Sunday, May 8, 2011


Another appreciation came from Father James today.

It is not the first time he gave credit to me. First, when I have joined choir for the first time and be a Psalm, he credited me of having really great voice. I was new at that time and just accept all the appreciations with smile.
Second, when the first month of handling choir, and at that time, I have learn to be humble, so I didn't accept all the appreciation and credited to God.
and today, he gave another appreciation to me, as a great conductor and encouraging person because I can reach people with the range of ages to sing. at this time, I have totally no pride to my self, I throw the credit to ALL CHOIR MEMBER, and GOD that gave a Faithfulness in me, to do His Job.
I am so thankful for every Love that God has given, and I want to pay with anything as long as I can feel this love forever

Anyway, Joko and me agree that Father James is the only one who appreciate every single person, especially me. So now, I want to appreciate Father James of being our mass father and also thanks for him who always remember me =)

Love you God~

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