Saturday, January 26, 2013

in my space

when i lay down in my room, im thinking how comfort this place
everything that i need is here, when i want something there always people served, and if there was something wrong, mama ready to taking care of it.
but why i feel uncomfortable, stuck, and pressured?
when all that I need is fulfilled, supposedly everything is good. but i don't think this is good...?
even though the job that has given to me is quite challenging , especially the system need to be upgrade,
but i feel has no sense of belonging here
only mom who asked me to stay, because of her age.. she deserves retirement
if this is the process for me to love this job, when this is going to end?
a year has been passed, and im not yet passed the test, this is getting worst
or maybe its just my feeling, after all past 7 years i've been away from home, now i need to accept the truth..
but till when?
I'm stuck... not growing...
lost my humility, lost my feeling of sincerely
but the vision still strong, I want to have my own business and not tied by the moral duty.
going that way, I'm still not sure as well..
resolution is never enough.. i need revolution.

God, answer me...what do you want me to do in my life?

Saturday, January 12, 2013


i made design for dion's new franchise called PASCO, also known as  PASSION OF CHOCOLATE
it's actually ice blended with many variant flavour, cost about 8.000 rupiah/ cups,
I made a simple design for his MENU and FLYER
quite easy, because the company has the Uniqe selling preposition (USP) through the image.
I was awake till 3AM to finish it, because my beloved boyfriend want ti to be DONE asap. thank to him now I have pimples in my face...
anyway.. im still loving you my dion *HUGGGG*
here we go.. DONE


Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sounds this year gonna be an interesting year..
I'm curiouse what God going to do with my life

Tahun baru pergi ke Tumpang, hampir tahun baruan di jalan karena macettttttt di kepanjen
sampe tumpang jam stgh 12.
HAPPY NEW YEAR.. and then melihat romo suster karmel nari2 *sambil bayangin wirawan * LOL

and then 31 dec-1 jan I spent my day watching korean drama, called I MISS U... 15 episodes! WOOOTTTT, sudah 2 tahun nggak liat drama korea sekrang langsung jussss

tanggal 4, DOWN...
i had a seriouse conversation with mom about my future. I said.. I will not stay in Blitar in 5 years time.
I'm not going to handle Pelangi forever. so will finish my job and moved to other city..
kind of challanger for me aye? hahahah.... that gives me a little spirit
kind of guilty saying that to my mom, but that is the TRUTH, and hopefully I can have a peacefull steps in 2013

i have 3days with no renungan... GOOD... decrease in faith LOL
hopefully I'll be back home