Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday mass incident

Last Sunday seems going to be another perfect afternoon for me, after what I had on Saturday, I always have a positive though on whatever I am doing.
spent with a new group of friends, I'm trying to mix up with the group, adjusting with the people. It doesn't trouble me so much because I knew most of them before. searching around the Sunday's market, and end up enjoying the whole afternoon beside torrents river. laying down at the grass, playing fun games, and sharing most of the time. really such a beautiful afternoon.
especially when I know that one of my friend which just get to know during outing, she also going to same church with me.. yeay! I will not going to Chuch alone

but then, it turns 180 degrees during the mass...
maybe it's only me that too concentrate and concern about people opinion on my behavior in the mass, especially I'm sitting in front of SFC's member
during the reconciliation (when the bread turns into body of Christ) and as usual, I keep my sacred position to adore the body of Christ,
suddenly there is a ring tone from someones
mobile phone ringing...
and Lauder..

I didn't realize until Adela told me it was mine!
struggling with a feeling of panic and shame, I nervously off my phone..
but It didn't turn off properly, because it's rang again in a second.
It was ivy..

I really really feel shame and nervous, I feel bad for my self, for destroy the whole mass, disturbing people, make others inconvenient and the best thing is all happened during reconciliation! :'(
really, I couldn't forgive my self of being reckless with this small thing, I should have silent the phone before mass and if I did it, I shouldn't have ruins up the mass..
reconciliation is the very sacred time in the mass, when everybody needs to praise and quitely follow the mass. and I just ruin up in a second.. with my mobile phone's ring tone!
really, I feel really bad, even until now.
maybe it's just my time, hopefully everybody didn't angry with me, I feel really sorry :'(
I promise, after now and so on, I will keep my phone silent, and never assume that it was in silent mode without checking it in the first place.

Life need a balance
Sometimes you are happy, sometimes sad
but however it's going to be, keep enjoy life!

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