharing

my girl friend gave a poison to my mind..
it influences the way i think...
into a bad thoughts
I'm being a negative person.
who hate everyone infront of me,
who looked someone in negative way
im hating my self also..
and hates everyone in the world
-so bad!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More photo.. ^^

housemate racing _estee+cly+me

housemate racing_me+FB+cly

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pet Society

Hey... I'm come back in October!

Have you heard a game name pet society?
it is in Facebook..
really fun game...,
You create your own pet,the colour eyes,ear,nose and whatever you want
after that you start to manage them,
take care of them,shopping for the food and appearance
you also can appreciate you pet with a medal,
you can get it if you can get the requirement,

this is some picture of my pet buddy with friends..,

with adjie's pet__________________________________With cly 's pet

With vinny's pet

with maX's pet __________________________With Alice's pet should try!!!
if you need and invitation..i can invite you ^^