Friday, September 30, 2011


Hellow people...
nadia sekarang jadi staff di ACC!! The first Convention Centre in Adelaide
walau cuman jadi F&B tapi gajinya lumayan lho.. $25/hour! and biasa aku seminggu dapet shift minimal 10 jam..
I like the job pretty much, because they are so professional and responsibility to all the customer and staff,
the most exciting things is we have different rules in every event, and we need to figure out in a second,
all friendly buddy surround, ready to help and support every time,
the food is nice, not only because it is free, but also healthy :)
eventhough my time to works seems humiliating, which is sometimes start at 6am till 10 am, or start 530pm till 2 am, but the money money money is goooood!!! :)

I just get my first salary for the training, and it is ALOT!
I really want to show off and spent my money, but I can't
the problem in all the money gone to pay my rent and phone bill, jdueanggggggg, and only left some for food :(
okay maybe the salary is not for this month, maybe next month :)
anyway, I'm happy, even after I got this job, I was called for two interview from 2 different company, which offer me great expirience and salary, but too bad, I have another job waiting in december.
however I really thanks Lord for this Life, I'm happy... and I have a great boyfriend (so far)

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