Saturday, May 14, 2011


Now I feel complete..
I feel that I have everything that I need from now.
friends who surrounding me,
community that support me,
Mom that always pray for me,
Someone to share the good and bad,
and God that makes everything perfect.

there is always some point in our life where we feel so thankful and bless.
even for the bad things that happen..
for me, I place totally to Him.

Pray for humbleness Part 2

Take O Lord and receive all my liberty
My memory, my understanding and all my will.
whatever I have and posses, all this things You have given to me
All this things O Lord,
I now place totally at your service
All are Yours to do with as You wish
Assure me only of your love and your grace,
This will be enough for me.

You know, whenever I pray this..I cried
I feel powerless and hopeless
but God wants us to focus on Him, He is the hope, and He will make everything good for you
Remember: He knows you more than you do.
that is when unexpected moment will happen,
and by the time you realised, everything is perfect.


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