Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TAG by febri

okay..this TAG from febri...

so, here's the rules.
  1. Take a recent photo of you OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW
  2. DON'T change your cloth. DON'T fix your hair, just take picture
  3. Post the picture with NO editing
  4. Post this instruction with your picture
  5. Tag 10 people to do this

Nah,I did it. I just took a picture, this is natural coz my dog still with me now.ahahah
I'm not sure I want to TAG someone.but because It must so I TAG AJI,CHRISTIN,YEEHUEY,SOO HUI, and VINNY
for information, I haven't take a bath from yesterday afternoon. LOLZ

Thursday, December 18, 2008


finally, the day before yesterday night I dream of failed one of my subject!
usually when I dream of that, I will pass all my Subject and now I optimist!!
I't not a supervision or ritual or what.
but In my dream I was failed my biology subject (because before I slept I read twilight book which is always had problem in biology lab)
I'm afraid of IMC subject,coz Mr.Ben is a New lecturer, and still adaptation with the curriculum, make me a confuse when he explained.not only me..you can ask other people :(

and yey for Solo
the city full of YUMMY food
I had a lot of fun with my meal everyday
this Wednesday, all my meal are DAMN GREAT!
start with Soto special Solo, Resoles Semarang, Hula-hula very simple but nice(egg with sambal and vegetable), and Rica-rica dog..which is DAMNNN NICEEE MAN!!!!!
OMG OMG..I Love solo...ahahhahahahah
and I hope I'm not getting fatter here...LOLz

I'm still be here till Sunday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

my holiday story

Hey Hey Hey...I'm at home now!
holiday is the best part of activity, and I'm on the way to enjoy this! ahaha
anyway..finally I got the TWILIGHT book in 12 December. the price is highest than Ringgit. Original from US,but I don't know it seems very expensive. Rp 164.800 with 10% discount, it's about 40RM . So I decide to bought two first (I plan to buy all 4 books.lolz) first because I'm afraid that I can't finish it, and second, because in Malaysia it's much more cheaper.
now I'm reading it.
so far the story still in the line. not much different as people say
but,honestly some part from the book are changed in the movie. but the point still there.
It's easy for me to understand coz I can imagine how Bella or Edward look like, and increase my curiosity .

For information, I'm at Solo now. the place where my BF stay. yeah pretty fun so far. I enjoy it.
I love his place, I love his behave, I love his life, I love his friend, I love they way he treat me. I can stand of it. haha..
future please tell me something!! give me hope to get the right father to my future kids.lolz

In the way I went to Solo.. I had interesting experience.
okay, I was went to solo with new travel agent, and it's a bit expensive than usual.
the condition inside the car was totally the same,It's more expensive because the restaurant more advance.

I was sitting beside one women, she is about 35, she is like my auntie, the smell and behave. make me automatically feel comfort.
She talk to me kindly and friendly. I like the way she treat me, she cherish me and caress. It make me want to lunch with her and waiting for her.
but..BUT, after lunch, when we continue our journey, she start to pinch my thigh. but it's moving, till went a bit inside my pants!! almost touch my V..DAMN!
I touch her hand,ask her to stop indirectly and she she did. she said "gemes" ( I can't find the right word to describe it, kind want to pinch because I'm chubby)
but, It's just different! I felt that she try to molest me..the way she did it, like..OMG damn hornie!
then when I try to avoid her, I sit a bit straight, and she touch my waistline almost in side panties,I lay Immediately...
after that I pretend to sleep and ignore her.
what an experience!...fiuh~

but really..till now I can't sure my self that is an molest action! .........

okay...I'll continue next time..^^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Second time I watch Twilight..-it 's my first time watch same movie twice
yeah,the feeling gone slowly..
I mean...the story was touched, and I know Golden cinema try to shorter the time with cut some of the dialog, It's irritating man!

I become more understand of the story, some part that I miss last time I get it now,
and yeah I know where my feeling begin..

1st =
when Edward save Bella from the drunker guys, and they had lunch and he said " I can't stay away from you"
Bella answer "so don't"
*jedeng jedeng...

2nd =
when they go to forest and do the confession . Edward show her how he look like under the sun "this is why we are different from you, I have a skin of killer"
Bella said "you are beautiful"
and when Edward say " i can't read your mind,so please tell me what do you feel now"
Bella said " I'm scared"
Edward said " good"
Bella said " I'm not scared of you, but i scared to loosing you"
* teetttoootttt

3rd = when Edward want to run Bella from James he said "you are my life now"

4th = in the prom night... they dancing and Bella said want to be with him forever.

yeap..they make our heart blossom with the story, but anyway, for you that still recall it please wake up!
It's just a fairytale...or imagination from Stephenie...
It's never happen in the real life...
and also Edward Cullen...He is not cool at all,
the story make them blend and looks gorgeous. I don't think In the reality they are.

but I do love the story.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thx friend

I spent this week a long with you guys..
So many things happen between us..
start with get to know each other, and end with had a lot of fun..
hang out together and share the day
mostly we get our food together, till I can't denie that I'm influence with that
laugh, fight, argue between us..
our friendship was amazing to me!

Now, time to say "good bye" and " take care"
time will not unforgetable until we have a farewell..
and It's end so sweet..
till I can just say thanks to God, cause give you guys to me, in my spare time.
you are part of the best memories In my life!

Time will separate us..
we don't know about 3 months later
are we going together again?

Honestly,..... I WILL MISS YOU GUYS..

anton si Mempeng!

Rendi Si complain

Loren so cool!

and honda civic which is follow us anywhere

*thx buat nyo2 yg sudah ngajak aku jalan2, shopping, and nemeni kemana aja. Anton yang udah nganterin, njagain, dan kasih banyak ide baru. I will miss you guys! ^^

Saturday, December 6, 2008

- new friend, new situation-

OMG..cant find twilight book...ANYBODY HELP ME TO GET IT!! how come it out of stock!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



and i promise i will buys the book

I feel my mind keep in this movie,
I can't forget every single things in this movie...
I always love story like this
between vampire and human...
OMG,... why so niceeeeee...T_T

this is my fav song from this movie in the last scene
Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

and my fav song also from evanesence,but have no idea the tittle...


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I never thought that it will happen to me again,
after last semester,i had a lot of fun hang out with rendy&aldi
with a lot of dreams come true
and after those bored day... and we take our own group
I never though that happiness still be here..

I was totally in the new friendship ,with new friend and unexpected situation
It was really amazing!

We went hang out together and end in the Putra Jaya...
which is my dream to be there..
In the bridge, and had some photo session with them.
OMG... i feel that we always have a hope to raise our dream
and i felt free there...to express my self, with a new people around me,
only me... to be my self
a new friend, with a pure thought.. get to know each other
I feel like I don't want to end my day... just wanna be with you guys for now..for along day..

till we meet the contrast between us...

I really thank for this..

God always have his own way to make me cheer
Thanks God....

Dreams come true In the first of December