Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Diet starting Tommorow.

I'm gaining weight...

Yea, I think I've gain weight.

Because of Winter end, then spring coming with the same degree Celsius that I had in tropical country like Malaysia and Indonesia, give me the same impression of the same lifestyle that I had before, same appetite, same sensation and habitually, the same!
I found out that my eating disorder are back. OH EM GE
always hungry, and keep eating a small amount but unstoppable, I've been shopping a cooking like thousand times and all finish in a count of days!
This is spring, summer, need to wear something special, when the time we showing our body shape, my fatty actually growing, ye right!
But, That is good reason because I can have the same amount of spirit of work out at the same time, keep it balance with my big appetite of enjoying snack- my new fav, and finish one box of cookies for one study session ( I hav plenty for a week)
and yeah, and I decided to pull back my normal lifestyle with healty living

Safe money, Safe energy.

Even I need to sacrifice some of the moment, such as no dinner, misss out some gathering because I couldn't sleep too late
or being left out because I need to have more time with my self.
no worries, as long as I can get back my spirit of loosing weight, back to my vission and mission,
For Me, I don't want to spend the rest of my single life with being fatty and uncountable because of weight,

God help me to back in my track!

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