Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back home

Finally, I find my way back home.

I know I don't go anywhere, but this sentence I use to draw the picture of how I am getting my self back.
Recently, I feel like I lose my self and all the emotion that I ever have, somehow it's questioning me where are they have gone? but now I figure it out, and I get it back.
Feel so reveal? ABSOLUTELY. knowing that I'm still the same person as one years back, I feel so glad that I'm not totally change. I did lost some of my bad behavior, but all the ego, optimistic, and stubborn is still there. I am having it right now!
This appears because I need those personality to fight with my self more, after all the manifestation that happened last week, I really had bless, and it's a statement for me to start a new stage in my spiritual life. the proof are; I can easily get angry, a lil bit negative thinking towards other, and I'm still a human. the good news is, the spirit of being different arises; I have plenty of time to change my hairstyle and colour to show my personality.

Lastly, I will ended this bloody topic with one story. I had a disappointment last night, because of the friend and club. and really I feel bad, and wasting time over there. We had fun, and had some funny experience, just that I don't feel it's something that I can proud of. It's just makes me think hundred times before I decide to go club again. It's not about what I have experience there, but more to why I don't feel comfortable being in the club, surround by those people, it's simply because club is totally not my place.

I'm back!

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