Monday, September 27, 2010


Love.., is the word that have a thousand meaning, thousand word can't explain how this feeling going to change your world in a second, or even kill your hope slowly.
But the word 'love' will be very scary when you repeat so many times
when you over said it, and randomly say to other people, in the same time and same tone
it will be lose the meaning, and become rubbish talk.
how people going to understand whether you give the meaning into it or you just simply said?
how people could understand that you serious loving them with all your heart?
how people could know your sincerity?
when the truth being questioned, that is when the real meaning of love is gone
indeed, the easier thing to kill someone is with saying love,
the simple things to betray someone is with gain their trust with saying that you love them so much, and the easier way to backstabbing your friend is with saying so much love and they wouldn't know what is your real feeling to them.

eyes could lie
, but your heart never escape from pain when you do it to others.
So, precious the word love, to people that deserve to receive one.

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