Sunday, August 29, 2010

Single for Christ!

Whenever you far away from your family, and there is no relative around you, even you have a bunch of friends, you will fill that there is something empty. It may because we still need some unconditionally support that can fill our self-needed.
friends might be in any position. if you same way like me, friends is like a family, but still, to gain a trust from people that you just known, it might take a while.
you need to united the difference and found the similarity between you, then you can have same mission and vision to go along together, with purpose.
the challenge is to make sure that the similarity is still exist and impact our friendship in a good way. and If you looking for it, you might find it out in my weekend experience.

I've just back from my camp. the incredible camp that I've experience. I went to the Port Elliot, the place that I've never been before, with a beach that just 2 minutes walk from our house. It's kind of amazing. we can listen the breeze and the wave from our house, and enjoy it in the balcony upstairs. typical homy-kind-of western house, with the classic hearth that us warm from the coldness winter. more warmer because of the people that I came with.

Yea, this is SFC CAMP, the community that I fell in love with. not because of the what they give to me, but they really show me how they maintain their life in God's ways and prove me, that I can do it in my life as well.
they successfully inspire me to keep strength and faith in my life. to spread the love to the world and share the gift that God given to me to the all the people.
Is not just because of the particular of person, but every each of them showed their commitment to God and doing it with love, load of love that can be share to others,the love that God has given to them.
I can guarantee that when you get to know them, you will never step out from seeking God wisdom and searching of the best way to stay closely with God.

We have done a lot activities together: sharing our thought, appreciate each other, sleeping together, and the best is worship together.

I thought It will failed,because the first day we was over slept - I know I shouldn't think that way- but we made it!
we went to the beach in the Sunday morning, with all the pillow faces, we stick to the plan and walk out to the beach. It was a great day, because of the sun that smiling with it's warm, and the breeze that touch our skin perfectly.
not too much,it's just right time to worships God. as He is promise us to give the greater day.
and It was the best time for me with God at the beach.

we do everything together. try to help out with anything that we can. divided the task, do it rightly and compromise each other with giving their best.
and we call each other as sisters and brothers.
it's not just a form to make each of us close, but this is the way tha t we should be. we see each other as a family, loving and caring with no doubt, and helping each other unconditionally. with knowing that I have brother and sisters in Christ, I feel much more comfortable. that might be one of the reason why I love Adelaide so much.

The feeling of unity is so strong because we have the same believe and faith. we could share any experience in our life and strengthen each other because of the same believe that we have, and we can find the best solution of any problem base on the the knowledge that we had. because our God is still the same,He will never changes.

I'm Single for Christ.

Matthew 6:33

"But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."

SFC Adelaide

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