Monday, October 4, 2010

In my stressfull day

Yeah, I'm here... but apparently when I'm writing this blog, I'm not alone

I spent the whole day looking for some resources but I couldn't get it. I'm struggling with Com n Org assignment, 3 k word with 20 references which I haven't get any! and due on this Friday. not only that, I have 1,5 k profile that due in the same day.
Oh Lord save me from this pathetic weeks... "@#?$%@$&*>?"
I'm traveled to every library in the city: City east, City West, even I went to Magill
but they all close because it's Labour day, and I wasted one day without doing any assgment.
at least I'm trying....
yea, it's kind of sucks day, and I was alone traveling to the whole city in almost 3 days in a row.
but somehow, I've kind of enjoyed it.. maybe I need to have some rest and being lonely to giving my self space for better reflection after everything that happened to me these days...
but, even when I'm physically alone, I knew I'm not....
and when I'm traveled, I'm actually meet alot of friends, but just say hi and bye..
I drop by in Jason's house, meet Adrian leong in City east, and meet Adrian Phang in Rundle mall...we end up enjoying our self in Victoria square, like what I did with jony yesterday
I'm thingking again.. I'm not exactly alone. I meeting everybody in different sequence and time, and share them a small place in my life, something that worth to remember :)

Yea I believe in one quotation...

‎"A coincidence is a small miracle in which GOD chooses to remain s0me0ne

yea, and I'm absolutely agree with it ;)
although sometimes I don't believe that it suppose to called as "miracle"
because miracle is something that you need to believed as a gift. when I try to believe on it once, I was drawn in it, and I'm actually falling for someone... you know, loving someone means hurting your self.
I don't want that to happen anymore. and I could see when that I've overcome it when the coincidence happened again to us this afternoon :), I don't feel anything, anymore.
but yea, miracle seems doesn't suit me now, especially for love.

Anyway, I gotta do my assignment...

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