Monday, December 27, 2010

Glad to have you.

"YOu WiLL NeVer KnoW, How ImpoRTanT the PerSon Is, UntiLL TheY LeFt a MarK in YOuR Life"- Nadia Nicole - Maybe heard from someone else

After the reconciliation that I had last night, finally I realize that I'm not actually alone.
all the things that I have been through, all the pain and miss understanding in my friendship life, it's actually a process to find friend that deserve to be my close friend.
I always think that I don't have any, and now after the separation happened, I know that I have them.

Joko - Hendry - Dion - Me

It's a bit to late to realize, but I believe even though we are far away, separate by thousand miles, but our heart still connected. Dion in Perth, Joko in Jakarta now and will be in Korea soon, Hendry in Subaraya, and I'm in Adelaide.
we still have a promise that we trying to accomplish, trying to get each other keep in touch and we still have heart to love and care one another.

Time does matter, that is how we found the real character of our friend and that is when we gather up all the memories that will bounded us together, and we have heaps of it.
We caring each other with celebrate the occasion together, even though one of us far away, we still include him in every event that we celebrate, and calling him everyday.

during Hendry birthday

loud speaker so dion knew what happened there

when we do outing

when joko going home

Maybe this is one of the gift from God through my entire life in Adelaide,
next chapter will begin next year, and I don't want to loose one of them only because we separate by distance.

We will jump together.

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