Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Friendship goes right...

last November sunset in Glenelg

I think many people have their own desire about friendship. and for me, I'm trying to revise everything that me and my friend have been done. I want to repair all the broken connection, heal the pain, and enjoy the happiness of friendship. because I treasure all my friend and I don't want to lose any of them

So far so good, just that I realize that tittle of "best friends" never changes to other people.
that is why, I decided to go back Malaysia for one month, to meet my love ones, a quarter of my heart :)

What I believe is, even thought we are keep trying to hold our friendship with someone, we still need them to hold the other side. and when we keep trying and have faith on it, time will prove that our afford is a wasted. and God will choose, who deserve to be your close friends, and who aren't

I recon that I have few girl friends here, that Is why Alice, Vinny, and Christin still my bestfriend ever. and even though my guy's friends is a lot, but I still love Joko, Steve (my hubby) , and Don (my bro) as my friends that has special place in my heart. And don't forget Adrian that I always keep in pray for all your happiness that will happen to you :)

web cam in 1st dec

I love December! month that will close all the wonderful thing that happened in 2010, this is where I can show my fully love to them!. I'm going to Brisbane tonight, only for 8 days, and I've already imagine how much I will missing all of you, without laptop, Internet that connecting us!
and bobby, Arnold , Beethoven that won't be able to be my bed mate for a week.
I hope that this will be a wonderful Holiday for me. Gbless....

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