Friday, April 30, 2010

last day of being 20

Today is my last day being 20
Should I happy or sad? hahaha...
but times goes on, getting older is nature right?
I decide to spend my last day of 20 with record this video, recall greeting cards that I had last year
thx for all the greetings and pray, I really appreciate that!
love you~

*anyway, because of the some technical problem I couldn't upload the first video, so I make second video in the afternoon :)
you need to log in FB for seeing this.. dreamers..make sure you watch this! haha

Thursday, April 29, 2010

fashion follower!

teman saya pun mengakui kalo saya dengan baju ini mirip Ga-In nya Brown eyes girls

cuman kurang tebel eye-linernya aja...
siapa yg mau jadi adam-couple saya? (those who following we got married know about it)

WHY I ♥ Everlast...

..... and the price is CHEAPER then all sneaker's brand

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shop n' SHOP

Yang ingin dibeli setelah ini..

jacket "pull n bear" mirip ama pun ya Febri (can't find the similiar pict)
brown colour price 260RM, L size :)
It's kind of expesive but it's really nice on me.

This high top Macbac that stick on my mind! meski edo bilang jelek ato alay yang penting saya masih kepikiran! bisa didapetin si Extrem shop di mana mana ada.. haha
price 310RM , size 39/40 , colour.. humm I will think of gold or silver XD
and there is some shoes that I want to buy as well like this:

modelnya hampir kayak gini, tapi lebih asik lagi bentuknya..kayak summer2 gimana gitu..I think there is a name for this style but I'm not sure (canvas shoes bukan?),, hahaha

Black watch.. belum tau mau merk apa.. pokoknya pengen yg styLo and easy to macth
satu langsung mahal aja..
budget 200-300 RM

terus aku juga mau beli LOMO!
masyallah, I've told my self since last two months but I haven't buy it till now!
from the right is LOMO ROBOT, JELLY, and DIANA MINI
okay, It might be not really up-to-date, but I have natural-genuine interest of camera.

tapi selain 3 barang diatas... saya nggak mau beli apa2 dulu.. kecuali kaos corak unik :)
I love simple style ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my feeling now~

" when you keep your feeling inside your heart, It will grow your admiration more. Just show it unconditionally"
-Nadia Nicole

I like black as much as i like you :)

eclipse trailer

I might not be able to watch this in Malaysia...

movie that I wish I could watch

Instead of playing games or open facebook with blank mode
I feel like watch this 3 movie~

Oh My Lady,
featuring Choi Si Won -Suju

God of Study,
featuring Yoo Seung Ho

Personal taste,
Featuring Lee Min Ho

dunno when I can watch it since my assignment is que-ing to be done...


refresh back all the memories that suddenly appears in my mind
I never though that I will stand here now.
without you guys, I dunno where I gonna be
every laugh that we share, every memories that we string up, It's part of whatever I've reach now.

It just 6 months ago.. but I miss that time so much!

without you guys, I feel empty...
although everything is not the same now; without elaine, ashlyne, and joon
but really, I'm happy to have you guys,
I'm happy that I've meet person like you, and join this dreamers group.
no matter what, wherever i go.. I'll miss you guys s0 much

first official meeting of dream team (before intern)

our fav activity = playing cards

Our Vacation :)

Jane was defend elaine from nelson (love this expression!)

This so hai ah beng making noise! XD

Dance housewarming party

Some birthday Celebration!

Issac "artist mask"

"throw her away~"

"a lot of kisses"

" cry of happiness"

we Celebrate ALL TOGETHER!!!!

Never forget you in my life~.......

Saturday, April 24, 2010

count 1 week

One week later I will celebrate my 21st birthday
I never forget it, and I don't expect everyone to remember it. but I hope my friend will never forget..haha...
Anyway, I don't think much about it, coz I know there will be less-happening then last year, since a lot of people seems couldn't make it and busy with their stuff
Me, personally don't see this as a special birthday.
they say If 21st is the age that people grant you as person that ready to grow in the real world, I don't really know actually. but maybe in that age you can go casino, go clubbing legally.. seems like that
but for me, I have my special birthday when I was seventeen, when I get my license and IC
So, I think this birthday just ordinary birthday for me..

I really want to celebrate this with the people that I love.. all dreamers, Grace, Soo Hui, my ex housemates, and Edo
at least for the very last.. before I left :(
I don't have any wishes.. I just want to spend more time with you guys..
every second that I spend around you is so important.
If you want to give me some gift, I want it to be something that can remains me of you~
not only card ( coz I have enough last year) but the important things is the word that you will gv to me..
really, I just need you guys, I don't expect much tho..haha

anyway, how about peanut flavour for my birthday cake? hope won't get pimples after that! ahhaa

luv you~

re post-pasangan hidup

tulisan ini sebenernya uda sering kita temui,

tapi ak pengen berbagi aja sm semua, buat yg punya dan belum punya,

supaya ga berhenti mendoakan ini :)


Aku berdoa untuk seorang, yang akan menjadi bagian dari hidupku.

Seorang yang sungguh mencintaiMU lebih dari segala sesuatu.

Seorang yang akan meletakkanku pada posisi kedua di hatinya setelah Engkau.

Seorang yang hidup bukan untuk dirinya sendiri tetapi untukMU.

Daya tarik fisik tidaklah penting.

Yang paling penting adalah sebuah hati yang sungguh mencintai dan haus akan Engkau dan memiliki keinginan untuk menjadi seperti Engkau.

Dan ia haruslah mengetahui bagi siapa dan untuk apa ia hidup, sehingga hidupnya tidaklah sia-sia.

Seseorang yang memiliki hati yang bijak bukan hanya otak yang cerdas.

Seorang pria yang tidak hanya mencintaiku tetapi juga menghormati aku.

Seorang pria yang tidak hanya memujaku tetapi dapat juga menasehati ketika aku berbuat salah.

Seorang yang mencintaiku bukan karena kecantikanku tetapi karena hatiku.

Seorang pria yang dapat menjadi sahabat terbaikku dalam tiap waktu dan situasi.

Seseorang yang dapat membuatku merasa sebagai seorang perempuan ketika berada di sisinya.

Aku tidak meminta seorang yang sempurna,

Namun aku meminta seorang yang tidak sempurna,

sehingga aku dapat membuatnya sempurna di mataMU.

Seorang yang membutuhkan dukunganku sebagai peneguhnya.

Seorang yang membutuhkan doaku untuk kehidupannya.

Seseorang yang membutuhkan senyumanku untuk mengatasi kesedihannya.

Seseorang yang membutuhkan diriku untuk membuat hidupnya menjadi sempurna.

Dan aku juga meminta :

Buatlah aku menjadi seorang yang dapat membuat pria itu bangga dan bahagia.

Berikan aku sebuah hati yang sungguh mencintaiMU, sehingga aku dapat mencintainya dengan cintaMU, bukan mencintainya dengan sekedar cintaku.

Berikanlah RohMU yang lembut sehingga kecantikanku datang dariMU bukan dari luar diriku.

Berilah aku tanganMU sehingga aku selalu mampu berdoa untuknya.

Berikanlah aku mataMU sehingga aku dapat melihat banyak hal baik dalam

dirinya dan bukan hal buruk saja.

Berikan aku mulutMU yang penuh dengan kata-kata kebijaksanaanMU dan pemberi semangat, sehingga aku dapat mendukungnya setiap hari.

Berikanlah aku bibirMU dan aku akan tersenyum padanya setiap pagi.

Dan bilamana akhirnya kami akan bertemu, aku berharap kami berdua dapat mengatakaan "betapa besarnya Tuhan itu karena Engkau telah memberikan kepadaku seseorang yang dapat membuat hidupku menjadi sempurna".

Aku mengetahui bahwa Engkau menginginkan kami bertemu pada waktu yang tepat dan Engkau akan membuat segala sesuatunya indah pada waktu yang Kautentukan.


*Tuhan ga akan kasih kita yang kita mau, Tuhan cuma kasih apa yang sebenernya kita butuhkan :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Did I really do that much?
God... I'm blessing to others...
Thank You! This is because of You Lord...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm personally, prefer to keep our story as our secret.
but If you want it to be publish.. It's your choice :)

"If you are not ashamed of your friendship, there is nothing to hide"
-Yumi Saito

that is why I dare to put this picture! my fav~

fell like singing this slow-mellow song by Ten two Five

Inikah rasanya, bilaku sedang jatuh cinta
Setiap hela nafasku bahagia ...

Mengenal hatimu, hadirkan indahnya dunia
Kau bawa irama cinta di jiwa..

Semua yang kumau, hanyalah dirimu … satu …
Kaulah jawaban semua doa

Semua yang kurasa, rindu dalam asa … didekap cinta …
Hatiku untukmu

Haruskah diriku, bertanya pada bintang - bintang
Pastaskah ku mengharap cintanya

Semua yang kumau hanyalah dirimu … satu …
Kaulah pelita di dalam jiwa


Semua yang kurasa rindu dalam asa … di dekap cinta …
Hatiku untukmu

Hanyalah untukmu...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Him and Her

i really feel bless these days,
friendship make me alive! give me brighter smile and grateful power
with so much happiness fully my day
give more energy to bless the others

My friends need me now,
sometimes it's very difficult if you need to face the option,
but in this case, I don't think It's necessary for me to choose,
coz I have both of you
I see both of you equal
I love both of you just the same.
you are my best friend!
you make my day, you fill my life with your love,
just the same that I want to do, in return.
I just want you to receive it. my love, pure from the bottom of my heart
I have no other intention, only for your goodness.
anything that the best for you, in any condition that you faced

God give me more knowledge and wisdom
so I can handle everything that will happen.
I hope that I can be bless for people around me
starting.. from my friends

*all the best for edo and vinny :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Putra Jaya afternoon

"Selagi aku masih bisa merasakan dan menikmati keindahan karyaMu"
-Sore di Putra Jaya

Sunday, April 18, 2010

friend -reveal-

although both of you are fighting today,
and spoil some of us mood,
but I don't feel disturb tho. I really feel glad to see both of you
They might say I'm crazy, or maybe blame you for all that happen.
but I feel different, I feel this situation is meant to tempt all of us,
I feel happy to help, and be the one who heard the truth from your mouth
I feel relief!
I know! I suppose to do whatever I want to do last time.
I suppose to ask you! and didn't assume anything about your life.
this is the time for me to learn how to care about someone else, especially if you really a true friend, you need to jump 100% to help your friend.
Thx for showing me how to do it.

love you guys~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

cannot stand..

Now I feel invisible although I'm around. yes, I'm not worth enough isn't it.
although the time is racing, you guys never realise that our time it's just wasted!
and I'm realise that every second of my day in Malaysia is just gone!
chilling without you guys, always tell last minutes, do some plan also cannot make it.
if you realise how many time I didn't go lunch with you, how many times I left out..
I'm not doing it purposely okay!
just waste lah~ , I dun care... I want to take my own time.
even in my birthday also most of you will not around right? fiuh~ no need to celebrate lah, I dun expect anything. NO WISHLIST okay!
I'm DONE with this!

*I take my own way~ no matter what I still go.


after thinking for awhile and remove all negative thoughts
okay..maybe God just gave me more space for my other friend..
and some transition between us, maybe?
understandable ~

We are the world haiti

It's abit too late, but honestly I just watch this video today
don't laugh at me, cause im very retarded with the western news..LOL
but really this video powerfull!!
and one thing that become my fav,
that guy at the 3:15 , broke my tears away with a luagh!
hahahahaha, don't you?

check out lah~ chek out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

happy birthday to my "auntie'

lol... I get this vocab from my bestfriend, do you know what it means..maybe after you read my letter you sill understand

"aunt, thanks for accompany me in this 11 years,
I know that without you I can't make sure that I'm in healthy condition
you always accompany me every month, although sometimes you irritate me,
but never mind, keep me healthy till the day you need to leave, because of my ages"


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

today's Fact

I dunno why suddenly this afternoon, God touch my heart
began with one sentence of worship song that I simply sang, I cried out loud.. none can control it.
I just feel very happy, and the same time I feel sad
Happy because I satisfy with all that I have
I have family that support me
I have a lot of friends that loves me, understand me, even accept me as what I am
all dream team members, all my classmates, my high school friends, my childhood friends...
especially people that fight with me in this almost 3 years in Malaysia, without them I couldn't survive
I'm Sad because not more than 3 months, I will separate with them..
I will n0t be able to sit in the class together, yam cha with them, and get along in the weekend
I couldn't see them in years time... we might never seen each other again...
and We might grow become different personality.
In the end.. I just need to be ready will all the consequences.
I need to be ready for another step in my life,
and you know... How hard I tried not to look back!
I know as the time goes by, we will used to it...
I will miss you guys... now. and. Everywhere I go



Monday, April 12, 2010

One year celebration :)

me and grace, random...

...because we can't take pictures of ourselves (face) during lectures! :P
- Grace Wong

LOL! I love this picturee
Everlast VS All Star

11 April 2010

Hai... baru pulang jalan2 ama edo, lolyta and marvin
and seriously, this short outing really relieved me!! (will upload the picture once I get it from my friend)
I've been mingle with assignment like forever since last week,and I really need some refreshing! sometimes it's just not the right time for me and my team mate to go out, karena kita sama2 tau kalo tugas masih numpuk dan kayak ga ada waktu buat jalan2, but I really need some air.
we can just arrange our time management, ada saatnya kita belajar, ada saatnya keluar, nggak cuman di rumah mulu and kerja assgment padahal ujung2nya juga cuman main FB soalnya can't get enough inspiration. maybe it's ok for them.. but I just can't stand it. so I decide to escape forawhile :)

I think nowdays the composition it's just unbalance.
I'm getting bored in the house, the atmosphere just not right,sometimes when they go out, I just miss it because of uncertain reason. aku nggak tau kenapa orang rumah jadi kurang welcome juga, ga ada senyum, ga ada care ,maybe mereka juga lagi bingung ama assgmnt masing2 ato lagi ada masalah, but anyway it's just make me out of the group. I hope we are not lost.

back to the topic, dengan tidak mengurangi kebahagiaan hari ini...
edo ternyata udah bilang ke lolyta kalo aku bakal pindah ke adey ~ yeee dasar ember lu booww.. hahaha, but nggak papa it's just the matter of time, cepet ato lamabt juga bakal tau. :)
and that is one funniest part while we are hang out, jadi awalnya aku ama edo mau ke toilet, so I told him not to enter the wrong toilet but end up with I ENTER THE WRONG TOILET! gosh.. sampe tu cleaning service bilang " nono, wrong" and the best part is, pas aku keluar, edo yg tdnya masih nemuin temennya, tiba2 diya nongol and he saw me come out from male toilet followed by cleaningservice! it's a big LOL man!! and edo ketawanya sampe mulut tuh nga nga lebar banget, gila malu mennn...kemakan omongan sendiri, If edo didn't came that fast, I wouldn't met him tho.. haha.
and kita pulang dengan selamat - edo nggak snewen kayak kapan hari..nice one! :)

setelah aku outing, tiba2 segerombolan temen indo dateng! si Fb,eli,vivi,lala, aldi, deril, rendy, aron, and shella dateng ke rumah just for taking the chewy junior. LOL suddenly my house become full of crazy indonesian people, hahah... but I just love it, I mean udah lama banget ga gila kayak gini... meski temen nggak harus semua orang local, temen2 lama yg ternyata masih care juga buat kita happy lho.
God really give His best everyday to me, esspecially today. I went to church alone, and I wanted to sit with edo, but I can't find him, so I just sit at the random chair, hope that I can find my other friend, and yeah...ternyata echa, kartika and santy di depanku!, coincidently I met them. and we sit together... I'm not alone ^^

OMG today just perfect day for me. Terimkasih Tuhan buat mengakhiri semuanya dengan luarr biasaa...mungkin ini udah lebih dari cukup untuk refresh my mind before I'll fight with assignment this week. I love you God.. I love being Nadia.. I love this happiness, and I love life like this!
will never leave You God..coz I'm Yours...

Friday, April 9, 2010

official statement

" I'll be going to Adelaide, this July. hope everything will go smoothly"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

future decision

tomorrow people from UniSa will come to have a talk
It 'll be held in My College.
I hope they can help me decide where I should go
because, until now.. I'm not sure which path I belong to
one of the issue that burden my life...*sigh

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

new virtual BF

oh Kwan~ finally you are MINE! :)

one year friendship :)

WoW... I'm just amaze that you still remember it! :)
honestly speaking, I was wondering when we meet, but you found out first.
thx friend.. It's relief me.
*nggak ada yg lebih membahagiakan di dunia ini, selain mengetahui kalo kamu dihargai, disayangi, dan menjadi orang yg special bagi org lain. thx

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey Jason! are you looking at me? haha
*don't laugh coz I'm dizzy reading this PR book!
"bila ku ingat, senyum manismu... takkan habis waktu berangan
bila kuingat,canda tawamu.. takkan habis waktu melamun..

ingin kumiliki, hari selamanya, berdua denganmu... selamnya..
bukan hanya angan yang, kelamaan...

bila kuingat janji manismu...
kutunggu sampai malam meninggalkanku...

semoga bukan angan yg kelamaan..."

*kalo orang lagi jatuh cinta itu suka ketawa2 sendiri...
I think I'm in BLIND love now! HAHAHAHA

Thursday, April 1, 2010


this is my confession...
since I'm living in Malaysia for 3 years, I dunno why I still cannot improve my English properly. still very difficult to manage
even when I talk to my local friend, my English still very bad. I admit it. and it's trouble me.
now, when come to talk about those law and agreement, I cannot settle it properly. I was trying to overcome it, I tried to fight with my fear and compile the bravery to doing it. but my emotion talk before everything come out from my mouth.
Yes, this I am.
Even in Indonesia, I can't communicate properly! I can't use proper word to express something,
summore it's in English! really hard to recall..

am I really that dumb? gosh...

Really, I'm just sick of doing the wrong things
because of missunderstanding, end up only make a mess.
even when my m0m pay for my education, I still need people to be my middle man to solve this problem.

But really, I still have desire to learn. I really put effort into it
I writing blog in English, I speak to the most of my local friend in English, make friend with them.
I want to study in Australia that even very strike about the grammar (even I need to leave all my friend here)
I want to take a risk, in a way to learn English.

I'm not smart. I dun ever get the rank in class.
but I'm not stupid!
I couldn't enter Social when I was in High school It doesn't mean I can't!
I enter Bahasa is because I really want to master on it.
but why now communication still be issue for me??!!

I just feel useless.....