Thursday, December 30, 2010

He got the job!

It's been a month we are looking for a jobs. trying to approach many shops, drop all the resume to them, asking whether there is a vacancy available.. put some changes to the resume so it's looking better, got rejected so many times in different ways that sometimes left a mark in his heart.. but, don't forget everything is base on prayers. finally the effort make a result. He got a job yesterday, after he attended a training for 4 hours, just after he finish, they hired him. and now many que for him! there is one company called him today... I have strong feeling about this company, and I believe that they will call him atleast in January, but than it doesn't take to long. today they called him and wants him to work straight withouth any training, and his payment start from that day. the place is so close, no need to wait for the tram and 40 minutes journey but only 15 mins walk! How Good is our God! I REALLY PROUD OF YOU by..!!!!! what makes me happy? first, I relieve that he got the job as what he wants. and all the effort that he took (essp.cut his hair) is really valueable. second, for me, I feel happy coz I'm not fail to help him. I really really thankful that I can help others essp when it comes to someone that close to you. with all the pray and the sign that God's gave to me, all it's true! third, I feel touch because he wants to share his happiness to me (even though he is in Melb) he call me all the way. it shows that I'm successfully make a changes in someones life, and knowing that someone still thinking of me out there it's really really a good feeling.

Photo from drinking at that night
God, you are so good! take me whatever you want! :)
" If you looking for a job you will find it" - Steve Jin

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