Monday, August 30, 2010


My heart jumping with joy, holding carefully the compilation of good news from God that I just bought by my self.
still the same as 7 years ago, when my mom bought me my first bible in 2003.
It's like someone that just get her first love letter,from someone that she love.. no, it is more happy than that!! :)
with thorough, carefully I put one by one the bookmark for me to begin the journey.
I know.. I'm falling in love for the umpteenth times.

new bible, state a new journey for me. with new community that I will growing up with.
with new commitment and faith, believe that God will guide my way.

since long time I wanted to have a bible in English version, I waited for so long to have the right bible that will belongs to me for a long time. and yeah, today.. I have one.

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