Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Singles For Christ Oceania Conference in Sydney

As I've said, last week was the first time I visit Sydney, I had no expectation for the conference, just wanna go there and hope that I can going back to Adelaide with something. even for giving extra 2 days after the conference, it's because of the cheaper flight on Wednesday. However, the price that I have paid was worthed after what I had experienced.

SFC-Singles For Christ Oceania Conference.
I never thought that this community will gave me such a bless in my life, start with intention seeking of God, and really I found Him through this community.

"But seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all will be given to you"
Matthew 6:33

This phrase really become a rhyme in my life, whenever you put God in the first place, everything will be full fill in your life. really it's not easy to put God in the first place above our things, and whenever our prayer didn't come true, we ended up with disappointed and questioning about Him. manage our expectation is really important for us be able to do His will, we never know what happen in the next few second, maybe the building that we in might be shouted down because of the terrorist, or someone might die,or Born of the babies, However it is we still need to walk with out faith, faith to Him that everything happens is always for our Good.

Last weekend was a trendemouse time, I learn a lot from the conference, how we find out about our weaknesses, admit that we always fell into that sins, knowing that every person is not perfect, their doing sins, their fall, but the difference is their act after their fall into sins. through many sharing from the brother and sister from SFCs, My eyes were opened, there are so many of them fell into terrible sins, more than mine, but their still standing now, repent, and go back to God's way. I learn how to accept my weaknesses, and how to overcome it. I learn how to make my self armed so that evil won't touch me anymore. with knowing our weaknesses, and aware of it, we won't let evil to attack us from that part. and to fight back against them,

"If God is for us, Who can against us?"
Romans 8:31

Friends, every time we do sins, we are not feeling comfortable, do we? it is totally against our norm, or values that exsist in our society. I understand it might be different to certain people who has different standard, but as a Christian, our standard is in the Bible. everything that out from it, is not God's intention. God created us perfect, as what he wants, but it is us who made our life complicated with our desire, everything is our choice. You choose to do sins, because it does makes you comfortable, pleasure, and feel proud, but how long it last? Hey! in the counted of years, everything will disappears, but God promise is Forever.

If you realise, whenever you do sins, you might have voices surround you which telling you to do certain things, from this conference I learn to identify the voices, which one is the voices of Holy spirit or from the evil. never, Never, NEVER follow what evil said, even though it's good, but it is against God, it will ended miserable.

I'm still a human, whenever I'm in the situation when my flesh is bigger than my spirit, I always pray. Hail Mary, Our Father, and Glory be. and when we put the armor by praying, we need to changes our mind into positive things, and from that we can stop to think about bad stuff, and will never come to the stage of doing it. I'll try to fight for Him, because He is the one who gave me all the Love that I need, who give me all I need, who know me more than anyone, who trust me to take care of His people, and I will serve Him till the end.

and after all that I gain during the weekend, I have 2 days free. time to practicing the theory that I learn, walk with faith.. and really God taking care of me,

I had a wonderful experience in Sydney, and honestly.. I'm falling in Love with it. remains me of Kuala Lumpur where everything is provided. such a beautifully city and I would like to come back one day, sorry Adelaide to betray you, but I still love you as if my hometown

<3 you Lord. my saviour

this some of the picture back then

touching moment

our commitment, what colour r u?

with Father Greg, the youngest priest in Australia, 24 years old!!

jump in look up point

cathedral St.Mary, no photos inside

opera house

SFC's Adelaide!!

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