Sunday, September 5, 2010


It's been long time since I have big intention to changes my look.
maybe because I quite satisfy with what I have now, and more concentrate to manage my weight,not too much meal in winter and do exercise everyday, before I need to show off on summer, although I believe I wouldn't do such a body performances after all :P
and yes, Adelaide do changes me.. with all the thought that I needed to be consider.
need to thing about money, adjust with the style constant with the weather, try a lot of new things, and choose something that fit with me.. to create the image that construct my personality, without none missing.

Something that I learnt from the discussion that I had with my besties here was, appearance do determine your personality. you can debate with me about this phrase, but If you believe that people around you are forming your view towards your self, so their respond need to be consider. because they will define how's your look impressed other people around, and in order to make your self comfortable or accepted, you tend to be the way they think.
I don't agree with the last sentence tho, it's actually your own choice. when my friend doesn't like my look without eyeliner, but is not necessarily for me to put it every time I go to central market right?

I am is the way I am.
and I still love Korean style, with every progress that they made. my first and last love, never change!
yesterday, I spent the whole 5 hours to browse about what I missed in Korean music, I'm usually called it "up date" and because this the last chance before my bill come, I still have loads of gigs to spent.
Since Spring is coming-Although Adelaide still cover by dark cloud- I might be able come back with my style, or maybe, advance it :)
how about getting a new hairstyle? but not before I touch down in Malaysia, I choose to come back with Money to fixing my hairstyle. and there is some option that I have in mind:

1. this is if I want to grow my hair more,just change lil bit of middle part and style it.
cim cim hairstyle

2. I know this kind of not up to date, but this Ga-in bob was in my mind since I regretted to cut my hair last time. shorten the fridge and make it line with the side.

3. If I am to depress with summer, I can make my hair shorter with bring the girly look still. like what Lee Hong Ki has.

So, what do you think? :)
I still have a plenty of time to grow my top hair, because I made a lot of layer in my previous hair cut, so, I have my shorter hair and longer hair still. that make a lil bit difficult to match the style above because they have the same length. either make it short, or having an advance haircut.

apparel for spring and summer.. here we go.
still maintain my simple yet boyish style.. I choose to have 2 kind of style that I might be able to have here.

1. A.N.JELL :) , It might be so catchy till every eyes look at me if I wear it back in Malaysia, but it's common here. with combine a plain top t-shirt, with basic colour (black,white,or grey) with emphasis in pants colour, mixing with high top or boots.

2. The new sponsored of brown eyes girl, I love the casual look that they are presented.especially the acid washed jeans :)

and I loveeeee their heelsss!!!! everybody love their jeans! gorgeous person, especially Ga-In, I'm kind of admire her and wants to adopt her look. haha :P

Hopefully all the plans are goes smoothly, and just wait till I need to have summer shopping, choose the right material, with the right model and Good price ..aha! hahah


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