Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confession about Friendship

Friendship goes up and down...
no matter what, I love all my friends as the way they are, I accept them with all the positives and negatives personalities,
because I believe we all in earth are born to complete each other. ( I don't talk about best friend now, the range is only friend - good friend)

I do love them with sincerely, as what my Dad said " Love your neighbor as yourself", and I'm tying to apply it in my everyday life. appreciate everyone's effort, not too much, not until worshiping or adore,as simple as give thanks because they are exist, and thank for being my friend
but sometimes, someone might be special in my eyes and deserve the admiration (in their certain behavior that I found totally cool)

The condition is just I don't like to stick in one group, I like to travel around the world, it goes in to my behavior which is I like to mix with anybody in other group.
If now I am not stick with one group, it's not that I have some hard feeling in particular reason, it's just maybe me, that too bored and wants to get new challenges with get to know new people.

that's all..

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