Saturday, May 7, 2011

a strangers...

Today, when I'm waiting for the bus in v-square to go KTM with Joko , it was 6.30, was very dark.
one old man, a bit bold and homely apparel approaching me and asked:
"Are you Catholic?"
without thinking much I said " Yes"
"Oh, good", and He went inside the bus.

Me and Joko stunned, I'm asking him "How he knows? I don't even wearing my cross?"
and Joko said "maybe is the one who asked Ko Sumo last time, tell Ko Sumo later?"

when we have further discussion, they questioning as well
"how he knew? I'm wearing my think-black jacket, without my cross, why he only asked me not Joko?"
and they said " Maybe it's an angle came to you"
I was like " REALLY??"

Me, my self was amaze of my spontaneous response. I might be killed cause I admitted my self as a catholic, he might just shoot me after know who am I, but I choose to believe Jesus as my God and my saviour, I was relief that I admitted him unconsiousely.
But if he is an angel, I might have good report in the God's record, yeay!!

So, would you answer when there is a stranger asking you?

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