Wednesday, October 6, 2010

-is not- A joke in class

Today, during the Com n Org lecturer, we were talking about the workers that migrant in other country
This is started by one Australian guy, my friend who took the same Creative feature writing subject, asking about the loads of Asian migrant to other country because of the job.
I pretty blur about it, until they talking about who work-where.
the lecture asked, who work the most in Singapore? so some of the students said Malaysian, Indonesian and so on...

"...and what about Malaysia?"

and one of them said "Indonesian" , yea that's my country..
" .... and why they work there?" Collete threw a question , I said in medium volume,
" because we have loads population"
but one of the Malaysian student,-who has big mouth and always pretend like she is the best speaker in class- said
" because they only know how to make babies".

I was pretty rebel at that time, "oh yea, I will make baby after this " shouted me,
and Eva-my Malaysian friend tab my shoulder. (thx eva!)

This is totally not a joke for me, she should watch her mouth carefully!
try to put her self in our shoes, and see what her reaction.
If you talking about Indonesia, you are talking about 470 million people that live in a huge land. compare with Malaysia that only 28million, not even 10% of our population! is only can compare with Jakarta- one city in Indonesia.
and Imagine how hard to lead this huge country?
Even your datuk might not be able to handle it.

Hey woman! If you can answer this question with a correct answer.. then you can say that we only know how to make baby..

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