Tuesday, April 24, 2012

wish for birthday..

when I go through year by year I always made birthday wishes..
i think now it's time for me make one this year

this year, nothing in particular..
I just want my life get better, through this hard transition, and uncertain condition, I'm not sure whether I can survive or not, I just want it to be end with CONGRATULATIONS...
please give me wisdom, integrity to understand and ability to cope with new rules, AND more understanding to accept the situation.. so i can be survive..

I want all my friendship life back!!  I want laugh like I was, I want to be happy like i used to be.. a great community, and friend who can comfort me. it's a good begining, because i will invite my childhood friend to have dinner together.
and pleaseee my boyfriend, could you please be a lil romantic? sometime i need that soo much to build my confidence.

It's gonna back to three years ago, I want to taking care of my self.. my loss weigh program, and smooth skin programme, all must be done! *pressure pressure pressure

I'm 23 in a week, and I want to be happy :)

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