Saturday, January 15, 2011

officially changes blog ~

Finally, I can decide the new look from my blog, simple yet meaningful.

The tittle of my blog "Cherish my Heyday" this came up because of everything that had done in me so far, make me really great full and optimistic to face my future. I've gone through alot of stuff, happy-sad, separation-meet new people, up-down, black-white , ALL of them really creat my character until now, and I'm really thanks for it, and this year I want to begin with my gratitude and optimistic towards my future.

for the banner, it is obvious that all the three foots i took during 3 different season in Australia. Winter-Spring-Summer, and eventhough it's changes in time, and the footwear that I use changing, but there is one thing that never changes, it's a God's steps that always be with me :)
that's what I believe and I really want to repeat in my life, so that I remember how God really love me.

and still the same, orange and purple colour - my fav, always be my best combination

hopefully this make a great beginning for my blog.

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