Sunday, October 24, 2010

23 October2010


I'm sooo happy today,
I'm too happy and really feel bless to what I did..
I thank Lord for everything that happened today, more than combo happiness, I'm too far from happiness, I'M SO HAPPY!!!!
Somehow, this is not fair, but really, I want time to stop now, so I can still enjoying this happiness, and hope tomorrow never come. I want to stay here. right now. and enjoying every moment that I had today...recalling one-by-one the feeling of happiness from several ocsassion that happened today

I proud of my self that I can overcome my fear with helping Chee and Fel to communicate last night, it was one moment that made me glad,made me sleep well,and I have a very GREAT afternoon that I spent with Fredrik! wonderfull till I won't forget it in the rest of my life.. The feeling of acceptance, the fresh air, the green park and the scenery of's just perfect! I couldn't get more happy than this, but after that I planned birthday for Don, it's just a simple birthday, but He feel loved! He feel acceptance from us, and It's totally sucessfull (thx for everybody effort to came in his birthday :) ) and I agree to acompany Adrian Chan escape from his boredom with went out late night with Him,i-vy and Steve. We really get a great time, and Thank for Henry that make my night compelete with his home made sushi... I could feel his sincerely and love from the sushi.. I LOVE IT!

Lord, What can make me more happier than this???
Thank a lot! I feel alive :)

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