Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This week is a BIG week,
one f my best friend, Joko Susilo, will come back to Adelaide, after our two months separation, for his big day...graduation!!!
and after this he will leave Adelaide permanently, sad :(
I have prepared him something that i never done it before, something that I hate the most, closely tp craft and those stuff

and second, this week is my beloved birthdayy!! ohh nooo kamu tambah tua sayanggg..wkwkwk
honestly I have prepared something for him *hopefully he doesn't read this post, or if he does, please pretend like you didn't ok? :)
For him, I always do something that I never done in my life..somewthing new..something tat i need to learn.

this two person is an important friend of mine at the moment.. so I really need to gift my best for both of them, and that takes my breath away,
What I hope is, they can feel loved, and for sure, the loved of God will flow to their heart so they will more thankful for life which God has been given to him.

and Bu asanah is not feeling well,
well this will be a hetic week aye? luckily I haven't start work, so I can do what I want first.

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