Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yam Cha till die!

i had a lot of fun in the beginning of Orr holiday
last night casper call me to go yam cha with classmate,
at that moment i was went pyramid with my housemate and wanted to eat fat man steamboat,
than suddenly casper call

"want to go yam cha or not'
wow...i strait away say "YES"

i love darussalam so much.especially the maggie mie goreng

anyway,we went there..
I'm vinny max julius and casper was chat
we are so exited with so many things that we talking about..
till 06.00...OMG..
i really love last night coz we can know each other better now..
and its not finish
at 04.00pm we went to red box,
after we had a short break
we meet again and singing like crazy people!
i love it...
i hope it will be no end!

great experience...
great timE!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


i wanna share song that i had been looking for since probably 2 month..
i love this song..
i was so touched that time,
i couldn't let it go from my mind..
here we are..
Guy sebastian - recieve the power

this is the lyrics version

i really blessed by this song..
i hope u so.. ^^

Friday, September 26, 2008

BBQ class & Andry birthday

today is the last class from some of our classmate
so decide to go BBQ in suriamas..
wah..nice place,and we enjoyed very much
although im really2 damn tired because of disscusion and assigment
it make me more semangat!! ^^

round 2 is andry birthday
OMG double fun!!
at the beginimh actually i really lazy to celebrate,
but u know i like to make people feel loved
so,why not??
picture i hope can upload soon
im very tired now,,
really2 want to go sleep..

i miss my Boyfriend so much..

Saturday, September 20, 2008


guys guys..
i wanna share with you my fav video..
my housmate ask me to watched because she likes the song
but i i really love the video..,
different with other ordinary video

this is from korean group called J walk- My Love
Check this out !

you know why i love it...

Friday, September 19, 2008

sad letter from hearth

i feel so bad for what happen last night...
my hearth shout to me, it is not my way..
and im feeling so pain, to see what happened..
i cannot agree with it.


please friends..
do not ask me to go if i dont want..
i feel so wrong now..

GOD help..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i restat my tribal wars already..
still hope of the better fate.

Good Luck for me

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Platonic SeX

i just finish watched this movie..


this movie its about Ai Iijima. she Having been gang-raped by some "friends" on her 17th birthday,she is a broken home girl,the parents was so pathetic. Aoi leaves home and tries to get job as a club girl in the beginning. she earn 20.000 yen / day, that whats the girl club have maybe..

she meet toshi, a DJ in one of the club,that actually save her life (with a sms) in the beginning of the movie. they haven't meet, but toshi is a spirit for ai..

accidentally they meet,and they fall in love. at that time ai works as a porn actress. and she want to change her life because of toshi. She want to have a better life, like another people with someone that she love.and....it is not easy

the ending was so unpredictable..although its a sad movie, i learn a lot from this movie.this is such as a real life.. the porn actress..actually they have a hearth to really love, and they have their own life, and a big hope to be a better person. but sometimes they didn't know how to precious their life.. in this case..money is the devil!

my mind was open after i watched this movie... is worthed to watch until this morning

now is 5.20..i need to sleep anyway

nite ^^

The End.

i was playing a kind of game online now..
name is "Tribal Wars"
recommended by vinny
it really fun...this game make my day!
its all about built your own village,army and resources
and than try to developed it
it's almost 2 month i playing this game...
and all that i focus in my laptop is this game

i enjoy it..
but not after this people attack me..

today..suddenly i have 5 attack from my enemies
i know it will be happen
but i cannot believe that it is really fast...
until i cannot breath..my troops cannot move..
all the effort i did
and i still cannot handle it.
i was so suffering..
i cannot enjoying my time in the real life
i cannot focus at all.

i'm waiting for that time...
The time when the attack came..
the axes was really destroy my village wall..
and another attack was killing my village..
destroy all that i have!!!
and now..they own it..
they own my village that had been built in 2 months...!!!!!!


they keep attacking me..

fiuh ~~
i think its the end of my game...
i will think about the continues of my village
and maybe i need to have another entertainment..

This is what had been left from my villages..
the report,and some capture of the game..

i lost all my troops that actually i had been move it into another village, but they still leave me..
Rest In Peace.....

this is the capture of my second village..but another attack is coming..
maybe this is the time to say good bye..TT
i will thinking to restart my village
and revenge to the EPIC!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


im crying now...
all that i think, it's seems like not happening

I Surrender...
I Trust.....

i trust that tonight a lot of people will come, and she will be happy for her birthday...
i surrender, even i lost my money...the important thing is..she is happy

i trust in The Name of my Lord!

im HAPPY although im STREZZ

2 days already i haven't write my blog..
because exam killing me softly..I'm rushing.
the peak is yesterday..i was so suffering. 2 subject i haven't handle at all..
IMC and AW..
i know it will be alright..although i didn't study also tomorrow can answer the question
i just worry that..how if i have no idea at all?? Die man!

so last night..i just stare at my lappy..read the notes that i have been touched before
and of course,with a blur mind..can u imagine how weird it is..???
and the worst is...i fall a sleep...OMG

i just woke up and 7..but...Haleluya!
I'm not worried at all...feel likes i have a big LOVE today for share..
i didn't mind about study last night that had been failed.
so i went to college with a peace hearth..hallelujah!

i went Sungai Wang today...this is the first time for this semester i go there
DaMn crazy ShoPPing!!!! i bring 150RM and go back with 1.50 RM
i love today...i really thx for what happen to me today!
and i will share my happiness to someone tonight..

Have a Good day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


this is what we have been done because we was so boring,frustrating and we memang crazy..haha!!

death note



Mid exam coming soon..very soon!!!
and my lazy lazy lazy still be here
oh my godness

i hope God send me a super duper holly spirit to push me
till i can study like jimmy newtron..hahahaha

i hope that not only me havent study yet..
but i promise...tommorowww...tommoroowww.. im studyy tommorowww...

note: today first time i met my "floormates" joash and cindy in the same time,they was chatting in the floor..hahaha

Monday, September 8, 2008

i miss them...

i miss my highschool......

titi yonas dan iwan : friends when im down

classmate in highschool when in the class X

choir dempo

guys in choir : nico, che, yongki

my x bahasa
i know im growing now...
with different friends and different place
but they still in my hearth
i miss them so much
i miss my highschool life...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Euphoria of Sound!

Thursday, we went to "euphoria of sound" near sunway piramid
this is the first time hang out in club together

vanessa was so sexy,
jane was so gorgeous,
soo hui was shining,
ashlyn was unexpected,
vinny soo CooL,
Christine so sweet,
IssaC so Cute,
Casper so hansome,
Julius menly
Max...always charismatic...

we had a lot of fun together
dance crazy until 4 round..w0w!
luckily..we are not drink..although some of us can drink,but i cant!
maybe some of us have a scandal..like..ehmmehmmm
we also meet ria there..and having fun together!

check this out!

me and vinny in action
three of us
in dance floor

here we are


i know that sometimes we think that we are not perfect..
sometimes we think that we are not as special as somebody else
sometimes we think that.. our life is bad

if u really thank for your life..
u know that ur life is wonderfull..

3 day special with happiness
3 day special with friendship
3 day special with love
i hope it will be never end
thx for all of u guys that make my day..
not only ordinary day..but WONDERFULL DAY

>>> always stay along with them

>> and play this kind of game

and i recomended for everyone to play viwawa
fun..fun ...fun..fun..and funnn
"why play alone"


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Im bored!

it seems like i started my monthly bad situation..

hmmm....bored,sleepy, angry and hornie some more..
i have a dinner in SS2
and we even lost some more..
but finally we can get there.
i remember first time i went there..
that time im with aldi rendy and my housmates..
hahaha...damn fun!
we like to went out together...go find a new place..go makan..
and laugh like a hell..hahah

but..now, it will not happen again
all change...they change...
i miss them so much u know...
i miss the time when part by part accidently they make my dreams come true..
when step by step they make my life more special...
when we try to get somewhere in KL
when we outing together...like we dont have heavy burden. we got our freedom!

i miss them so much now..
although we never be the same again..

miss u guys...miss the time when we are together T_T

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Session Photgraph- Putra jaya

Today i went to Putra Jaya.
place that i really2 want to visit
but, its only a small of it,..not really until Putra Jaya

in JW marriot resort, place for herwin,mario,calvin dkk train their skill in hospitality

model was Vinny and Christin

Check this out!


pict 1 : Dream Castel

pict 2 : lost in action

pic 3 : Dancing on the light

Pic 4 : look at me smile

Pic 5 :Roomate in action

Pic 6 : light in taman

pic 7 : im a model

hm...im a bit satisfy with the result..
not bad right ...


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My new camera ~new adventure

Yeah,since i got my new DSLR camera
Sony Alpha 200
i knew that.. im on the way to reach my dreams

i trus that.
"a small dream can be a BiG hope in my life..."

and i did!

my dreams when i was a child is being a photographer like my father..
and it a BiG hope for me to reach it...
i love this camera..



so long i didnt wrote in this blog..

9 months..

i was shocked when i saw my name in daddy's blog

and it was 9 month since i didnt touch my blog..

so sad...

and now...


i ll try

suppose to


i will started to write again


actually i more prefer to write in a piece of paper or diary


although only one or two line..

i hope it will be fun !